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  1. Cool you do reset then and did you get my iMessage?
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    Done another update.

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  3. Nice will Work on chest refil now
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    I'm new to this. Can I download the plugin from github? If not, (no rush) when's the plugin gonna be released?
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    Hey dude, do you need a server to test this on ? Or need any help with it ? :)
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    Its up on github so just fork it and work on it if you want to help. It should be out pretty soon.
  7. and i own a nice server when we need it

    By the way about chest refill, if the map is being reset won't chest already reset full of stuff?

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    may i be the tester of the plugin also i can do art for the plugin
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    No the chests will be filled separately so that it can get the new version items from the config if the player changes it.
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    I would love if this feature were in the plugin, a sign where if the first line is [SBW] and the second line is the arena name, if you right click it it would put you into that specified arena. :)
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    Ye that will be a feature we add later on.
  12. made a new pull request
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    Can i help test this? Contact me on skype im willing to help with everything thats not to do with coding! :D Skype : xnyner
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    Its should be done soon, last week of school so i can storm away at it. Again sorry its taking so long.
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    I do have to say... This looks pretty awesome. Many people have offered testing servers but my server is resetting for 1.6. This could be a way to boost popularity on both ends. We have a stable server (even thought the player base is a bit down) but we still pul in 200-300$ in donations a month. Just PM me if you want it to be one of your "official" servers. Trust me, you will get credited for your work (if you play on my server:p).
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    Don't worry, we understand how busy and distracting school can be. If need be, take your time. :)
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    Hmmm.. Since I got approval to be an official test server, is there any stat tracking/points system that you plan on working in. The stats could be simple, wins/kills/games/points. The points can go up and down depending on win/loss/death. Say you start at [000] points, and it is a point algorithm. The higher score you are the more you lose to a lower score player, the lower score you are the higher amount of points you get by killing a higher scored person.

    These are just ideas. :p
    Also, Burnett1 do you think I could get a better way to communicate with you, this is up to you but I think it may benefit the both of us.

    One more edit :p.. I would also love to be the ticket manager of this plugin. Something along those lines. I want to help anyway possible other than give ideas.
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    I can manage the plugin by myself if i need help i will say. For your suggestion i'm going to say i'm sticking simple at the start, basic team manager, score manager. Once i have everything working i will upgrade and enhance features.
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    But there will be a scoring system?
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    There will be.
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    Just send me a link/dev build when you are ready for testing.
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    It is almost complete, i need to sort out managing when an arena starts and ends and some other things. Also need to do the Scoreboard for teams, i have never used scoreboards so if anyone is good with them and could chuck something in that would be appreciated.

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    Burnett1 I see you joined the site. That is the best way to reach me. :p
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    Burnett1 Any news, it has been awhile since we have spoke.
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    I PM'ed you.
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    Burnett1 Thanks, I didn't even check my inbox. :p
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    So how's the plugin been going?
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    I'm guessing a release quite soon. I have a few problems to try fix.

    Well i am almost there. One thing i need to ask is do you want me to have it so there is a invisible barrier that players could hit when they fall (would have to listen to the player move event which is server intensive with lots of players) or should we let them fall into the void. You could make a new world (or world edit out a area) that has no blocks. Which would you lot prefer, or would you like the option in the config?

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  30. Hi there,

    glad to know development is going well! on the falling thing i think that void should be fine as with twenty arenas up and 4 to 8 people arena you are stacking up a lot of server data!

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