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    I'm having problems with chat.

    <font color="#000000">Whenever I have like +15 Members online the Faction chats start to mess up and like factions can see other factions chats.</font>

    <font color="#000000">My perms: </font>http://pastebin.com/82UkdDUf<font color="#000000"> [</font>^<font color="#000000">]</font>

    <font color="#000000">My HeroChat Config is default, I've changed nothing.</font>

    <font color="#000000">Picture : </font><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    <font color="#000000">all of the people in the faction chat are from different factions.</font>

    <font color="#000000">Here is my hero chat report.</font>

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    I need some help- I cannot get enemies/allies/neutral to open chests in other factions territories, as well as being able to change the commands blocked when in enemy territory. I've done so many things all day today- if anyone can add me on skype and help me out that'd be so wonderful, or just reply here. My skype is XxFakeDavidxX
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    Im the leader of a faction on my friends server. Im trying to set to where new players in the faction cannot open doors. I have set the faction perm "door" to NOO for Rec. But still, recruits can open doors, so whats my issue.

    BTW im using the latest version and the area is claimed

    Also, is there a command that I can use to promote a recruit to a member without doing /promote? I want the players to be able to use a pressure plate to be promoted, but no be able to use it multiple times to become an officer
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    Using this 100% legit!
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    Okay Hi guys i have some issue on my friend's server currently its a Bending and Faction server but currently it seems like theres a conflict between Bending and faction? Is there a way to fix it ? Because players are Spammed with ' (faction name) you are not allowed to edit this terrain .You can bypass by using ./f admin ' And they got kicked out of the server because of overload or something. When they using bending abilities in other people's claim. I really wish that i can have 2 Plugins to stay on the server . Its really good .

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    So i had my server set up so that enemies could break blocks for a cost of health. but when the players where offline their blocks where protected, but now with the update that is no longer possible,i can not even find the permission line for it. where did it go?
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    Ok I was switching from Towny to Factions on my server but I'm having a problem.. I'm using the newest release of factions on bukkit dev but when I try to make my faction peaceful using /f peaceful it says "Strange Argument "peaceful" . Use the command like this /f. And when I try to set it as safe zone it says the same thing. It's annoying the hell out of me and I'm ready to throw the plugin in the garbage. So please help me!
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    Figured I'd toss this up here, since I was having the same issue. The permission node you want to set is factions.seechunk.
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    I'm curious. Is there any way to set permissions based on what faction someone is in? (Or am I perhaps asking in the wrong place?)

    Player is in Faction A so they get access to (pluginA).
    Player leaves Faction A, loses access to that permission, instead joins Faction B.
    Player who is now in Faction B gets access to (pluginB)

    If this is not doable with factions or PermissionsEx, can someone point me in the direction of an alternative(s)?
  10. Is there a way to set which item, you can place on enemy claim land? I know it was able in a later version, but i can't find it in the config anymore? Need some help plz:)
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    I was wondering if there was a way to limit which chunks players can claim. For example, if I wanted to only allow certain regions of the map to be claimable. Is there a way to do this with factions? If not, I'd be extremely appreciative if anyone knows a good way of doing this. Only way I can figure to do this would be to use the worldguard protection config option in factions, and make extremely large regions to prevent claims. I'm hoping there is a better way. Thanks!
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    Mike Primm

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    Same thing has happened to me when updating from 1.8 to 2.0, I have lost everything, I have the migrated files but don't know how to use these to restore everything. I am using PermissionsEX.

    I need help ASAP to fix my factions. Even the chat is broke. It just shows the faction_recolor etc instead of the actual faction information.

    Thanks if I receive any help.

    EDIT: this appears to be a new error and not related to the quoted post. I have since manually migrated the database for it to work and now I am left with a mind boggling problem: the chat tags do not work. I am using EssentialsChat and it was working on Faction 1.8.2. Don't think I'll ever update my factions again if databases are going to be moving left right and center.
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    I was wondering if there was a way to allow enemies to break blocks during war?
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    I had same problem and I downloaded latest dev version of Essentials, and that fixed the problem.
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    why is the factions page down?
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    last update i got broke factions from loading at all, i waited about a week & now factions on bukkit is MIA!? im starting to get scard T.T
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    Can anyone drop me a link to the latest factions plugin?
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    Guys, my config file has little in it. Just some dburi thing. Anyway to get the regular config file? Also how do i get /f show or /f who command? I have made numerous posts on forums about this and have never gotten a reply. Just 1 reply will put a smile on my face.
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    Hey guys, I placed the factions and mcore plugin jar in the plugins folder, and the factions folder nor config creates. There are no conflicting plugins (I tested), and I am using the latest version. Any ideas?
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    Im using essentials chat using format: '&6[&r{factions_roleprefix}{factions_nameforce}&6]&r&f{DISPLAYNAME}&6: &4{MESSAGE}'

    Players who are not in a faction are in the [Wilderness] Faction, could i get some help here?


    It is now /f faction instead of /f who

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    Is there any way to translate Factions? I want to translate this plugin to Russian locale. What should i do?
    Recompile source changing messages? Bad way. I need the right one. :)
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    I personally use Factions v1.6.9.4, because I kind of hate what Factions has become.
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    Same problem for me. HELP.
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    Ive decided to downgrade to factions 1.8.2 . You can get it here
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    Good evening,

    I have a small problem with the plugin faction when players add a capital letter or forget to put it one has their pen name of recording it indicates the message:
    Kicked whitelist connecting DreamWorld: Invalid uppercase and lowercase letters in name. Please spell this game like " Lunetx13 "
    I know that I has to modify some things in the file(case) .jar but what and could you supply him(it) to me with all the modfications?
    Thanks to you
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    Hi, look i like the whole idea of factions, but i have a problem, when i stop the server, upload mcore, and factions,
    in the plugins folder, then turn on the server reload it, look in plugins folder and still nothing there, no factions or mcore.....
    i've looked at like 10 minecraft video's none help me,
    so can you?
  29. The configs for these plugins is what your asking for I guess?

    They are found in the folder "mcore" found in the root of the server, not in the plugins folder.
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    Hey there, everyone.
    I want to use Factions for a server about war and competetive cooperation. For this purpose I would like to utilize the Painbuild-feature and read about it in older posts of this thread. A lot of things have changed since then, so now I would like to know if it's still possible to activate Painbuild only for factions at war and only when someone of both factions is online?
    Also, what is the difference between "CONQUER" and "PILLAGE" in the config?

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