Inactive [SEC/MISC] Vanilla v0.2 - Disable /pl and /ver, hide plugins from list [1.1-R6, 1.1-R7, 1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Vanilla - Config options to hide plugins from the plugin list and disable the version and plugin list commands
    Version: v0.2
    Tested on CB 1.1-R6, CB 1.1-R7, CB 1.2.3-R0.1


    Outdated Information:

    Vanilla is a plugin that can fake servers as vanilla and hide plugins from the plugin list. All of this is configurable (look below).

    • Block use of /pl and /plugins (The plugin list command)
    • Block use of /ver and /version (The version command)
    • Hide plugins from the plugin list
    With this plugin, you can fake a vanilla server by hiding the plugin list & version commands. You can also instead of doing that, hide specific plugins. For example if I want to hide MCBans & BigBrother, griefers would think the server cannot rollback changes and more importantly, they think they cannot get globally banned. Hiding the plugin from the plugin list makes it disappear completely. Even though it doesn't show, it will still function fully. Also, if you hide any plugins, you should probably want to hide Vanilla itself so people(griefers) don't know if you are using it. Also, the console will still be able to use the commands & plugins will not be hidden from it.

    • Nothing right now :)

    Default config:
        hideversioncommand: false
        hiddenplugins: ''
        hideplugincommand: false
    If hideversioncommand is true, the version command cannot be used by anyone. Same with hideplugincommand except it hides the plugin list command. The hiddenplugins option can hide plugins. For example, if I wanted to hide BigBrother, MCBans, and Vanilla, it would look like this:
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother,mcbans,vanilla'
    Each plugin is separated by a comma and is case-insensitive.

    Vanilla.version - Allows player to use the /vanilla command to see the version
    Vanilla.reload - Allows player to reload the configuration

    Download Vanilla

    Source Code

    Version 0.2+

    Version 0.1
    • First release.
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    Great plugin. Griefing is now obsolete.
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    Definitely using this on my server :)
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    Yep. Say bye bye to griefing.
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    Nice one!
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    yeap getting this one RIGHT NOW!
    but is it /reload safe? god i hope so

    EDIT: it is reload safe
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    Using CB build 766.

    Just started using this today. So far, works fantastic! No problems found. Very nice plugin. Thanks ;)
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    You're welcome! :)
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    This looks awesome and I'm going to install this and McBans tonight when I get home!

    Just to be sure: This doesn't prevent any functionality, it just edits the output of /plugins (or stops it alltogether). Commands will still work for those with permission. Right?
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    Yep. The plugins all work fine.
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    How does this make griefing obsolete?

    What exactly is the benefit of hiding these things? If anything I would think advertising the fact I use BigBrother and MCBans, etc would make griefers go look for a softer target.
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    They think MCBans & BigBrother aren't on the server, which then attracts them and gets them globally banned.
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    So the idea is to create a honey pot for griefers?
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    Pretty much. Also, griefers knowing about this won't know for sure if they can or cannot grief a specific server.
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    Can you add permission nodes or something so Admins can see the plugins list while normal players cannot?
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    It's a bit of a pain to get griefed just to have the account banned, but if you monitor your server and rollback the damage, you'll never hear from that griefer again.

    Personally I run without any permissions for unknown users, but I feel like it's better to not advertise certain plugins anyway. People don't file tickets to undo stuff all the time.
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    Also found a loophole that will be fixed in 0.2.
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    Thank you for this. Also looking forward to permissions in 0.2. :)

    EDIT: "/plugin list" is unaffected by this plugin. :/
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    Hi guys, I am completely new to all this so sorry if this is a silly questions. But how do I edit the config to make it hide certain plugins? I have placed the .jar file in the correct directory.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Could you add Permissions support, to only allow a select hand of people to use the hidden commands?
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    It's doesn't works for me.
    I have this config:
        hideversioncommand: true
        hiddenplugins: bigbrother,vanilla,ChopTree
        hideplugincommand: true
    But all unneeded commands are still in users' /help menu, such as /bb, /ChopTree and /vanilla. Or, stop, this plugin just disables these? If yes, is there any plugin to hide some entries in /help output?
    Got it, it's HelpPages.
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    Feature suggestion:

    The Permissions plugin has a section in every user/group definition called info. It would be cool if you would read your config vars from the info: section of the permissions plugin and allow plugins and commands to be hidden from different groups. For example, Default sees what looks like a vanilla server, other users can see whatever because they're trusted.
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    0.2 will come out soon.

    This will be handed by permission nodes. People with permissions can see the list and version. I'll see about the hiding plugins to specific groups though.

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    The 0.2 update is coming tomorrow if I don't run into any problems :)
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    THX, i love this plugin ;)
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    Yeah, now I can hide those plugins which are shown double or more in the plugin list, e.g. MinecartMania gots 5-6 entrys in the plugin list, now i can show only one. Like a cleanse of the list :D And, surely, removing BigBrother, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, VanishNoPickup and FakeMessage, so griefers and violents dont know whats going on when i ban them :D

    I love you :p
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    The hiddenplugins option doesn't work for me (build #928) if there are spaces after the commas in the pluginlist
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother, vanilla'
    but without spaces it works perfectly.
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother,vanilla'
    Thanks for such a great plugin!

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