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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tiwar, Jan 3, 2011.

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    is there a way to make a complete minecraft server os,that runs without windows?
    that would be awesome =)
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    Well you can run a minecraft server on linux. Making a OS is very difficult and to just make it for minecraft server is pointless. Linux is one of the best "Server" os types out there
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    It is indeed.

    And it will always be with any OS developed without one single task in mind. That is why no OS can be perfect. The developer(s) would have to make one OS for each person using it.
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    i run windows on my server as it is also my HTPC/File Server and i can't run linux because of 1) BD support and 2) no drivers for my tv tuner. Makes me a saaaaaaad paaaanda
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    TV tuner in a server? And what is BD support? Blue Ray? Why would you wan't that on your server? :p
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    like i said, it is also my home theater computer (HTPC), that's why i need those
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    My bad, overlooked it. (Or whatever is the proper way of saying that i didn't actually read your post "properly" in English)
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    meh, it happens, i have done that quite a few times
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    Ya give it a try. If you do give me your server ip because it has some easy vulnerability and im in need of shells from fail admins.

    Its just some centos rip nothing big with a webgui. You can clearly see the guy fails and if centos would ever come with a vulnerability he would have no idea how to fix it or unless all he did was add the web panel. Anyways hes retarded it has ssh o really ssh i never knew you would need ssh for a server.
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    will d

    You clearly have absolutely no idea what you are alleging. To start, none of your facts are right:
    1. It's not a centOS rip, its a tinycorelinux derivative, which, as anybody could find out with 3 seconds and google, is its own fork of a linux distro. No centOS foundation, just standard 2.6 kernel.
    2. It has some easy vulnerability? Care to specify how simply knowing one's IP suddenly gives you all the knowledge to defeat the community of knowledge between busybox-httpd, ssh/openssl, bftpd?
    3. There's clearly more that was added than just a web panel, such as greater ease of backups through the use of rdiff-backup (rsync), integrated c10t mapping, server updating, as well as RAMDISK configuration support.
      That's not even considering the back-end work done for the typical user of this distro, with auto setting up of Hey0 and soon Bukkit, the inherent security provided to a user in a jailed virtual environment, as well as it being entirely open source and updateable through the tinycorelinux repository, where all the MD5s are available and checked for legitimacy.
    could just be me, but I think you're just trying to show off 'how much of a hotshot you are' by suddenly being smarter than the collective knowledge of hundreds of linux programmers everywhere that put thousands of manhours to make good programs.

    I challenge you to break this, big man.
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    Well said, If i had known about this i would've used it instead of ubuntu for hosting my minecraft server.
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    I'm a Centos person tbh but as the other post above will d said enough
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    Another CentOS fan here, I've run my server on Windoze 08 before, and I hated the performance. Just throwing that out there.
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    Honestly, debian-based works just as well. Just as long as you're running on a server that doesn't do OpenVZ virtualization (if it's a VPS), nearly any linux server distro should work.

    The reason why I mention OpenVZ is because it does not cooperate with ufw whatsoever, which I must say should always be in use. Having a firewall on your server is a good idea no matter how you look at it.
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    Hah me too, My partner has a liking for ubuntu though and i can tolerate it so :D
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    Stephen A.

    I use MineOS on an old Pentium 4 PC w/ 512 MB RAM ( Soon 1GB RAM ) and 20 GB drive from an OLD OLD OLD PC, that has about a year of running time ( The HDD, not the PC ), and the 1 and ONLY thing I could ask more from it, is that when Bukkit is out Officially for MineCraft that the hMod stuff would become Bukkit. ( CraftBukkit ? )
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    HAH You think your PC is old I have a BBC Micro 64 in the back :D
  22. Similar here too an old dell P4 2.x ghz 1 gig ram and an old 20gb drive from a mate and it runs sweet for familly and friends on my home adsl with much less lag than a friends paid for server!

    I am back to basic MC now tho so I too really hope Bukkit Gets integrated smoothly with it.
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    I use Debian, because I had an error with centos that a memory heating issue caused the filesystem to crash, and centos wouldn't start back up.
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    Host a VPS with linux. CentOS 5.5 64bit has been the most stable for me with my minecraft ventures. I would strongly suggest linode (, slightly more expensive however solid performance, never oversold unlike many hosts out there.

    Hosting a server via a datacenter has many advantages, some being better cpu, network speeds, and not having to worry is your server online. Its also quite simple as there are many resources to help get you started out there.

    Good places to get started for basic setups on most current Linux OS:

    Hope this helps

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    I use CentOS for my minecraft server. I've also been using it for numerous other mission-critical servers for a few years now. I've never had any problems whatsoever.

    My MC server is running on a dual quad-core box w/ 8GB of RAM. Have a nice 40Mbps symmetrical connection to go with it. Though it's running in a Xen VM, as the server is mainly used to manage a network of 30 computers, used by students. Though it's overkill for the job it's doing, so I decided to put Minecraft on it. :P
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    Thought I'd mention that I use the mineOS, few problems, but he is fixing it as it is used.
    Yes it does support Bukkit and it is easy to update the server when new updates come out for Minecraft and bukkit.

    The only problem I have is when you start a bukkit server, the webUI states that it is still down, when it's truly up and running. Yes, you can still access it, no problem. Just shutting it down, you have to use the force stop all servers button, but doesn't hurt the server(s).
    Since the webUI sees the bukkit server as down (offline) you can't send commands to the server from the webUI. I'm still looking for the ability to use admin commands inside the server. I found one on here, but it requires a bin folder, which there is none.
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    will d

    This just shows your idiocy. " theres no such thing as a linux programmer." Because that's exactly how it's supposed to be interpreted. When somebody says 'I'm a web programmer', they obviously mean they program in the Web Programming Language--you know THAT one, right?

    Taking that level of literal interpretation shows you're just grasping for straws.

    "Didn't even try your shit os after this reply. "
    "Ya i could do that all with the ip which is did nmap+metasploit+w3af+manual sql for your panel and your shit got raped"

    So you didn't even try it, but you raped my shit with this sweet exploit that relies on SQL injecting, is it? I'm not as much a black hat as you, friend, but doesn't there need to be a SQL server for that to happen?

    Incidentally, you call tinycore a bunch of skiddies, then you quote a number of exploits none of which you have done anything but use other people's work for...that's impressive hacker-skills you gots there.

    So luckily, 2.6 kernel is completely insecure, and moreso, un-updateable....OpenSSH is like toiletpaper protection, and Minecraft beta server gives you another few dozen entries into this system? GG.
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    Use other peoples work? Why would i code an other metasploit just to say im not using someones elses work? You can still add your own payloads and exploits to it. And 2.6 does have some vul fyi. Just pointing out that a minecraft server os is just the dumbest thing ive heard in years.
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    Some of us find it more stable than trying to run our own server on our desktop along side the client just to play together with friends without paying for a server that is physically controlled by someone we never met and be lucky to talk to an american, fluent english speaking person at night, if not just after 5pm.
    I've tried having someone host a few game servers. Since Medal of Honor Allied Assault came out years ago. I've learned that if you can't host it yourself (not counting the internet usage), then it not worth paying a company for it. Ram has gotten cheaper in the past months, if not the last few years, yet the prices per slot (number of users max) stays the same.

    I just need a server for 3 to maybe 5 freinds, most servers start at 10. I'm not paying for what I don't use.

    Will, I say thank you for your work and wish you the best of luck. You just started a great idea, and just like in the military, a plan is good until the first shot it made. Adapt to usage and problem and improve as you go.

    For the rest of you nit picking at tinycorelinux, nothing can stop someone from hacking a program or OS. A greater defense can be taken down my strategy, or plain ol' brute force of a much greater offense.
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    Sorry for refreshing this topic, but as a user of MineOS, I wanted to chime in a word of thanks to Will, its developer.

    In response to folks challenging its usefulness, simply put, MineOS does what it says on the damn box.
    It's stable, it doesn't need much hardware, and it's got a remarkably small footprint.
    I find it perfect to host SMP for four players on a home LAN.
    My IT capability is equivalent to "pancakes" comment "Only someone that would be too dumb to use centos would use this." I'd add that, perhaps, now am I equal to pancakes' capabilities in English and grammar.

    If you are skilled enough to black-hat someone's MineOS, and you feel that's a mark against it, then you're probably not MineOS's target audience and are proudly running your own homebrew.
    I'm guessing Will, MineOS's developer, might appreciate notes on solutions to vulnerabilities you've confirmed in actual testing.

    Here's some of my perceptions of the developer's goals in making MineOS:
    Small memory footprint,
    Fast on low end hardware,
    Completely revised HDD footprint taken by backups to a microscopic level,
    Improved world backup and recovery,
    Accessible to Joe-hobbyist looking to host for a few buddies.

    MineOS could be a niche-market commercial venture, but is free, it works, and he readily provides support to the most clueless noobs even when they haven't read a how-to, watched one of his tutorial videos, or searched the forums.

    It has a useful browser-based admin UI, a capability not in any other server-wrappers I've tried.
    It's fairly easy to set up for someone with passing knowledge of linux...about the level of someone familiar with setting up dual-boot Win/Ubuntu.
    It supports Bukkit which I don't use because I'm running the RuneCraft mod.
    As a bennie, it easily makes and publishes c10 maps to a player accessible web-page.
    Best yet, in ram-disk configuration, it is blistering fast even on lower end hardware; it beats the MCworld mod hands down (the world file management approach Notch is incorporating for the next server iteration).

    The MineOS system takes about 75MB. Maybe you'd want 100 to 200 in case of developer-issued upgrades or your own mods to its underlying tinycore OS (like I needed for wireless capability).

    The rest of your HDD would be for the MC server, world data, and world backups. With a 100MB world, and the MineOS differential-based backup approach, it'll take forever to fill up a 40GB HDD even with 15 minute interval backups.
    And, because of its differential-based backup system, you can recover from griefers with a very high resolution.

    Sure there's room for improvement. Improvements come along regularly and are based on forum comments, bug reports, and recurring noob questions.
    He could probably use help on documentation so he can focus on coding and bug hunts.

    I'm just an average IT-aware guy, who plays around with a home computer to get it dual booting WinXP and Ubuntu.
    All I wanted to do is run an MC server for my family (4 players), only for LAN, and don't have a lot of computers sitting around. Nor am I much of an IT guy.

    Running MC server and client on the same computer would give us serious lag and drops, and that was a quad core Win7 with 8GB ram. Yeah, I'd tweaked the server java initializations all I could, no luck.

    Now I've installed MineOS in ram disk configuration on an old laptop (dual core x86 1.7GHz, 2GB ram).
    I'm running three worlds at the same time each backed up at 15 minute increments.
    The only noticeable lag was a bump while high speed boating as it made a new chunk.

    BTW: The hosting laptop is now triple-boot WinXP/Ubuntu/MineOS and I got Ubuntu's damn Grub2 bootloader for multi-OS setups to work right.
    And, a big smile for this noob, I got wireless operational, even though not in the developer's spec for MineOS thus not part of its distribution package.
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