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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    my post vanished lol,

    does 1.3.1 fix the "BLOCK_FIRE" thing (see last page) our admin doesnt like to see errors on his console lol!

    and going from 1.3 to 1.3.1 do we have to update the config? we quite like how we have it set up
    i second m1sT3rM4n (dispite his numbers for letters!) its a great plugin we all love it (except aforementioned admin that keeps mumbling about console errors)
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    It will fix that bug. Also the only line in the config you would have to change is the first one.

    rename "Public-allowed-list" to "public-block-details"
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    cool thank you
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    1.3.1 and CB 132, non-allowed users can place blocks inside a protected zone but not break them.
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    ^ That's a feature you need to configure in configure .yml
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 11:02 PM ---
    Some players are reporting that even after being allowed to build and destroy in a forcefield area, they still can't.
    --- merged: Jan 23, 2011 11:23 PM ---
    Also, players have reported problems where a removed forcefield block still protects the area...
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    Looking into these
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    Thanks, will be campin for an answer ;)
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    Awesome plugin! Cheers for that!

    Also nice informations about the plugin. Quite easy to read and understand, but I noticed that "/pstone removeall [player]" isn't in the list. Meaning it doesn't work like the opposite "allowall"?
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    Got a point there. I'll add it dor next release.
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    Did you ever find the issues I raised?
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    Awesome plugin! A huge game changer, as far as I'm concerned. Would there be any way to set the protection down to bedrock level and up to skybox?
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    CraftBukkit 131
    PreciousStones 1.3.1

    When someone places a diamond block, right clicking on it does nothing. It doesn't give any information at all.

    I have myself in the bypass-players section. I can break a diamond block placed by someone else, but I cannot break any blocks within the protected area.
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    i'm curious what would happen if my protection block was something like a pumpkin? would that mean all naturally occurring pumpkins then are protected? i'm not trying to be difficult i'm just trying to get creative with players who don't want to use /i and trying to avoid using building materials.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 10:31 AM ---
    and i'm noticing that after changing the protection stones to a different value my server still reports the same number as before the change. what exactly does that mean? that the old blocks still count until removed? that's a nice feature for sure. or that my changes haven't come into effect?
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    The blocks have to be placed by a player in order to become protected.

    If you change the config after stones have already been placed, right now there isnt any type of check that will delete the old ones. The old ones stay but their protection will be broken. You will have to delete the save files to start clean or revert back to your old config.
    --- merged: Jan 24, 2011 5:12 PM ---
    Looking into this

    Bypass right now only lets u break other's blocks for morderation purposes. Ill add this type of bypass as well.
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    I love this plugin, it's just so simple and so much easier than worldguard, etc.

    I'm using the latest version on build #135 and i'm finding that If i protect an area, players can't destroy blocks, which is good, but they can spawn blocks, which they then can't destroy.

    Even in my config.yml file i have 'prevent place- true'. I'm using the default config.yml settings, with diamond.

    Is there something i'm missing, or is this an error that needs fixing?

    Cheers (=

    Also, is there any way to only allow certain people to use the placement of protection blocks. Like, if a 'unlisted' player puts a block down, it won't have any protection, unless they are on the list, etc.
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    Ah, ok. Yeah, this definitely needs to be in there, because right now, a player could just surround his protection block with cobblestone on all 6 sides, and now an admin can't remove the block.

    Once the little kinks are worked out, I am definitely going to use this plugin on my normal server. I really like the idea of paying 9 diamonds to have a protected area, and I like having fences as unbreakable.
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    New bug:

    Sometimes protection blocks can't be placed in certain spots, even though there are no other protection blocks near it. Thanks!
    --- merged: Jan 26, 2011 8:01 AM ---
    Link's dead.
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    Yep, took it down to add a couple more features before release. Its back up now
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    Cool. I just put it in the server and reloaded the plugins in the game. But it doesn't notify me that I have heal on and PVP off.... Do I have to restart the server?
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    Reloading should read the new settings. What do you mean by its not notifying you. Like when you hit somebody it doesnt notify you that pvp is off?
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    I hit the radiation block and it only shows protection types :)
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    Do you have a screenshot or console error or some more details so I can debug?
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    The information it's showing me when I right click on a protection block is the same information that you have in the screenshot in the first post. It doesn't show messages for PvP on/off or whether there's healing processes taking effect.
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    Bump for being one of the best protection plug-ins ever made
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    I noticed some Java errors this morning before I left for work, so I will get a SS of it later tonight and show you.

    Other bugs:

    1. Some blocks still can't be placed at random locations even though the blocks are unprotected (perhaps not enough space for the protection forcefield to work?)

    Also feature requests:

    1. Have admins be able to override protection and destroy blocks in a protected area (Permission plugin support?)

    2. Show whether a block's owned/protected by anyone when you right click on any block.
    --- merged: Jan 27, 2011 9:06 PM ---
    Another bug:

    Sometimes if I delete the protection block with world edit's super pick axe the entire area turns into a dead zone (aka I can't put down any protection blocks, but can destroy them)
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    PreciousStones is awesome! Self-serve area protection = win :)

    We've had a bit of trouble with lava and have had to disable it entirely. Is it possible to prevent non-owner/member lava spread through a protected area? There have been instances of people pouring lava just outside the vertical bounds of a protected area - which is solvable by expanding the bounds to the sky, but not ideal for shared buildings with individual rooms.
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    Thanks :D. Gonna see if its possible, if it is ill add it.
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    This is the most epic plugin I've seen in a while, fantastic work!!!

    I want to use only this instead of Towny and I have a feature request that I think will make it easier to claim and understand whats going on. Could you add an option so that you can turn on a notification whenever you enter or leave a protected area and allow people to set global and/or local 'nicknames' ie: town names for their owned regions. I could be similar to allow vs allowall if you want custom names for different owned regions or a single name for all of them. It could list the nickname and the player who owns it.

    Example: "You have entered Doomstalt (kovk)."

    It could either be a command like /ps allow or even something like putting a sign with the name on top of the protect block or something

    Love this, thanks so much!
  30. Download broken :p.
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    Yep I know, realized pvp is still messed up so i brought the link down til i can fix it later toda. Didn't want to undo all the editing to the main post so thats why it says 1.4.1. Soon ill upload that. Just know the pvp property is broken in 1.4
    --- merged: Jan 28, 2011 10:00 PM ---
    Thanks ! :D I'll put this on the todo list to implement on a leter version soon :)
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