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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Nikola112233, Apr 2, 2020.

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    Hello guys!

    I'm trying to find a plugin for Shards so let me explain what am I asking for if there isn't already existing shards plugin.

    The plugin Shards should include:
    - Virtual shards to be given by a mob-like zombie, villager e.t.c. When a player has enough amount of shards he can buy something from a shop with those shards such as Op items and spawners. The shards could be given by crates and can be bought in Shop for real money as well as they can be received from quests and vote. I repeat this again shards to be Virtual. A command for shards in GUI that you can check how many shards you have.

    /shards #For the GUI to check how many shards you have.
    /shards give [player] [amount] #To give shards to other players.
    /shards take [player] [amount] #To take shards from a player.

    If somebody could make this plugin I and my co-worker would be grateful and if there is already existing one please let me know the name :)

    Thanks to everyone.

    Your's sincerely,
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    It really look like a simple money plugin to me. Why don't you take a plugin like vault and change the message files from "$" to "shards" ?

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