Sign and chest data store/replace - Combat 1.7 vanilla bug solutions - Willing to pay via Paypal!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ledhead900, Jul 28, 2011.

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    This looks crazy but I had this idea maybe it is possible and maybe it is not, I'll suggest it and anyone willing to look into it can do so. We all know about the chunk issues recently and how signs and chests furnaces all get wiped eventually.

    I was thinking and I thought what if we had a plugin that did checks on these things and saved the data some other place as a backup. Then run constant checks on the data held within those blocks for modification and if the result comes back as the block holds no data then it gets replaced with the backup.

    So pretty much the corrupted blocks data is saved as a backup on creation before it has time to be broken and used if the blocks extra data becomes null. I hope a coder understands what I mean anyway let me know what u think if its a plasuable idea or not.
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    Anyone willing to give this crack im offering Payment via paypal we can work out a suitable price via PM.

    Basicly I'm fed up with the notch bug and need ASAP a solution. The idea above may work but if its easier to do I would take accept one that logs the data within chests and signs and saves it to file and allows an administrator or person with the sufficient permissions to rollback the sign or chest in the location replacing the lost content due to this bug.

    Basicly as ppl store items and make signs this data is then stored to flatfile and is able to be replaced at any time to broken chests and signs.

    If anyone has any other ideas on how to combat this bug how about posting here and let us try to work out a solution until notch fixes this game breaking issue.
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    Do you have any links to further details on this problem?
    Also, has anyone found a reliable way to make it happen consistently? That would be very useful for determining the specifics of what actually happens (within the data) and testing out solutions.
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    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a predictable pattern (other than it goes for my most valuable chests) but we tend to get it at least 3-4 times a day on our medium sized server. Basically if a chunk is unloaded it has a chance of having all chest/furnace/dispenser data wiped completely.
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    Yes @EvilSeph also cannot pin point a thing its a tricky bugger to track, as it does not appear to be producible only thing he said was that plugins like falsebook and showcase increase the chance of corruption.

    My guess is something fishy with the chunk unload and block's extra data not always being preserved. So my idea was to focus less on finding why it happens and more on a solution with the current hooks and events we can use to store data before its corrupted to be replaced when the blocks do get corrupted.

    Tho this is more of a workaround but as I said I'm 100% willing to pay for a custom plugin that at least will restore the data values via command. Sure it will be a little bit of a cpu hog I'm not expecting it to not be. I'm willing to sacrifice 10% cpu when the command is given to go thru the chunk and replace the values with last backup.

    Ideally if we could detect the blocks that got corrupt, like detect ones that should have extra data in a chunk and now don't then run the backup on that chunk automatically that would be great.
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    I've nearly got my second fix out @ledhead900
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