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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Thallo, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I dont really know if it is a bukkit error or a Linux error but I have the problem that the server is shutting down when I close the ssh-shell with wich I am looking onto my linux server.. It worked with older craftbukkit versions.. I am running with the craftbukkit version #83

    sorry my english is not the best but thx for an answer

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    As soon as your ssh session ends all processes that you started are terminated unless they are running in the background or in a persistent service such as screen.

    The init script I just posted may be useful to you.
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    Or if you do not want to use initscript, read "man screen".
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    When you ssh into your box, type:

    screen -S minecraft

    This will create another instance of your shell inside itself, with the name of 'minecraft'. From there, run your server.

    When you want to get out of there and back to your normal shell, hold down CTRL and push A then D, one after the other. That will break you out of the screen session and take you back to your original SSH session.

    You can type:

    screen -list

    to get a list of all of your screens running.

    If you only have one screen running, typing:

    screen -r

    will take you back to the screen session. If you have multiple sessions, type:

    screen -r <name of session>

    to take you back to that session.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thx for the answers, Problem is solved
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