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    Hi there,
    i'm searching for a Plugin that makes it easier to type Commands with Playnames in it.
    I (Matschi3Prozent) wanna teleport to my Friend (InWeedWeTrust).
    So I got to type "/tp inweedwetrust" and if i want to teleport someone to another i need to type "/tp powerlars inweedwetrust"
    I Think, there might be an easier way of performing this command.
    Like i've seen on other servers.

    I want to type "/tp pow inw" or other shorter ways!
    this plugin should know, who's online.
    Online-Players: Matschi3Prozent, powerlars, inweedwetrust
    The Command should work with the first letter of the name. If there is someone online with an almost similar name, you have to type till the name has the first different letter.


    teleport me to inweedwetrust: "/tp inw"
    teleport me to independent: "/tp ind"

    Is there already a Plugin like this?
    I'm not able to find it or i didn't know how to call it.

    Greetings matschi3
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    Have you ever heard of tab complete? Just type /tp ind, and before pressing enter, press tab.
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    Oh, wow it works :D
    Thanks Freelix2000​
    Such an easy solution. Why the hell I never heard about that. Or my Friends :D
    You made my day!​

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