Simple, but somewhat different kind of jail plugin.

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    Plugin category: Jain/Administration

    Suggested name: Jail Coords? idk

    What I want: Basically what I'm looking for is a plugin that lets me put coords in a config file of some sort, and then when I type /jail username, it sends that person to those coords. If I unjail them, it sends them back to the place they were when they were first jailed.

    Ideas for commands: /jail username, /unjail username

    Ideas for permissions: jail.warden

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you get around to it. You're taking time out of your life to help me, don't feel right setting a deadline.

    I would very much appreciate someone making this.
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    Use the search bar on BukkitDev, there are many plugins like this, and I know Essentials has this
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    easy to do, but hasnt essentials these features
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    Since when did everyone use essentials? NOT everyone likes using essentials.. They have other essentials plugins then little plugins like this.
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    I might do this.

    Do you just want the to be tpped? Or prevented from moving?

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    I am almost positive BukkitDev already has a plugin like this

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