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    Plugin category: Not sure :/

    Suggested name: ScrollBlock

    I just started thinking, is this possible?! :D

    What I want: I want the plugin for "binding" abilities to numbers (2-9). Yes, binding is impossible, right? Well, not in this way! The plugin will lock the hotbar select to number one. If you move the selection like to 7, it will go to the seventh slot, stay there for a second, and then return to one. If the selection goes to 7 (or anywhere else 2-9), it cant move anywhere else except 1 from there. Get it?

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: If true, the plugin will affect the player.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    You are propably thinking that this doesent make any sense.
    Let me explain:
    I use a plugin that can add spells and abilities. There is a way to cast the spells by selecting a specific item from the hotbar. The idea is that 1 empty, and 2-9 are filled with the chosen items.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Not really sure what you are trying to say. Doesn't sound that "simple" though.
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    I know it is hard to understand :/

    Lets think that I'm playing minrcraft now and I'm using this plugin. The hotbar slots 2-9 have items in them. Because I have the plugin enabled, my hotbar selection is automatically at the first slot (1). Now, I want to choose the block from the slot 5. I press the number 5 on my keyboard, but after I press the number 5, the hotbar selection returns to the slot one automatically.

    It's like that you have 8 friends. You stay at your home (Slot one). You go visit your friend who lives in the slot six. You go visit him, but you will stay there just for a second, and then go back to your home, slot one. Now get it? Just try to understand :D And if you did not get it, don't read this bug fix!
    I can't change the selection when I select the slots 2-9, because the selection will go to 1 automatically.
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    What exactly is the purpose of this plugin? What will happen when a player has selected a slot (for the very small time)? What "abilities" exactly are you "binding" to the slots? Do you want to use this together with another plugin which adds those abilities?
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    1. Umm... The server gives the hotbar a new way to work. Like if you have warrior as your class, you have a sword at the first slot, and the abilities in the slots 2-9. The magicspells plugin has a cool way to cast spells, when you select a spell item in the hotbar, it will cast the spell. So... If I have ScrollBlock, you can press the numbers 2-9 to cast a spell and the hotbar item selection will automatically go back to the first slot. (The first slot has a sword in it)

    2. After selecting the slot, the selection goes automatically back to the first slot.

    3. ALOT! Some examples... An arrow that poisons on hit, frostbolt, ice ball that slows the enemy. If you have played World of Warcraft, I will some of the same abilities. The person who actually creates the classes is very busy right now so I cant ask him.

    4. yes, Magicspells. I will make most of the spells with it. Oh, and ancientrpg... kinda :p

    anyone? :/ If I don't get this plugin my whole server will be kinda ruined...

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