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    GriefAlertr reports and logs when certain blocks are destroyed, interacted with or used. To do this it takes a list of what to monitor (config.txt) and then decides if it should log the action, alert the user and/or moderator, or stop the action from happening in the first place. It also features a grief stick to remove hard to break blocks such as obsidian. It is highly customizable and configurable with a multitude of different options such as color coded messages, custom alerts, five different checking hooks, and permissions to restrict or allow access to its different functionalities.

    Features (open)
    • - Low memory footprint
    • - Supports both Group Manager and Permissions
    • - Item restriction based on any customizable actions such as placement, breaking, use, etc.
    • - Logging with both flat-files and native MySQL support
      • External text file logging, log files will be automatically generated and cataloged by date to improve their organization.
      • MySQL logging, all the features of text file logging but with MySQL support for both local and remote databases.
    • - In-game alerts
      • - Configurable moderator and user in-game alerts with customizable colors.
      • - Can be activated on stealth mode so no alerts are shown.
    • - Does not spam up chat. (Only 1 report per block user at a time)
    • - Set users or groups to not trigger GriefAlerts (such as staff, or even VIP)

    Installation (open)

    Copy all the files over to your plugins folder. Then configure the config.txt located inside the GriefAlertR folder. The log file will be automatically generated once the plugin is loaded.You will need to setup permissions before this plugin works, you either need Group Manager plugin(get it here) or Permissions plugin(get it here).

    The permissions nodes are:
    • griefalertr.view [Shows the alerts to players with this permission.]
    • griefalertr.ignore [Players with this permission won't trigger alerts.]
    • griefalertr.use [Players with this permission will be able to use restricted items.]
    • griefalertr.stick [Players with this will be able to use the /gastick command.]
    • /gastick
      • - Requires the griefalertr.stick permission.
      • - Enables and disables a grief stick remover which removes any and all clicked blocks in one fell swoop.
        • - Useful for removing Obsidian and other hard to remove items.

    Download (open)

    Notes (open)
    • I would appreciate if you posted any feedback you have such as constructive criticism, requested features, etc so I can better my plugin, and your experience using it.
    • OnPlace covers all blocks
    • OnDestory covers all blocks
    • onRightClick covers all blocks
    • OnUse covers items such as:
        1. 325 = Bucket (Empty)
        1. 327 = Lava Bucket
        2. 259 = Lighter
        3. 261 = Bow (See wiki for all weapons)
        4. 319 = Pork
        5. 320 = Cooked Porkchop
        6. 321 = Painting
        7. 324 = Wooden Door

    Changelog (open)
    • - Version .8
      • Numerous bug fixes, updated for build 1000.
    • - Version .761:
      • - Due to unexpected item behavior, item use has been changed to the location of the player. This only applies to item use, everything else is still based on the location of the block.
    • - Version .76:
      • - Location is now based on the position of the block as opposed to the position of the player.
      • - Some minor bug fixes.
    • - Version .75:
      • - Fixed gastick for the permissions plugin.
      • - Numerous performance enhancements. On a related note multithreading is coming in next update which will allow in-game alerts and logging to work independently of each other.
      • - Laid additional groundwork for gacheck. This is also coming in the next update.
    • - Version .71:
      • - Fixed the view permissions bug in which all players see the actions of a person with the .view permission.
    • - Version .7:
      • - Added /gastick support. (See commands section for further information).
      • - Added basic multiworld logging support, multiword configuration support is coming in next update.
      • - Fixed bucket events due to Bukkit changes.
      • - Fixed logging errors some people experienced and other minor bug fixes.
    • - Version .6:
      • - Fixed compatibility with latest Bukkit build 600 series.
      • - Laid groundwork for /gacheck, and removal stick. These are coming in the next update.
    • - Version .5:
      • - Location based anti-spam.
      • - Structural code changes, and optimizations to facilitate the ease of adding additional features.
    • - Version .4:
      • - Perfected the anti-spam feature. This is a strongly recommended update.
    • - Version .3:
      • - Added MySQL support, please read the readme.txt for instructions.
    • - Version 0.25:
      • - Added support for latest Group Manager, you are required to update Group Manager(here).
      • - Also added support for the latest Permissions based on popular demand, you can get Permissions(here).
      • - Next version of GriefAlertR will have native MySQL support.
    • - Version 0.2:
      • - Added restrict permission to restrict the use of specified items according to a configured action.
      • - Improved and made a smarter anti-spam filter, there will be no longer any spam of chat and log entries.
    • - Version 0.1:
      • - Numerous performance and code improvements over the old GriefAlertR. I also cleaned up the code and made it more in line with OOP design. First version released by me.

    History (open)
    GriefAlert was a fantastic plugin originally created by Relliktsohg, however after a while he abandoned the project(hMod topic). A fellow Bukkit developer, djdclarke(Bukkit topic), picked up the project soon after and improved on its design. Now Development has been passed to me by djdclarke and this legendary plugin is in my hands. I have vastly improved on both Relliktsohg and djdclarke's code and with the help of darknesschaos made this plugin. None of this would have been possible without any of their contributions!
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    Great plugin, great improvements - we'll be using it on AGMC. Thanks a lot for your hard work :)
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    No problem bro, thanks for your hard work without you this wouldn't be possible.

    I will be adding removal of blocks soon.
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    looks nice
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    Thanks man, it wouldn't have been possible without your help. You taught me correct package structure :) .
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    haha, no problemo
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    Moo Master

    config still confuses me :(

    So if i wanted to track glass i'd do

    {20,Glass,OnBreak,0(for alerting player),1(for message),1(so mods don't get tracked),b(for color)}

    Is that the right way without the stuff in the parenthesees.

    But doesn't the mods not getting tracked thing stop with greifalertr.ignore?
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    I am currently revamping my configuration because it is so confusing, for the time being, please let me explain better.

    You are missing the block color for the parenthesis right now, you only have user color selected. This will cause your clients to crash.

    Regarding the moderator issue, the griefalertr.ignore(make sure you spell it right!) is simply to designate which players should not be tracked. You have to turn on or off people being exempted per each block. That way it is much more configurable, as each block can be set up in different ways.

    {20,Glass,OnBreak,0,1,1,b,(need another color here)}

    Please feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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    Moo Master

    ohhhh, that makes sense now. Thanks!
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    No problem, please feel free to ask any more questions.
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    Moo Master

    Oh, i will....

    But this made my day knowing that i can actually run my server with a plugin :p
    --- merged: Mar 1, 2011 2:57 AM ---
    Ok, i got a question, is the second 0 (20,Glass,0(warn player),0(This one) act like stealth mode?

    Like greifalertr normally?
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    Yes, having, {20,Glass,0,0,0,color,color}, will make it act like in stealth code.
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    Moo Master

    Ohhhh, confusing but its starting to make sense. and does it ignore # signs?
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    Yes, the # signs are used to denote comments.
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    Moo Master

    aah, it might make grouping different things such as ores and glass and minecarts. Still once again Thank you for porting.
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    No problem, I am working on a much enhanced version, which will stop the repeated spam of comments, and also feature a new configuration with more capabilities.
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    Moo Master

    xD Thats great, and if ya want i don't have school today and my teamspeak will be extremely empty so i might write you an idiots guide to this...
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    why did you stop developing it @djdclarke ?
    if i may ask ^^
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    Updated, new item restriction based on any action, much better and smarter anti-spam feature, and new and simpler configuration file.

    Check it out!
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    @ShaDooM because I thought Gandalfs was an improvement over mine - no point wasting time on two versions of the same script being in creation at the same time! I am working on future plugins :)
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    Is there plans for MySQL support like GriefAlert originally had?

    How do i actually make it log lighters as well (confused about the name, lighter/flintandsteel)? Config sample for lighter onuse would be much appreciated!
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    MySQL support is planned in the next version(ETA this weekend if there are no problems), also regarding your request, here is a config, change the options as you want.

    Please feel free to ask any more questions.

            id: '259'
            name: 'Flint and Steel'
            action: 'onUse'
            restricted: 'false'
            user-message: 'true'
            mod-message: 'true'
            mod-exemption: 'false'
            user-color: 'b'
            block-color: 'c'
    Thanks for being so classy man!
    --- merged: Mar 3, 2011 3:16 AM ---
    We are now moved to the plugin release forum, yeah :) !
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    Nice plugin - however cant seem to get it working on my server - get's the following error:

    20:25:31 [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_PLACED to GriefAlertR
    at gandalf.GriefAlertR.GriefAlertRBlockListener.doWork(GriefAlertRBlockListener.
    at gandalf.GriefAlertR.GriefAlertRBlockListener.onBlockPlace(GriefAlertRBlockLis
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemStack.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet15Place.a(SourceFile:57)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(SourceFile:230)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Craftbukkit 440

    this is my config.txt (default)

    id: '46'
    name: 'TNT'
    action: 'onPlace'
    restricted: 'true'
    user-message: 'true'
    mod-message: 'true'
    mod-exemption: 'false'
    user-color: 'b'
    block-color: 'c'

    I can use TNT it logs it but tnt is place able and explodable. What am i doing wrong?

    @Avenger are you using permissions 2.5 I got the same error untill i switched to groupmanager. But I have no idea what the problem acctualy was
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    [GriefAlertR] is unloaded

    ???why?? i am using #493
    even trying to enable it in game wont work...
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    You need group manager Xin Tiger and Avenger.

    As to everyone else I will do some extended testing today with different builds and see what is going on, sorry for the inconvenience. This will all be fixed by the end of today.
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    could u make it to work with permissions also then? I like this plugin a lot the time i was using Hmod...
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    I'm a Permissions user as well and I'd like to use this plugin.
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    Updated for both Group Manager and Permissions....

    For all people who have Group Manager you will have to update to the latest build of Group Manager !

    For people who have Permissions, happy to help you out :) !

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