[SEC/FIX/MECH] Locker v1.6.0 - Lock your blocks [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    Locker - Lock your blocks
    Version: 1.6.0 - Download
    Source: Github

    Tired of getting your stuff snatched by other players?
    Tired of hiding your chests to prevent that?
    Then this plugin if for you.
    There is simply no way to view a locked chest if it is locked (If the player isnt allowed to).
    The player isnt even able to place a chest beside a locked chest (If the player isnt owner) to make it a doublechest.
    If a player unlocks a block with a password, it will be unlocked for that player until he logs out.

    Locker is exremely fail-proof. If you locked a block it will be safe. No exceptions.
    It keeps track of every locked block, making it impossible to have an invalid locked block in the database.
    If you suspect that any blocks are invalid, against all odds, there is "/locker validate".
    A player cannot destroy the block under a door if he/she doesnt own the door.
    A player cannot place a chest beside a locked chest if he/she doesnt own the chest.
    An explosion cannot destroy a locked block.
    A block is unlocked if it gets destroyed by its owner.
    A chest is locked if its placed beside another locked chest that the player owns.
    A door cannot be opened by redstone and a dispenser cannot be dispensed by redstone(if its not the owner placing it).
    A door cannot be locked on gravel or sand.

    Remember that a door and a doublechest count as two blocks!


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    any chance on lockable fence gates ?
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    Nope, but I will. I didnt have much time for plugin developing since I also have to study and such. xD
    Excpect a big update soon. :)

    Nice idea, Ill add it! :D
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    Could you add a notification that tells us if its locked or not?
    Could you also add a feature to toggle the underblock protection feature?
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    While we at it .. can we have an option to charge players (Register / iConomy / etc) a specific amount of money for locking something? (Similar to LWC mod). :)
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    Could you please add Rail protection? Or add a config option that allows us to add items that we wish to protect.

    Ok... this might be a doosy... how about some sort of of "daisy-chain" protection? So, lets say you did add rail protection... then a player could protect a single rail and any rail connected thereafter will inherit the protection from the protected rail.

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    I absolutely love this idea. I think a command such as /lock toggle would be perfect for this. Then, it would automatically lock ALL blocks that you placed while toggled on (or .. at least "all lockable blocks" ... so dirt and such might be ignored).

    Left clicking on an already existing objects (such as a previously placed rail line) would likewise cause them to become locked.

    Being that there is the potential for hundreds or even thousands of items to be added to the database if the plug-in were used in this way, I'm not sure what kind of performance hit the server or the plug-in might make. I'm guessing the hook is only performed when a player actually tried to access the block, so the number of items in the db shouldn't really be a big deal (?).

    Similarly, /unlock toggle would do the same for unlocking.
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    It doesn't say exactly say in first post
    This has native support for permissionsbukkit so it can detect groups?
    If so, this is what I am going to use..

    I don't see any mention of an autoclose timer for doors..
    Could such a thing be added?
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    No matter what - It says "You do not have permission to do that", I've set myself as admins group and I have all permissions (-'*' for me and for the group) and also I'm an OP. What should I do?
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    I also get the "you do not have permission to do that" for the blocks i've placed'
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    I'm also having problem set the permission for the newest version, I'm using PEX (first permission I was able to run on mysql) and it shoud be able to handle superPerms,... but still it shows that nobody have permissions for Locker,.... so right now, I'm using older version of Locker,...
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    Which? I wanna use it too.... I must have a chest and door locking plugin...
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    I made a little modifcation,.... I used Locker 1.5.3 and just replace locker.class and perm.class from 1.5.2,
    and looks like it works,...But I'm no programmer, <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">so try it on your own risk!</font>
    If you don't want to combine it yourself, here it is: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    I got another plugin to work and I think it's alright now, anyway - Thanks!
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    Is this for 1.8.1
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    hello! I downloaded and installed this plugin to my server, but every time I click a block as said it says: you do not have the permission to do this. what am I doing wrong
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    Inactive Moved.
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    I have downloaded it but how do I upload it to my server?
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    It's inactive and may not work. But you place it in your "plugins" folder. Then restart, don't reload, the server.
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    Well, if your server is local, just put it in the plugins folder, like --^said.
    Otherwise, use a program like FileZilla, connect to your server and upload it to your plugins folder.
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    Hello, first it is very nice plugin but i've got a problem hope you can help me. I just downloaded and installed normally without any trouble but when i try to exec any cmd or try to lock anything i always got this message: 'You do not have permissions enough to do that' So, Does your plugin need some special permissions plugin or another plugin ? Other suggestion is that may you add requeriments of your plugin in the post :p

    I'm not using any permissions plugin because i didn't need it. I'm just using bukkit's ones they are enough for me + i'm OP so what's the problem :s?


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    Hey, first, your plugin is very good, lots of as, just what we need, no more, not less, the perfect plugin for what we want it to do !
    Now, We're preparing for the next release of craftbukkit and I was wondering if you were about to release your plugin too ?
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    I will rewrite the plugin for 1.0.0, which I will do with most if my plugins (unreleased too), so it might take a while before I release a stable build for 1.0.0. However, I see no reason why Locker 1.5.3 wouldnt work with MC 1.0.0. :)
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    Okay, thanks for the answer, I'll keep track of the subject to stay up to date, I'm now testing the 1.5.3 release with the craftbukkit release 1, I'll keep you in touch if I get a severe prob =)

    Also, what about Mysql ? Do you plan to use it or not ?
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    Deleted user

    Why is this in the [INACTIVE/UNSUPPORTED] category?!
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    Hi, are you aware that the users can lock a block that is already locked, then unlock it and then the block is not locked any more ?
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    Yeah, if they have 'locker.lock.other'.
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    Works fine in 1.1 release, do you plan more features ?
    Also is there a way players can lock chests for others without being able to re-lock an allready locked one ?
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    Hi, i have been using your plugin from the beginning. I would just like to say thanks to the author for publishing such a nice plugin. I really appreciate it. Keep going strong!
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    I'm dropping support for the bukkit persistance soon, and storing locks more efficiently! :D
    This will mean less lag, even for huge servers. Only the locks located in the loaded chunks will be stored in the memory.

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