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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Xp10d3, Jul 9, 2020.

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    Plugin Category: Miscellaneous
    Version: 1.8.8
    What I want:
    Just wondering. Is it possible for a plugin to read another plugin's YML file? I know it's possible to send data to a MySQL database, but what about reading another plugin's YML file? What I need is this:
    Basically I'm having a developer code a plugin (gochi9) but it won't have MySQL support. I need a plugin that will read the `config.yml` and take certain attributes and send it to a database. Here is the config:
    It'll change later on, but that's the basic premise. What I need is simple. There will be another config that stores user data. I need the plugin to get that user data and import this:
    Column: UUID      | race | exp          | level
    Data:   some_uuid   Elf    how_much_exp    50
    Basically, in the config there will be the UUID of the player, the race of the player, and how much experience the player has accumulated. And finally what level they are. I just need those attributes to be imported. The config of this plugin should look like this:
    host: some_ip
    username: Eltik
    password: ilikestuff
    database: some_database
    plugin-name: Endran_Leveling_System
      config-name: config
      uuid: uuid
      race: race
      exp: experience
      level: level
    import: yes
    Basically, it's the normal MySQL connection at first. The `host`, `username`, `password`, and `database`. `plugin-name` is what plugin to import the data into. The columns and table should be hard coded (upon first start up of the plugin, if table `rpg` is not created, create it. Then create the columns UUID, race, exp, and level). Now is where things get tricky. After `data` includes `config-name`, `uuid`, `race`, `exp`, and `level`. Each part after `uuid` or `race` and such are what to look for in a certain config file. The `config-name` is what file to look for. So if you get the plugin `Endran_Leveling_System`, the plugin should look for the config file `config.yml`. Next is `uuid`. In the config file `config.yml`, the plugin should look for whatever part of the config that contains the config section `uuid` in this case. So if the file looks like this:
    ilikepeanuts: yesido
    disboard: ok
      uuid: 27sdhe39039393c
      race: elf
      exp: 6373
      level: 48
    The plugin will look for wherever `uuid` is. It should then take that information and find the nearest `race` section, then find the nearest `exp` section, and finally the nearest `level` section, take all that information, and import it into the database. **I honestly don't really know how this will work.** It's tricky since there will be many, many parts of the config that have user data. **Please do your best**. I really need this plugin. Once the plugin I need is done (check “(Somewhat) Simple RPG Leveling System” thread for updates) I can send the actual config file.
    NOT NEEDED but if you want...
    /sqlplugins: Sends a list of the plugins that are connected to the database with information (what config is being imported, the host, etc.)
    NOT NEEDED but if you want...
    sql.plugins: Allows use of /sqlplugins.
    When I need this: When the RPG plugin is done, ASAP. But let me know if you’re interested in this. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ASK.

    Not needed. I have found someone else to do this plugin.
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