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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    people can destroy the field block, but not the blocks around it
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    Doublecheck your version of bukkit.

    What do you mean?

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    Never mind, I was missing the "Breakable: false" Flag.
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    Dude... I'm sorry... you're right.
    I dropped the latest version of Bukkit in the wrong folder.
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    Does this protect your blocks inside the area ? and what does the 'Has an area of 11x11x11' mean ? although, really nice plugin!
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    I'm getting a in game command on my server invalid command or insufficient permissions and I'm the owner .. I would like help on what to do .?
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    I have a few bugs on my server with precious stones.

    For some reason on server restarts my precious stones stop protecting, all precious stones areas are destroyed.
    People are also able to place protective fields in other players zones (im not using the no-conflict flag)
    If you hit the floor with your fist it the message "Your field would touch no other field if placed here"
    Also the price tag doesn't take money from the iconomy but grants 500 upon picking stuff up.
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    What version are these bugs from specifically?
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    The lastest version.
    I fixed the Iconomy problem, it was caused by essentials conflicting.

    It seems that players were able to place protective zones in other players protective zones and then destroy all the items in that area. I have now managed to make it so players can't destroy other peoples fields this way, but for some reason players can still place a protective zone in a protective zone - this is making it so players can't build in that zone though.

    Also, I'm not sure why, but when people fist the floor it notifiys with the "Your field would touch no other field if placed here", this is quite annoying as in the past this only happened if you hit an area with a precious stone.
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    You need to have a pstone in hand to show that message. Maybe you have one configured as block type 0?
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    Nope I have one pstone with this setting:

    - title: Gold block protection
    block: 41
    radius: 10
    prevent-destroy: true
    rollback-explosions: true
    welcome-message: true
    farewell-message: true
    prevent-place: true
    snitch: true
    price: 500

    Any other ideas?

    Still having problems with players being able to place pstones in existing pstone areas

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    Protecting them is covered... it was the mob control around them. only OPs can build so not worried about protecting them.
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    Is there some sort of flag I should add to my pstone?

    I'm still getting this problem and I'm running pretty much the same setup that I had 2 weeks ago on my server when it was running 1.7.3, I've updated everything to 1.8 including pstones and now pstones isn't working as intended....

    Please reply! :confused:
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    :( I have this problem too,plugin is now unusable because of this issue...
    + server crashed once
    plugins that may be relevant: PermissionsBukkit ,HawkEye, Essentials
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    Looking into the issue.
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    I'm playing on aedgars server, however if a person places a goldblock in someone elses field the server crashes and rollbacks. Me and the admin stokkeren on the server can verify this.
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    I'm not sure if its this plugin causing it, but I need help finding the source.
    Message in chat "A creeper has been silenced"
    Creepers dont explode anymore. Did PreciousStones do this?
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    Actually, this was a bug, people can go into force field protections and break the actual ps stone.
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    I haven't noticed this behavior with PermissionsBukkit. If you are using a custom block did you accidentally set it to 'breakable: true' ?

    I am however, also experiencing the bug where a non-override permissions player can place pstones within existing fields, i.e. place a City Protection block inside of an existing City Protection.
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    Hey, I really like the look of this plugin, but I was just wondering if this is possible, and if so how can I do it?

    Basically, I want to use your plugin to have 2 types of town/city protection. The pstone needs to be able to be broken by anyone on the server, including rival clan members. I also need for chests/furnaces etc to be able to be placed in pstone fields, but not be protected by it. Are these possible, and how would I set up the config to let me do it?

    Thanks! :D
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    If you set your block to have "prevent-unprotectable: false" players should be able to place unprotectble blocks in the fields (such as chests/furnaces by default). Unprotectable blocks are defined at the top of the config file by their item ID. I think setting the block to "breakable: true" should let anyone break the block.
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    Thanks tonnes! :D
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    Running 6.2.2 getting similar/same issue
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    People can place ps stones inside someone else's region, and people can break the actual ps stone in someone else's region. Running 6.2.2.
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    can i use this for protect blocks?
    player place block and only player can remove.
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    Hay, Ive got same problem (post 1493) please check it and do upgrade. thx
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    Hello, I'm an admin on Aedgar's server.
    I've found when observing people place/remove gold blocks (this is the block we use for protection), that if they place a gold block to make a force field, then place another gold block nearby, so that the force fields connect to each other, then remove one of them, the server crashes most of the time.
    Just thought I'd contribute with that, incase it could be of help :)
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    hi were on 1185
    the latest build of ps 6.2.2.
    our config is
    - 39
    - 40
    - 51
    - 59
    unbreakable-blocks: []
    - 54
    - 58
    - 61
    - 62
    - 269
    - 270
    - 271
    - 273
    - 274
    - 275
    - 277
    - 278
    - 279
    - 284
    - 285
    - 286
    - 290
    - 291
    - 292
    - 293
    - 294
    -   title: Creature Repeller
        block: 89
        radius: 20
        prevent-mob-spawn: true
        no-conflict: true
        cuboid: true
    -   title: The Shocker
        block: 21
        radius: 0
        custom-height: 3
        lightning: true
        lightning-replace-block: 21
        breakable: true
        no-conflict: true
    -   title: Sky Cannon
        block: 42
        radius: 0
        custom-height: 3
        cannon: true
        no-conflict: true
    -   title: Launch Pad
        block: 45
        radius: 1
        launch: true
        no-conflict: true
    -   title: Air of Atlantis
        block: 91
        radius: 10
        custom-height: 128
        give-air: true
        no-conflict: true
        cuboid: true
    -   title: Proximity Snitch
        block: 47
        radius: 5
        snitch: true
        entry-alert: true
        no-conflict: true
    -   title: City Protection
        block: 57
        radius: 20
        custom-height: 15
        prevent-place: true
        prevent-destroy: true
        welcome-message: true
        farewell-message: true
        cuboid: true
        entry: false
        fire: true
        pvp: false
        place: false
        use: true
        destroy: false
        destroy-area: false
        unprotectable: true
        bypass-pvp: true
        bypass-delete: true
        bypass-place: false
        bypass-destroy: true
        bypass-unprotectable: true
        conflict-place: true
        place: true
        destroy: true
        bypass-pvp: true
        bypass-unprotectable: true
        bypass-destroy: true
        bypass-place: true
        entry: true
        fire: true
        pvp: true
        place: true
        use: true
        destroy: true
        destroy-area: true
        unprotectable: true
        instant-heal: true
        slow-heal: true
        slow-damage: true
        fast-damage: true
        give-air: true
        launch: true
        cannon: true
        mine: true
        slow-feeding: true
        slow-repair: true
        forester-trees: 60
        interval-seconds: 1
        - 2
        - 3
        - 13
        - 87
        trees: 60
        interval-seconds: 300
        - 8
        - 9
        - 10
        - 11
        - 92
        block-type: 20
        seconds: 30
        end-on-player-move: true
        admin-chunk-radius: 10
        mark-block-type: 20
        mark-chunk-radius: 10
        frame-block-type: 20
        spread-divisor: 130
        public-block-details: true
        allowed-can-break-pstones: true
        sneaking-bypasses-damage: true
        drop-on-delete: true
        disable-alerts-for-admins: true
        disable-bypass-alerts-for-admins: false
        off-by-default: true
        lines-per-page: 12
        inactivity-purge-days: 45
        blacklisted-worlds: []
        log-to-hawkeye: true
        debug-on: false
        frequency-seconds: 15
        max-records-per-snitch: 50
        player-inactivity-purge-days: 45
        snitch-unused-purge-days: 30
        enable: true
        username: CENSORED
        host: CENSORED
        password: CENSORED
        database: CENSORED
        visualization-blocktype: 20
        defining-blocktype: 49
    repairable-items: []
    now we /ps on
    then we shift left click with a diamond block....nothing happens over then to tell us the field will not intercept
    if we place it with right click it says field placed but any one can smash blocks place blocks and even smash it with no effect
    if we type /ps info it tells us the field and the radius is correct
    if we left click near it with another block (well with in range) or even if we hit the placed protection block, it tells us the field will not touch any other fields

    ummmm HELP?
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