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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 1specyou, Jan 21, 2011.

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    so im using bucket on its own, and i got a pretty good server up and running with some REALLY cool plugins and a few friends online. i had an anti grief in works called guardian and i said to my friends try your best to get passed the antri grief. With about 4 seconds my friend did one simple command.

    /plugin disable guardian..

    off. no more antigrief just like that tho?

    ive been looking arround the forums for a few hours now, i think like 6 hours?
    and people are saying there are no ranks eg admin,moderator. however i looked on the plugins and theres a rights plugin. i really have tried to make sense off it but just seems too complicated for a noob like me

    i would really apriciate the help, thanks beforehand!

    side note, is bukkit able to run with mcadmin, i could then use the rights within mcadmin to surely bypass this problem?
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    I'm rather new at this...

    But, there is a great plugin called "GroupUsers" in which you can setup users and groups.
    In the group system, you can allow only certain commands to certain users.
    Because I run my server, I have a special group known as owner, and I only allow my admins to deal in other lesser commands, such as kick, ban etc.

    I recommend getting and using GroupUsers.

    If you need a hand, check the wiki, or pm me.
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