Inactive [SEC] ServerGuard v1.2 - Block commonly used griefing materials [1.2.5-R1]

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    ServerGuard - Block the commonly used griefing materials.
    Version: 1.2

    This is a very lightweight anti-griefing tool.

    I am currently having exams, so I won't update this plugin. Once they are done, I will add all the features you request!

    • Block the most used items griefers use.
    • Block TNT, Lava, Water, Bedrock and Fire
    • Blocks all lava and water placement. Buckets and Stationary Lava/Water are also blocked.
    • Turn blocked items on/off by command.
    • Shows the player who places the material a warning.
    • Logs the placement in the server log.
    • Blocks creeper damage completely.
    • /sg-enable - Enable plugin.
    • /sg-disable - Disable plugin.
    • /lava-on - Block Lava placement.
    • /lava-off - Allow Lava placement.
    • /water-on - Block Water placement.
    • /water-off - Allow Water placement.
    • /TNT-on - Block TNT placement.
    • /TNT-off - Allow TNT placement.
    • /bedrock-on - Block Bedrock placement.
    • /bedrock-off - Allow Bedrock placement.
    • /fire-on - Block Fire placement.
    • /fire-off - Allow Fire placement.
    • /creeper-on - Block creeper block damage.
    • /creeper-off - Allow creepers to damage blocks.
    • Added confirmation messages on placement enable/disable. [v1.1.1]
    • Added creeper damage block. [v1.2]
    Todo list:
    • Find out how to add permissions and add them :D
    • Add a config file
    • Add endermen block pickup
    • Change creeper explosion so only creeper explosions are affected.
    • Fire spread protection
    • Fire charge protection
    • v1.2 - Added creeper damage.
    • v1.1.1 - Changed the /enable and /disable commands to /sg-enable and /sg-disable
    • v1.1 - Added confirmation on placement enable/disable.
    • v1.0 - Release
    Please help me out, I have to work on a very old computer (respect for 2002 PC's:D) and I'd love to keep this plugin updated. Though I think I need a new computer because I have the feeling that it's about to die :(. A donation also keeps me focussed on this project :)
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    permissions.. permissions.. permissions.. please keep the commands though, that way those with perms can still be prevented from using them. Easier for admin to enable/disable via command when around or not.
  3. yes, please add permissions to this plugin. thanks :D
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    R5 isnt out yet!
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    Well, for some reason, I have the dev build of 1.1-R5. Anyways, it also works with R4

    Where do I need to add permissions to? To the placement of these items, or to the commands?

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    permissions to the placement/usage of those items.. while the commands also override the permissions, sort of like a second layer of protection to enable/disable ingame without having to mess about with removing permissions when you don't want a user/group to use items even if they have a perm node.
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    Is there a way to whitelist certain players to use it? Eg. Mods, Admins etc...?
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    That would be with Permissions, which I did not add yet. ;)
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    cool man
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    can you check the commands, none of them seem to work, and you can [INFO] /water-on when you do /tnt-off etc

    also /enable /disable is a bit generic, what about /sg enable or disable or /serverguard off etc

    hope you find a permission node solution would also be very good to have soon.
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    hey when will the 1.2 server update come out oh and idk if i can but will i beable to be a moderator on bukkit and whats the plugin for the prefix like [VIP] [Admin] [Builder] [Nubsicle] [Normal] [Surviver] plzz tell me so i can get it for my server thanks =)

    oh and the plugin for different creepers

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    I'd love to help you, but this is a bit off-topic. If you need help, please make a new topic on the forums. :)

    I am looking into it right now, thanks for noticing :)
    EDIT: Nothing wrong with the commands. They work. :)

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    Is There any way to let people place water? I think water is a bit overkill but I can see why you added it.
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    You can allow/block water placement by the commands:
    /water-on to block the placement.
    /water-off to allow the placement.
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    how I can set permissions to GMS
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    This works great, but it still allows fire to be placed through the new Fire Charge 385 item as of the 1.2.3 update. Could you update that, please? Also, you should add a command that allows you to customize the warning color when someone places a forbidden item. :D
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    Add SpawnEggs :)
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    I will try to get it done ASAP. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of spare time :(
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    You should make it so that it sends a message throught the server, or only to OPs, and give their coordinates. And then make a setting in the config file where you can allow/disallow kicking of either of the blocks.
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    Any chance of fire charge being added ?
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    Yes, I will add it. But my exams are about to start, so I don't have that much of time.
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    Why doesn't this block water bucket or lava bucket ? oh and this is an awesome plugins thanks for making it :D
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    It should block it, let me know if you experience problems and if the server console shows an error.
    You may want to try typing /water-on (You need to be OP for that).
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    works perfect, thanks!
    I would like a option that blocks endermen from taking blocks and ghasts from destroying,
    can you add such options?

    thanks :D
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    each time I reload my plugins or restart my server I have to type commands:
    to re-enable water and fire placement. Is there an way I can permanently enable fire and water placement on my server?
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    Allright guys,
    Exams are over, successfully passed them, I have a new notebook. I just need to recover a backup of my plugins in Eclipse.
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    this plugins has a multiworld support?

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