Server.log And locating it.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Omnitv, Oct 11, 2012.

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    When assisting some one on the Bukkit forums Bukkit help in particular please ask them for the server.log this has alot of information necessary for troubleshooting. I have seen verry few people ask this question and when I ask im ignored.

    Mac Users see HERE hawkfalcon would you please be so kind to make one please :)

    Windows Users see below​

    To find your server.log go to your server directory and look for a file called server.log


    Once opened copy your last start up since then Ie: last time you turned on your server and copy it here via the code button.

    There and thats it, you get so much more information just by the server.log than asking the OP a question every time.

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    Jade Retired Staff

    Omnitv Do note those running Linux. I'll get you one in a moment.
    Sorry for the double post, I was doing this in hopes it would make it easier to read.

    Open up FileZilla. It should look remotely similar to this.
    FileZilla (open)


    Connect to your server. It should now look something like this. (Files and folders are going to most likely be different, unless you have McMyAdmin)
    FileZilla connected to a server (open)


    Navigate to your server folder (For some of you, it may just be /root, mine is /root/Minecraft)
    It should now look something like this.
    Minecraft Directory (open)


    See that file down there near the bottom? Server.log? Yeah. That one.


    Download it, and post the contents of it (Open it in something like Notepad or Notepad++)
    in a Pastebin, Pastie, or a [ code ] and [/code] tag.

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