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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by FlaveDrake, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. Hello fellow readers,

    I'm about to create my own server but I don't have any idea what to do. So if you have any Idea what Server i can do please write it down here.

    Some information:

    - i don't want to make a common server.

    - no minigames (there are to much server already)

    Thank you for your time and your ideas:)

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @FlaveDrake What kind of things do you like to do in minecraft?
  3. @timtower I've played myself only on Survival PVP server. But that's kinda mainstream and there are to many Server already.

    I don't know i've thinked about a 4 Fractions - Server or something like this. I don't have any ideas, and I hope most of the functions the server will have, i will be able to develop myself.
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    Factions developed by yourself, but instead of having multiple clans created each one by players, just 4 clans (like water, fire, air and earth elements). Idk if there is already a server wich is based on it, but it could be pretty interesting.
  5. @CostelabrMn First of all thanks for your reply, it's what i meant about the 4 Fractions, the problem is that what should they able to do? Which Features could I add to the Server?
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    i didnt know what 4 fractions meant XD, now i know haha. Well, the first thing you should think about its is in the big ones. Lets start thinking about how players should interact whit the map (wars, etc), think about how it could be different than another factions servers. Try adding some skills, something like this; dont make it boring and usual as the others!
  7. @CostelabrMn i thought about a Plot-PVP Server, you have two worlds: PlotWorld and the FarmWorld which get's resetted over a certain time. The thing is you get a Plot at the Start and you can build what ever you want on it. But you aren't able to craft Chests. You have to buy them to save your loot. Also there is another factor which could make it more interesting: you can't just tp out of the farm world. You can only go to the spawn through a portal to be save. Then i'm going to make a bodyguard service plugin or something like that where player's can get some escorts for their looting.

    EDIT: Also you are able to buy things from the shop or sell them there. If you want to buy from other players then the only option is to make an "live-trade", where you could scammed. The thing is that you can make a review after the trade. And the Black-Market sells things like "review-delete" or something like this

    If you have any idea which could make it even better this would be great:)
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