Separate plugin for Separate world.

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    Hi all. My name is Erik (i from italy) and for me the first time I write here. I use google translator so... D: .
    I do not have the skills to write... for now, not yet.
    So please.. i donate for this.. and would great alternative instead of heaving many servers.

    Plugin category: World Management
    Suggested name: Unique Worlds (U.W.)
    What I want: I would like the plugins are used only by the worlds, or the world, I choose.
    Ex.:"The plugin factions is active in world factions but inactive in world skyblock". So, plugin factions is active only in the world factions, while in the world skyblock no. So avoid creating factions and claim in the world skyblock(because in world skyblock the plugin factions is inactive).
    Another example for residence, plot me and more.

    Ideas for commands: 1 /unwo list (list of worlds)
    2 /unwo listpl <world> (list of plugins for world chosen)
    3 /unwo <world> <nameplugin> active/inactive
    4 /unwo reload
    5 /unwo save
    6 /unwo version

    Ideas for permissions: 1 - unwo.*
    2 - unwo.list
    3 - unwo.listpl
    4 - unwo.reload
    5 -
    6 - unwo.version

    I hope that someone with the knowledge to do, have the availability and the time to do it ..

    I state now: thank you all..

    ehmm... up?

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    ummmm, don't think that it's possible in just one server limits
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    Haha, I myself think this is a great idea...
    Not too sure if it's entirely possible, however...
    Possibly you could string a few different servers together, use my (Shameless promotion, but hey, it might help) plugin chatflow to link chats, or even enable /server <name> functionality to teleport between the different servers with bungeecord. Although do notice for chatflow you need to have at least one extra port port forwarded on each server (unless they're hosted on the same machine), and for bungeecord you'll need a VPS (probably $50/month) with knowledge to be able to setup a server on linux with java using root
  4. I don't think this is possible, but most of plugins have built in Multi world features, you can disable plugins in certain world.

    As of Bungee Cord, I don't recommend running multiple minecraft server in a VPS (unless you asked the provider whether it's allowed or not), or your VPS may get suspended for I/O Abuse (Unless you have plenty of Ram and run them on the Ram disk)
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    I get it. I'll try alone.
    Anyway, thank you all for having responded to me. :)
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    Can i get some help with bungee cord on my server

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