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    Another post for my server that is under development

    In this post, I will be discussing server-side skins.

    This seems like a fairly hard plugin seeing as tho Notch controls all skins via the website. Here is my idea... Why not force a npc such as a zombie or chicken onto a player, make them invisible.

    I know matching the skin to the movements may be harder then I made that sound and making it actually take the skin and put it on the player may be a long shot but its an idea.

    /setskin <player> [skin name]
    /removeskin <player>

    Skin names:

    Custom Skins:
    Using the basic skin creation.
    Rename and have work with the plugin.
    Making a custom skin and placeng it in a folder, or the folder with all the skins (ie. pig,zombie)
    (For now this may not be posible please don't comment about it unless its helpful)

    I also need this to be logged and have them login and always be that skin.
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    it could be cool, if each permission group has it's own skin..
  3. Much like your server-side texture request, not possible.
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    If you are not going to post anything helpful don't post at all.

    It may be imposible for you maby. Much like anything on the computer nothing is imposible.
    Who knows maby a update of Bukkit may make this a reality. If not there are many coders out there who edit the main jar itself. People thaught a mini map server-side was imposible too.. they have since been proven wrong.

    Thank you.
  5. Not helpful? I was simply stating facts. The fact you didn't know that it was not possible atm (If you knew, you wouldn't of posted this thread) I'd say I was rather helpful as I provided you with new information. Yes, a bukkit update may make this a reality. But for NOW, this is NOT possible.

    Not unless you want a client-side mod to make it possible... But that'd defeat the point really.

    Or as you stated have someone edit the actual server, but then I doubt many coders are really willing to do that. Not over on these forums anyway as they're for Bukkit, where the coders make plugins for Bukkit... You should post this on the Minecraft mapping and modding section if you want people to edit that main jar file.

    Also that minimap, unless you're referring to a different one, is client-side, not server-side...
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    Ever heard of Blockhead? Its a plugin that makes a block of any ID your head skin... The costom skin yes is imposible unless a valve like mech is used where the user can download and store the skins and textures of servers.
  7. That doesn't technically change their skin though :p. Anywho, I'll stop commenting and wait for a response from a coder...
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    This is impossible unless notch changes everything to server-side. Sorry mate. Blockhead is just a block being shown in the helmet position. That's a glitch with the client.
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    its possible, BUT, players with monster/animal skins would have
    - no name displayed above their head
    - setItemInHand() would not work

    custom skins are not possible yet, though
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    Edward Hand

    Good sir, I almost pooed myself with rage at your post.

    (However, despite your attitude, your idea about switching the player with an existing NPC is a valid one)
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    Depending on how your post is interpreted, there's several ways this could work or not work:

    1. Disguising players as mobs. Possible server-side. (The Bravo guys are working on this.)
    2. Changing players' skins as well as changing the name above their head to match. Possible server-side. (Blocktopia's zombie survival does this.)
    3. Changing players' skins without changing the name above their head. Possible with cooperation between a server mod and a client mod. (AKA Changing players' names without changing their skins.)
    Server-side minimaps are, in fact, impossible. There's no way to tell a stock client to display custom GUI elements. Client-side minimaps have been around for a while.

    As Diaz mentioned, Blockhead just puts blocks in your head armor slot like you would a pumpkin.
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    So, anybody know how realize serverside skins?

    Upd: I have realized change skin on cracked minecraft. But, it need to modify client, and players will see skins those who also modify client.

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    tl;dr of above: If you want the player's name to still be visible and not some random text, it has to be a client mod.
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    How about:
    • You set up a database on a domain
    • Install a plugin that ignores Minecrafts want to connect to notches server
    • and connects to the database instead
    The DB would obviously store the skins like notches server does.
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    xAnder, so, how can we do this?
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    Edward Hand

    Server-side plugins have no say in what server the client connects to to get its skins. The client doesn't ask the server's permission to connect to the minecraft skins server.
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    In minecraft source code, class "EntityOtherPlayerMP", line like
    It loads in a multiplayer skins. You may replace url.
    For example, as I have:
    Skins are loaded from my web server. And players uploading their skins to my web server.
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    I agree with trigger. I'm sick of reading meaningless forum posts of crap only meant to boost your own ego. Forums are for information so INFORM!

    **BUMP- Maybe Minecraft can begin to start making this possible if they see this

    Sorry I just viewed this posting. I'll look into this at a later point.


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    Client's source code? That's what I've heard nothing about availability of this. Can you please describe little more detailed?
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    I do not think people would be to happy having skins forced upon them, because we all choose personal ones in which we like which makes as or fits us Unique(Ish)
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    Well first of all, if you're running a server, it's your rules. Personally I don't want people logging on with invisible skins or anything. Secondly you wouldn't ALWAYS have to impose them.

    For Instance: A great plugin would allow for reloading different skin sets(integrated with permissions perferrably) at will. You could then for example, load people into a battle instance and give everyone team uniforms! Then after the battle you could take it off. Just an idea that could be expanded on :p
    ** To make this simple, you could set it up so certain skins(permission based) would be loaded in certain areas! Then all you'd have to do in game would be to port them to the area...?!

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    Edward Hand

    If you do make said client mod, the server could auto-redirect your request to the minecraft server database by default and only change your skin under certain circumstances.
    Still though, client mods = bad almost always.
    Invisible skins? Not possible!
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    Hmm and by that it would only effect you on the server not change it through the minecraft site for every server, atleast i think thats what your saying, but yes even if it is just that i mean, we choose a skin that we like to be seen as, even if it is only for the one server, i would personally not like it, and i know alot of others would not like to be forced to be seen as a certain skin.
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    Yup, thanks, just got it, messing around with files.

    1. Decompiled client files
    2. Moded EntityOtherPlayerMP to my URL, where skins are like (also made ...mjramon.png too)
    3. Recompiled
    4. Reobfuscated (ensured, that there is Entity in client_obfuscation.txt)
    5. Placed im.class, om.class, qk.class from final_out to my minecraft.jar via 7zip
    6. Logged into my server (it's in "offline" mode with auth support, server has access to internet), and... I have default player skin :(

    What I did wrong? Thank you for you patience!
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    Edward Hand

    Your link doesn't seem to work for me...
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    Of course, it's a dummy link to show the path :)

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