Inactive [SEC] LavaPlace v0.1 - Tells you when somebody places TNT, Bedrock, and Lava! [1337]

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    Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been trying to get features all out all week but they have failed! I will try to get an update out A.S.A.P.

    NOTE: This is my first plugin, so of course it is not the greatest, but give me suggestions so I can make it better!

    LavaPlace - The perfect solution to griefers and hackers
    Version: v0.1

    This is one of the most simplest plugins out there. All you have to do is drag the LavaPlace.jar file into your plugins folder. Then reload your server. Test it out by placing lava. A red message should show up saying you placed Lava. Here's a picture:


    Download LavaPlace 0.1
    Source code

    Version 0.1:
    • First release.
    TODO List:

    Add permissions support - medium priority
    Add more blocks - low priority
    Adding fire - high priority
    Maybe create a config file? - low priority

    Credits to:

    Big thanks to Bone008 for helping me do the lava part.

    And thanks to Tate (who doesn't have a bukkit account) for fixing the bedrock part.

    And me for doing everything else =D
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    Sorry for the late reply. It should work with bucket water, but not still water. I have recently gotten motivation to finally update this, so I might add that, since it is relatively easy, and the coordinates too is not so hard.
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    Hello the owner of the lava plugin ummm....... Can u please tell me why the ichat thing does not say my name as the owner on my server where do i type my name to say that im owner???? Please tell me because people are saying who is owner and i said i am.Then they said i need a plugin that tells ur a owner and tell me where to write my name in the config file so it knows im owner i dont know what to type pllzzzzzzzz give me a copy of urs so then its easier!....
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    Just me or does it not load up when u start server?
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    It is very outdated... Sorry, but I do not support this plugin anymore.

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