SnowBall Frag Grenades

Discussion in 'Resources' started by jonneystechcheck, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. This is a little piece of code which creates a so called frag grenade. It drops down a tnt primed and kills any player inside a configured amount of blocks. It will not destroy blocks either. So enjoy. The time for the tnt to explode is 2 seconds you can just change the tnt.setFuseTicks() to whatever you want. You might want to add some permissions, or use a command storing the person in a arraylist or hashmap.

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  2. No matter where they are they are effected by the explosion...
  3. player.getWorld.createExplosion means anything to you? :confused: Dear lord....
  4. Why exactly are you threading the damaging? Seems like accidental complexity to a trivial task...
  5. How would you just remove a certain amount of health? LIke 2 hearts instead of killing them?
  6. dead.setHealth(4); for 2 hearts damage
  7. No not setting their health to 2 hearts, taking away 2 hearts?
  8. ye you're right xD sorry just woke up. its dead.damage(4) not set health
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