Shop plugin using only items, also no inventory

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Refalm, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Hello world.
    I'm looking for a plugin for creating a general shop.
    It should only use an item to buy othrr multiple items.

    It should also not use someone's inventory, but rather put items directly into someone's inventory.

    Most plugins for shops I've seen either use money, inventory, or both, which I do not want.

    Is there a plugin out there that does this?
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    Anyone know of a plugin that does this?
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    1) Proper Forum Section (Plugin Requests)

    2) Proper Request Format
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    This isn't a request for someone to program a plugin. This is a question if a plugin like this exists.
    If it doesn't, I'll ask someone to program it whom I personally know.

    Also, you must be a time traveller if you consider 16th October until 31th October "24 hours".
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    Ooops. I didn't see the different days. Sorry about that, my mistake. Seriously though. The place to ask about this is in the Requests section.
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