[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Try this. Find a player who is not in a faction, then use:
    /f peaceful ThatPlayerName

    You should get a message indicating that peaceful status was removed from Wilderness if it did indeed have peaceful status. Presumably peaceful status was added to Wilderness in the same way by you or somebody else who has access to that admin-level command.
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    does this works whit chestshop ?
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    I love factions but I have 1 problem, my config looks like this
    "warZoneBlockCreepers": true,
    and creepers still spawn in warzones, whats going on? I reloaded and restarted my server to see if that would work.
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    When will factions be updated to the newest bukkit version ?
  5. How can we translate this pluggin ?
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    A great plugin. People seem to love it on my server =]
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    How do I disable enderpearls in safezone/warzone but I allow them in wilderness and faction territories?
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    Thanks! That just fixed my problem! I use Factions on a modded server and it always gave an error on startup, and nothing worked. This version is working properly, thanks!

    Is there a list of plugins that has Factions support somewhere?

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    I added the factions but then the people who made the faction there prefix doesn't show up
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    I want my server with factions just for land protection, is there a way I can disable faction raiding D:...
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    Sorry if this is in a wrong place but where does factions wars save to?

    I cant seem to find it, and yes i looked in the factions folder but that doesnt look like the saves, also when i removed that and then replaced it with a back up, It lost the factions.?

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    I miss a cruxial feature:

    Whenever a player logs in, if someone has unclaimed 1 or more of that players private/faction chunks, that player should get a message saying : [Player] has unclaimed some of your land.

    Would it be possible to add this?

    Maybe just a Report Archieve - that stores claims and unclaims - say x number of claims/unclaims back. Including who claimed or unclaimed that chunk...
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    รจ possibile mettere due admin in fazione? oppure esiste un comando per settare gli owner anche da moderatore? grazie
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    Does Factions support EssentialsChat for the
    /f chat
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    Dude.. This "config" is just a complete mess. Please at least tidy it up a bit! It has no "pages" and is just full of coding. No examples, no pages, nothing. Looks REALLY bad. Only thing i find is JSON files, all i want is a config file.
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    How do I remove the faction name title from a players name in chat?
    For example:
    "**FactionName Bob"
    I want to remove the "**FactionName"
  18. IS There Any Way To Make A Faction Color Red Or Somethink For Exemple:
    A Normal Faction Have Green Name But Community Faction For All Players Should Have Color Red Is It Possible. I want make some factions color another color.
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    Dude.. This "config" is just a complete mess. Please at least tidy it up a bit! It has no "pages" and is just full of coding. No examples, no pages, nothing. Looks REALLY bad. Only thing i find is JSON files, all i want is a config file.
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    Is it possible allow Factions only in a particular world? If i have MultiVerse with 2 different worlds, can I set Factions just for one?
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    There is a certain linked hash set in the Conf class:
    public static Set<String> playersWhoBypassAllProtection = new LinkedHashSet();
    Curiously, upon running a full search of the plugin, I found a couple reference lines, but the search did not return any lines that insert values into that set. Could someone shed some light on how values are inserted into it?
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    People are using fire charges to set my protected safezones on fire?
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    Um I have this plugin but the Faction title wont appear why is this is it only because it's out of date plz help me
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    OMG. claiming safezones and warzones is VERY frustrating. i want to have a specific border between my safezone and a warzone which then leads out to wilderness. however, when i claim it seems to claim an 18X18 square and i claim in some corner of it. its impossible to have the border where i want it.

    any help??? if that didnt make any sense ask me and i will rephrase.
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    I thought of a command called /f merge (Faction name) it would work like this:
    Merge means "Get together in a way" so I thought of it because it would upgrade all our factions if we use it, for example if Joey did /f merge Siris then he wouldn't be the owner anymore, his whole faction would be transferred to Siris and I would still be the owner because I am the owner of Siris, now we wouldn't want to go merging everyone and raiding so the Player would have to type /f merge accept to accept it, could you add this? Give me feedback please :) [diamond]
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    Quick Question/Idea:
    I don't think it currently exists so this is more of a suggestion rather than a question. Might there be a way to implement a /f home specifically designed for allies of a faction. So when starting a faction you would designate a /f sethome for members of your faction to spawn to and then maybe a command like /f sethome ally for any current allies to spawn to. And for an ally to spawn there, the command might be /f home ally [faction]. Most factions on my servers tend to pop up very far apart from eachother and this would make travel between factions much quicker and easier. Anywho.. just an idea.. Thanks for listening! Ciao!
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    When i make a faction it don't appears, i have essentials, essentialschat, essentialsprotect and essentialsspawn. I added in my config in essentials the shout in a radius 1. So when i also shout the faction name appears rarely.

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    Hey i was wondering if you could claim Warzone/Safezone with Worldguard or any cind of marking tool:)

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    How to create non-claim teren near spawn ?
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    where i can found Factions Api list (or package name.. ), so i can hoon into it with my Auth Plugin?

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