Server getting [Read time out] error. Bukkit b953

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DontTurnAround, Jul 3, 2011.

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    When I start my minecraft server, within 1 minute of me joining, the server crashes. It stops accepting all commands and won't display any messages. Withing 2 minutes, it kicks you out. I have already tried deleting all player.dat files from my map and that has not solved the problem. Here is my plugin list.

    1. BigBrother 1.9-SNAPSHOT
    2. Citizens 1.0.9
    3. CookieMonster 1.3.4
    4. CraftBookCommon craftbook-nightly-175zml
    5. CraftBookCircuits craftbook-nightly-175zml
    6. CraftBookMechanisms craftbook-nightly-175zml
    7. CraftBookVehicles 3.0-alpha2
    8. CraftBukkitUpToDate 2.5.6
    9. Essentials 2.3.7
    10. EssentialsSpawn 2.3.7
    11. LWC 3.11
    12. BukkitCompat r14
    13. MagicCarpet 1.5.5
    14. MinecartManiaAdminControls 1.2.7
    15. MinecartManiaChestControl 1.2.5
    16. MinecartManiaCore 1.2.8cription
    17. MinecartManiaSignCommands 1.2.8
    18. MinecartManiaStation 1.2.5
    19. MobRider 0.39
    20. MotherNature 1.3.2
    21. MultiVerse 1.6.5
    22. Permissions 3.1.5
    23. PickBoat 0.3.5
    24. SpawnMob 1.9.4
    25. WolfPound 1.0.1
    26. WorldEdit 4.6
    27. WorldGuard "5.1.1"
    28. iChat 2.3.1
    29. mcbans 2.9.1
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    Josh Ice

    It's most likely a plugin. Is there anything in your log file(s)? If so, post it here please.
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    There is nothing in the log files, no plugins are throwing off errors. I'm going to try updating all of my plugins and see what happens.
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    Josh Ice

    If that doesn't work, try to run a vanilla server and add the plugins one at a time to troubleshoot. Good luck!
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    Well, updating the plugins didn't do anything. I suppose McMyAdmin will help with your idea, I'll try it

    Well, it took a while, but i found out its Citizens 1.0.9
    Too bad, it was one of my favorite plugins :(

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    Are you sure your not using MCMMO?
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