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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Phaed, I've just now noticed that people can bypass all protections with the use of any of World Edit's commands (// super pickaxe, //replace, etc).

    Is there any way this can be changed, please?

    NM, adding to GitHub

    So there is no way to protect from World Edit other than not giving the permissions that you know of? Well fuck :(

    Thanks for the quick answer!

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    Not yet, looks like they are adding the events to worldedit soon.
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    I sure hope so. I really don't want to use/learn WorldGuard. Thank you for doing that research for me, Phaed.
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    i got this error . i am running bukkit 1060

    2011-08-27 09:18:12 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling PreciousStones v5.5.5 (Is it up to date?): null
            at java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableCollection.<init>(Collections.java:1010)
            at java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableList.<init>(Collections.java:1163)
            at java.util.Collections.unmodifiableList(Collections.java:1149)
            at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.managers.SettingsManager.getForceFieldBlocks(SettingsManager.java:791)
            at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.managers.SettingsManager.load(SettingsManager.java:216)
            at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.managers.SettingsManager.<init>(SettingsManager.java:118)
            at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.onEnable(PreciousStones.java:117)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:126)
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    That error shouldn't be there. Fixed that. But the reason for the error is because you have no defined any configured field blocks. Most likely you are just dropping in the jar to your plugins folder without the configuration file I have included in the zip file, which contains the default fields.


    Stop posting here. Post here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/preciousstones/
  7. Dev.bukkit is down for a day... not a good idea to dont keep this thread too...
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    Change log
    Version 6.1
    • Added: War functionality for SimpleClans Fixed: /ps clean erroring out on worlds without pstones
    Version 6.0.1
    • Added field flag rollback-explosions which can be used instead of prevent-explosions. This one will actually allow the explosion to happen, and then it will roll back the grief 1 server tick later, almost instantly. Allowing for any and all explosions to harm players,mobs, and animals.
    Version 6.0
    • Optimized the way nearby blocks are retrieved
    • Added caching for the lookup of fields around a chunk, now the initial lookup is done once per chunk and the subsequent times retrieved from cache.
    • Added caching of source fields found on each block, now the lookup to see which fields a block is in, will be done once and then cached for all other lookups from the same block.
    • Fixed: aiming at a field would sometimes tell you there was no field there
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    ummm what happened to preciousstones thread?????
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    lol yay even the mighty plugin creators make mistakes ! :)
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    So, was looking at this plugin, and was wondering if a feature could be added, for me I would make a Creature repeller into a powered rail, so that no creatures would end up on the rails and cause issues with my subway system... but there is miles and miles of tracks with subway tubes already in place, and it spans a map that is 5120 blocks square.

    So the question, is there a way that I could make the powered rails be a clone of the creature repeller, but make it so it would work on any powered rails that have already been placed as well.., like maybe a sub feature that can be turned on or something.
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    That is a good point like some method of converting preplaced blocks to ps blocks.
    It's easy to make the rail block a creature repeller in the config but that would suck to have to go back and individualy replace the entire track.
    If you didn't mind widening the repell radius you could set your power source for the track to a repeller block...if it's a solid power rail track jusr replace 1 torch on each stretch of track making a redstone torch a creature repeler. I think that would be about a 10x10 custom height of maybe 5. Still a lot of work but you wouldn't have to take the time to dig up the rails. or if you power them with detectors just use those.
    at any rate, good luck with that. it's a good idea.
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    well... I would do that, but that is still hours of running to do that. Here is an example of how large the maps is below, each box with a number on it, is a station in the center of a map, the n-s and e-w lines from to and from station numbers, and each of those tubes are just shy of 1,000 blocks long.

    25 stations, 40 tubes
    [​IMG] (don't mind the colors, still working on the yellow ones, and the red numbers need stations still on the surface)
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    You have a 5k x 5k square grid full of rail? F that. PHAED FIX HIS PROBLEM lol
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    Yea, it is for my creative map... so people dont build ontop of one another, here is the link to see yourself:

    Zoom in a couple ticks on the cave map and you will see a blue grid of tubes for the metro, and you are welcome to come see: Sneaky.minecraft.ms (still on 1.7, waiting on all the plugins to update)
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    they way PS works, it would require way too much performance. You would be better off to find a plugin that repels creatures off the tracks. Or even better away from moving minecarts.

    If it's a creative map, why not just disable monster spawns altogether? Just create a arena with a monster spawning plugin. Whitelist the area's where monsters can spawn.
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    Yea, trying to work with a friend that knows java to make one for just the tracks, just thought it might be a nice feature for a plugin like this as it is an all around plugin, being able to make safe tracks would be nice, and it would only have to work on loaded chunks.

    As far as disabling monsters, tried that, and well... you cant make a monster farming machine if there are no monsters to feed it, the creativity is not limited to harmless buildings, we have plans for other "hazardous" structures, besides, when you are bored and nothing comes to mind to work on, it is nice to go hunting without needing to restart the server.

    If it cant be done, then so be it, but if it can be done, it would be awesome.
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    remove monster value would be awesome.
    Adding a custom box description to a field would be as well

    for instance:
    - RemoveMobs
    - Width = 3 //optionally instead of radius
    - Height = 3 //already there
    - Distance = 1000

    Which coulfd be oriented at placement, being the direction the player is looking at, rounded to 90 degree angles (north, west, south, east)

    This would require minimal fields in the database, still be able to protect HUGE lanes

    Alternative would be a wide but not high field that just deletes any mobs:
    radius 3000, height 3, noMobs
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    Is there yet a way to limit the # of Glow of Life fields a player can benefit from at once? My players are making "immortality rooms" in dungeons and I don't really want to limit them down to just a few block placements to correct that.

    I'm also have some issues with phantom pstones. Twice this week on 6.1/1060, I had a player unable to place blocks due to another player's protection stone, and when I showed up and removed it the normal way with a pickaxe, they still couldn't place (same error). /ps clean yielded no results, and it only worked after a server restart. I don't know if the stones in memory are somehow not getting updated in certain cases.

    Also, GJ on getting this updated so quickly :)
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    Hm, if you use minecartmania you can set it in a way that any mob on rails is sort of ignored by carts, meaning they get moved away when a cart passes and you dont get slowed down.
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    I have been noticing the same issue over the last couple of days.
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    Any chance we will be able to prevent endermen destruction inside protection fields?
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    When I delete a protected field, I don't get the block back and it seams to still be protected even If I remove the block.
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    These problems will be gone on next release.
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    Um iconomy 6 support? I was trying it out today and got errors from this plugin saying something about iConomy 4 ??? I am using 6 though. I do not have the error since restarts delete logs. ;(
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    iConomy 6 support is coming next version.
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    As a temporary and usefull workaround, could you add a Mob-Removal field as well (requested the feature on the issues list as well). Not just shoo them away, just delete the mob altogether.

    Suggested fieldtypes:
    remove-mobs : Removes any hostile entities within the field whenever spiders, skeletons, endermen etc
    remove-animals : pigs, cows etc

    I believe this would fix multiple issues I have been having with
    prevent-mob-damage - Which currently prevents mobs from taking damage inside the force field, instead of the players being immortal vs mobs as it was originally
    (bug report filed, config included in the report)

    Instant Mob / animal removal would also prevent players from farming by abusing any city protection.
    It would also force players to actually go out and hunt away from their safe areas.

    Ok got into the code of PS and bukkit, and found ENTITY_TARGET
    which might be a viable event for PS to listen to.

    It could be used to remove any hostile mob that targets a player inside the protected field.

    Removing the damage protection from a city protection, leaving in the anti-spawn, being relatively safe, but still need to run inside from mobs might actually be more awesome!

    As I expect that the living entity (mobs) won't need to retarget oftenly

    Yay, it's working quite nicely.
    I'll add my code to github for review.

    Also found the reason for prevent-mob-damage bug:
    - On damage checks if variable victim is human, then blocks PvP damage
    - if victim is not human block damage (which would be monsters)

    This seems like the wrong implementation, or at least requires a reversed variant as well.
    As that is the one I used to have ;-)

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    can i doe so my players can set a diamondblok to protect:eek: any there wonna help plzzz
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