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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Tzzzt123, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Hi bukkit,
    I need a plugin to make a sign execute a command with a right click and the sign executes it. I wanna make a fully personalized sign as and the signs should have variables and colors/formats for the signs:
    Line1: &a[Welcome]
    Line2: &e{PLAYER}
    Line3: &6to MyExample
    Line4: &1Server
    and the sign executes: msg {PLAYER} &aWelcome&6 to MyExample &1Server, &e{PLAYER}&4!!!
    And the variables should be:
    {PLAYER} Name of the player.
    {DISPLAYNAME} Displayname without Prefix/Suffix
    {BALANCE} Shows the player's balance (With Vault)
    {TIME<+/-><0-14>} Shows the time in this timezone (Greenwich meridian time + and -)
    {DATE} Shows the date in a specified timezone in the config.yml file
    {WORLD-TIME} Shows the time in this world (in ticks)
    {WORLD-TIME12} Shows the world's time in AM/PM
    {WORLD-TIME24} Shows the world's time in 24 hours format.

    Permissions and commands should be:
    /sps reload: Reload the config (sps.reload)
    /sps signs: Gives signs to the player (sps.signs)
    === Lonely perms:===
    sps.color: Allows the use of color in signs.
    sps.format: Allows the use of format in signs. Allows the use of colors and format in signs
    sps.variables: Allows the use of variables in signs.
    sps.all (sps.*): Allows all SpecialSigns Features.
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    @Tzzzt123 there's no different Dates at all timezone.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    It does as timtower said, lets say in NYC it is 6 pm, in Moscow it is 1 am so already tomorrow!!!
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