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  1. Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Auto Place

    What I want: If a player uses /give redstone, it will automatically put it to slot 8 (last slot in hotbar)

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: None.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible please.

    Side note: I have also tried inventory plus and I cannot get it to auto place items. I do not know if I am using it wrong, but it will not work for me.
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  3. izarooni
    What I am requesting is no matter what, redstone will be stored in a certain slot. For example if you pick up redstone or use /give redstone, it will always be stored in the specific slot in the config.
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    PhillyCheezsteak You want it so if someone picks up redstone it gets put in a certain slot and it will be customizable by config?
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    Ohhhhh... people that use the format incorrectly!

    Please tell us what you want....
  6. bonecrusher238 yes, also if someone does /give redstone, it will also go in the certain slot.
    JoeTheDev Basically what I listed above, but also if a player picks up redstone. I basically need it where no matter what, redstone will go in the last slot in the hotbar.

    In my server players cannot go over 64 redstone, so they are only able to have one stack.
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    If Im not mistaken, the plugin request format isn't REQUIRED. Just recommended.
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    Recommended for a reason though.

    If people are having trouble understanding a person's requests, it's probably a good idea for them to start using that format.
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  9. Everything I need for the plugin is listed above. I need redstone dust to go in the 8th slot.
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    Please provide more information next time:
    What happens if an item is already on that slot? Should it moved or lost or ...? And if the slot already has an amount of 64 redstone?
  11. Zupsub
    Well I basically have what I need. If you acquire redstone, it will be placed in your 8th slot. Since redstone is an item that stacks, it will be stacked if you collect multiple redstone. Players will not be able to have more than 64 redstone, so it should not be a problem if they have more. All the mechanics and needs are listed above though, I mainly need it where if you give a player redstone with /give, it will go in the 8th slot.
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    Ok, so a player can only get redstone by picking it up from the ground and by typing /give ... ?
    I'll do it in the next days if no one makes this earlier.
  13. Zupsub
    No, what I am looking for is if a player obtains redstone through /give or pick it up, it will be automatically placed in their 8th slot (last slot in hotbar). If you need anymore info please feel free to ask :)
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    PhillyCheezsteak change the title. if you cant make a plugin then dont start about if its easy or not.
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  16. Zupsub
    Can you also please make it so if a player does /give, it will also put the redstone in the 8th slot please? So for example say if I /give redstone to myself, it will automatically be in the 8th slot.
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    Please list the exact format of your /give command.

    I added the check for the format /give PlayerName (...)
    So /give Zupsub redstone 50 would order the redstone in my 8th slot.

    Can you try the above first, so I can see, whether it works in general?
  18. Zupsub
    It is still is not working for me. This is what I am doing. I do /give <playername> redstone 64, it puts it in the first slot instead of the 8th one.
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    idk for what is this plugin looooool, you can just put your redstone in the 8th slot, it tooks only 0.0009 seconds of your life, and coding this plugin took 1 day.
    ''What I want: If a player uses /give redstone, it will automatically put it to slot 8 (last slot in hotbar)''<-- WTH? 8th slot is the last? where is my number 9? i think our minecraft is in the Pirate Version loool, kernel minecraft
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Reynergodoy You might want to be some more positive or don't say anything.
    Java starts counting at 0, so it will be slot 8 in code, yet slot 9 in the client
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    yes yes :D im just kidding kkkkk
  22. Reynergodoy
    To answer the first part of your question, players in my server have slots 0-2 open (first 3 slots in hotbar) for them to modify. For each skill they use it requires redstone. I have redstone displayed in the 8th slot (9th slot in the hotbar) so they can see how much they have (like a mana display). Finally if a player runs out of redstone, they would be able to use an item/sign with a command attached to give them redstone. This is why I need /give <player> redstone to give a player redstone in the last slot of the hotbar. Tim answered the second part of your question above.
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    thats not easier, the player starting with 1 kill, or you make like one virtual redstone, like the system of ''blood'' in hypixel VampireZ?
  24. Reynergodoy
    All I need is for /give <player> redstone to go into the 8th slot. I have the rest working.
  25. Bump
    Just to clarify, I mainly need /give <player> redstone to give a player redstone in their 8th slot (final slot in hotbar)
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  27. Zupsub
    Thank you so much! It works. For a brief second the redstone goes into the first slot, but I am guessing that is a client delay. Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it.

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