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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Hayden04, May 6, 2019.

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    Hi i am looking for a skilled dev to help me.

    Category: Show Plugin
    Version: 1.12.1

    So this plugin will run shows like MCParks Or Palace. We need laser features like particles in a row that look like lasers. We also want fountains so ideally the summon command that uses falling block we would also like to select what ever block is falling. We also need it to hold show files so .yml files. If possible we would like to make it to where you can install the files via google Drive where you can get the shareable link so it auto uploads it. If possible to make pin wheels where the particles spin in circles.

    Command: /swmcshow run (name)
    /swmcshow stop (name) stops the show that is currently running.
    /swmcshow list shows the list
    /swmcshow fountain (x y z) (xd yd xd) (count)
    /swmcshow wheel (x y z) (count)
    /swmcshow load (google drive url)
    /swmcshow laser (particle) (if red stone dust then hex color code) (x y z) (count) (ticks)
    /swmcshow reload
    Permission nodes:

    Due date: ASAP
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