Simple Slime Boots Plugin Request

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PatrioticPleb, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Armor? Basically Just Custom Boots

    Minecraft version: 1.15.2

    Suggested name: Idk like "Slime Boots"

    What I want: All I want, is a simple plugin that allows players to get Slime Boots. Basically the exact same as the ones in Tinker's Construct. They're boots, but they act as slime while you're jumping, etc. This means that when u crouch, u can stop bouncing. Essentially the boots act as slime EXCEPT for when you are walking normally. I would recommend looking at Tinker's Construct's files for Slime Boots to help. That's all I want, Slime Boots. The boots preferably would be all green (slime color) or just green dyed leather if the former isn't possible. Player CAN CRAFT this item with 2 slime balls and 2 slime blocks in a boot pattern where the slime balls are above the blocks. Like how iron boots have 4 iron in the pattern, but in this case, the top 2 iron are slime balls, and the bottom 2 iron are slime blocks.

    Ideas for commands: idk maybe /slimeboots give (player, etc.)

    Ideas for permissions: slime.give (for the /slimeboots give command). But overall, all players should be able to craft the boots.

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As Possible :D thanks
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    Wow this is amazing! I would j like there to be more "skid". Like when u hold jump after jumping from even a 1 block height, there should be like more bounces that go in the same direction and fade to a stop. So basically more bouncy yk? Additionally, I would love if when the player crouched, they would stop bouncing, like when bouncing on an actual slime block. Finally, the boots are only in the crafting book after you craft it. I would love if the crafting book contained the slime boot recipe before you craft it. Or like when a player first gets slime, the recipe for slime boots gets revealed like for other items yk? the last thing (just being nitpicky), is if u could somehow change the color for Iron Boots to Green (Slime Color) that would make the boots look really cool. Im asking for a lot but I really care about the details. The plugin u made is already basically exactly what I imagined. This is amazing!

    also if u could make the sounds louder that would be amazing to <3 thanks

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