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    Plugin Category: Towns/Land Protection

    Plugin Name: Towns

    What I want: Simple, Lightweight Town Plugin. Similar to Towny, but without all the unnecessary commands and features. Towns protect a 75x75 area, protected from bedrock to sky. Members of a town, have their chests and blocks protected from outsiders. Doors will remain unlocked. PvP is configurable for towns in a config file. All towns will have PvP turned on, by default. Mayors have power to add, remove, and promote town members. There can Assistants in the town, which Mayors can promote. Assistants have the power to Add/Remove players from the town. All players (members or outsiders) have permission to teleport to towns using the /town tp <townname>, command.

    Each town has it's own name. The Mayor will set the name of the town, when typing /town create <name>. As mentioned before, towns will be 75x75 blocks from where the command is typed. Multiple towns CANNOT be overlapped.
    For security reasons, when a Mayor decides to kick a player from a town, it will give the player a message notifying them that they have 20 minutes to take their stuff from their home. If the player is offline, they will receive their 20 minute warning on login.

    Ideas for Commands: All commands begin with /town. Commands include: /town create, /town delete, /town list, /town info, /town add <playername>, /town remove <playername>, /town promote <playername>, /town demote <playername>, /town tp <townname>.
    Some administration commands, which are only available through certain permissions designed for admins include: /town delete <townname>, /town add <townname> <playername>, /town remove <townname> <playername>.

    Ideas for Permissions: Similar to the commands, each permission will be assigned to it's respective command. Example: (Command: /town create) Permission = town.create

    Note: I understand there are similar versions of this plugin, but I'm in need of something Lightweight and Simple. Much appreciation for whoever codes this!
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    i love using Simpletowns it is the best town plugin and the easiest to use and i have a server which has the plugin installed and is based on that plugin. the server is a town server and the plugin has never let me down and very easy to use. i even have all the addons for it Simpletownsxtras and SimpletownsEconomy

    i run a town server with factions but it is mostly a town server while still surviving in the real world (survival) and pvp is optional.

    i own the domain but because i love the plugin that much.. waiting for new version or cool new features
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