SkCoding's BukkitDev Restoration Petition

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by VivaDaylight3, Aug 28, 2012.


Do you want our BukkitDev to be brought back?

  1. Yes!

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  2. Of course!

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    I am the manager of a coding team, that creates "scripts" for the plugin; Skript.

    I recently created a BukkitDev page for these scripts which was approved without any problems.

    I checked the Dev more than 20 times a day, eager to find out how many downloads we had recieved and if anyone had given any feedback. I added some friends to the team and we started creating great scripts

    But then, when I got back from school, I found it to have been deleted. The "reason" was because it wasn't for a plugin, but a group of add-ons for Skript.

    I have seen many BukkitDev pages for add-ons, but my page was deleted nonetheless.

    I would appreciate it everyone who has enjoyed our scripts to sign our petition, or even if you're feeling kind! We will hopefully be able to persuade Bukkit to bring it back!

    Just post a reply saying like: Bring It Back!

    Or you can vote in the poll.

    Thanks you
    - Viva
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    Supported, you put just as much effort into your scripts as any other plugin coder.
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    this should be done by contacting and admin and asking what to do to allow it to be brought back, not making a petition..
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    I have contacted them.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Sorry, it is not a project.

    Feel free to request the maker of the Skripts plugin to add a forum, or a page for user created scripts. However, it doesn't warrant its own project.
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    I've seen many add-ons (that aren't plugins) for servers on, with their own server modification page.

    Explain me this?

    If those are allowed, I think SkCoding should be back in business.
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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    Link me? So far all I've seen is people say they exist, not whether or not they actually do.
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    I have to disagree with this. Plugins are very different from Skript scripts. These scripts are specifically designed to be easy and simple to create, they're just text files with lines of simple English text. However elaborate they can get, they're nowhere near the complexity of actual plugins and their code.

    While I think that you guys should be able to have a place to put your scripts, they're not actual plugins, which is what BukkitDev is for. If it's not a plugin, they won't accept it, simple as that. Try asking the creators of Skript to make a page for user's scripts if you'd like them to be documented somewhere.
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    I cannot provide links to these, and I spent a couple of hours looking it up, but there USE TO BE plenty of scripts for CommandHelper randomly roaming about as a "server mod".
    As CH may work similar to a "language of ze c0ding peoples", it was still an "add-on" to the plugins.
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    I believe the key word there would be USE TO. If they removed them then the entire argument of "If others do it why cant we?" is invalid. Bukkit Dev is a plugin repository, not a scripts database. My Guns+ plugin supports "Loadouts" which function like texturepacks, I don't expect people to make a bukkit dev page for it (one person did and I promptly told them they should stick to the Guns+ forums only).
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Put it this way, throwing other plugins/scripts/addons under the bus (aka, "Why is 'X' allowed?") in an attempt to get your way will more likely result in those plugins/scripts/addons being removed.
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    I have abandoned this and don't expect anyone to respond.

    I am sorry to the Bukkit moderators and administrators for wasting their time and I fully understand.
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