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    ServerOnline v1.0
    Do you often have problems with the server?
    Got the bug?
    Hangs server?
    Or any other bugs and errors that kill the server and does not allow users to access the server?
    I have a solution to your problems!
    It's not quite plug but I'm sure you'll appreciate its features.

    How to instal?
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    1. Unpack the archive into a directory to your server
    2. Edit the file copy the contents of your startserver.bat file, run the server.
    3. Run the application serv-line and indicate in the first window your server ip
    4. In the second box, select the port.
    5. In the third box, the interval for checking the server status from one to fifteen minutes.
    6. Start run.bat
    7. Click Connect in the ServOnline program.

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    1. Kill hung java process in the absence of connection to the server
    2. Automatically starts the server
    3. Saves logs =)

    Download .ZIP ServerOnline
    Try it!
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    this is not a plugin, moved
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    It's not quite plug but I'm sure you'll appreciate its features.

    But it's very good program :p
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    So this makes it so when the server is down, it still shows as up?
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    What ERROR U have?
    you changed the check the server for the answer (in the last row. Minimum of 1 minute)
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    No error, I'm asking what this does.
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    it's restarting server if programm don't have connect with server!
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    ah, very nice. I recommend looking into this program by LogMeIn, in which it restarts your PC automatically. This would turn out great with it, you know for updates etc.
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    thanks i'll look this aplication
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