Shooting Targets and Point Generation

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    I have yet to see this idea, but if it's out there, and up-to-date, please point me in the right direction.

    Essentially, it's a shooting range plugin. An admin can set up targets that, when shot, generate points visible to the player via chat box. The following are ideas that I've come up with based on the needs of my own server, but by all means, you have creative freedom!

    Possible commands:

    -Type /target edit to enter placement mode, and begin placing the targets.
    -Type /target edit again to exit placement mode.
    -Type /target clear to erase all placed targets.
    -Type /target score to get your total points.
    -Type /target clearscore to wipe the player's score clean

    Possible Configurable Variables:

    - Target Value
    - Target Item ID

    Other Notes:

    -Thank you in advance to anyone who attempts to make this plugin. If you're interested in this, or have any further ideas, please make a comment!

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