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    Liam Allan

    Version 21.1
    A plugin that logs almost everything! Under your choise!
    Thanks to Feildmather for the awesome help!
    I'm not adding MySQL Support!
    Click here to make your plugin log to BlockLog! (API)

    This plugin allows you to watch over your players with a single log!
    You can choose what you want to log in the config file in the BlockLog folder!
    its time the server starts on a different day. it will make a new log:
    (plugindirlog + hour + ";" + date + "-BlockLog.txt");
    Is (if the date was the 13th and the hour was 7)
    The log looks like this:
    t:im:e :- Event, name, World|Location|hacking|Cause
    Looks like this:
    19:1:12 :- Death, liamallan, the death cause was 'LAVA' World: 'world'
    Has a feature where it will broadcast if the player has logged on for
    the first time, The option is editable :D
    Has a feature where you can turn of what mobs you don't want on your server
    You can now have a custom MOTD :D
    To add colour to the MOTD, Put a colour code in front of the text :D
    Its logs: (By your choise)
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    • Broken blocks
    • Placed blocks
    • Placed signs
    • Chest, Furnace, Dispenser usage
    • Message's and used commands
    • When someone goes through a portal
    • When lightning strikes
    • When someone joins, leaves respawns, gets kicked(+reason)(+IP on login)
    • When someone logs in for the first time (+broadcast)
    • When someone starts a fire
    • When someone flys
    • When someone gets in and leaves a bed
    • When someone toggles sneak
    • When someone fishes
    • When spawn is changed
    • When the server start stops!
    • WorldEdit: Wand, Compass, SuperPick
    • How someone dies! (+Broadcast)
    • When a creeper and a pig are struct by lightning!
    • Console command
    • World saving

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    /bl ? - Shows the menu
    /bl help - Shows the help menu
    /bl info - Shows some information

    The log will save in 'BlockLog.txt' in the plugins\BlockLog folder!
    It will also contain what time it happens!
    It will work even if don't have permissions, But if you do. it will still work!
    There are more features coming soon!

    Download - Normal plugin, Logs by time :D
    Download - This plugin is the same! But will log to a single file instead!

    When you first install the plugin, Run the server. Then restart it :D

    Coming soon!
    How someone died! - Out in V13
    Log when someone joins/leaves! - Out in V8
    Log when a portal is made! - Out in V7!
    Weather logs! - Out in V7
    When fire starts! - Out in V7

    • V21
    Fixed major 'mobs not spawning' bug!
    Thanks to @Odai!​
    • V21.1
    Fixed a bug where TNT was not exploding​
    even if the config was set to false :D

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    Release of the awesome plugin!
    Fixed [SERVE] error!
    Added a time feature in the log!
    Added it so it logs when something explodes!
    Added what item they broke what block with and
    logging which chest they open!
    Logs when someone flys, Does a
    command and if some
    has an infinite block or more then 64 in a stack.
    Logs when someone makes a portal, when
    fire starts and when lightning strikes!
    Fixed a multiworld bug, Instead of onPortalCreate, it's
    onPlayerPortal. Meaning that it will log when someone
    uses it instead. Now logs when someone leaves/joins,
    The reason for them getting kicked and when they respawn!
    Shows the month date in the log!
    Fixed a bug where TNT exploding was not logging and
    remove I changed some text, Doubt you will notice!
    Fixed the bug when it show 'ItemStack{AIR x 0}'
    when you break something with your hand.
    Added more logs, When a block is burned, when
    someone gets in/out of a bed and when someone
    toggles sneak.
    Remove fire spread logging and did some spell checks!
    Added more to log by your option! :D Logs:
    Fishing, Server on\off and when spawn changes!
    Added some text so you know what some
    of the config means!
    Added WorldEdit logging support! Logs:
    Wand use's, MagicCompass and Superpick!
    Please download and delete your current config!
    Fixed a major bug, and please ignore WhoKilledWho,
    Thats for future reference :D
    Added DeathCause​
    Changed the way the log logs'​
    Added logs per day & hour! Added more log stuff for wankerpants
    Added some new options! When a creeper and pig is struct by
    Now logs the IP on log in :D
    Added a new option to broadcast how they died!​
    Fixed up death stuff​
    Now can log console commands and when the world saves​
    Added some commands, There above . . .​
    It now logs in folders for each different real day.​
    And now has the option to block TNT on the server . . .​
    It can now log when someone logs in for the​
    time, it can also broadcast it :D
    Added a feature that will not allow you to spawn​
    certain mobs, All editable in the config :D
    Added some more configurable stuff . . .​
    When the world saves, and when the server stops . . .​
    Added support for a custom MOTD support :D
    Fixed a SERVE bug. Added a extra MOTD line :D
    Please delete the config!​
    Removed the default display text (when someone joins)
    "X has left the server"​

    Thanks to @Samiko for the awesome video!
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    Liam Allan

    That fucker!
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    ye, and he hacked me through my minecraft server :O!
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    Liam Allan

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    but now i got xAuth ¤ MySQL, and onther anti grief plugins and this one :)!
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    Liam Allan

    Good! :D
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    this plugin dont got rollback :(?

    o will this conflict with bigBrother?

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    Liam Allan

    I doubt I will add a rollback system as it's too complex to make, :( And I don't think BB should mess it around :D
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    ok i gonna try it out and see if it works with bb :)!
  10. how laggy is this plugin at full utilization ?
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    Liam Allan

    No lag as 4 of my users say with all the settings to true and about 19-20 other plugins
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    I have another request, can you have it list which world the logged event took place on? On a multiworld server it would be extremely useful to see which world players are doing the bad things on.

    edit: n/m looks like you may have already done this :D

    edit2; Ok it doesn't show the world for commands or chat. can you make it so it does. We need to be able to tell what world people are and are not spawning items on.
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    Liam Allan

    Thats fine! Be done by tomorrow!
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    awesome thanks liam. Any word on new logs per day and removing logs older than x days options in the config?
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    Liam Allan

    I can add that too!
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    Your simply the best!
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    Liam Allan

    Just to let you know, I'm awake right now adding that stuff for you!

    All done!

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    Ok so for the daily log. What i was looking for is a setting in the config like.

    #Create new log at a set time each day
    dailylog: true/false

    #Time to create new log (24 hr clock)
    logtime: example - 00:00 (midnight) 12:00 (12 noon) 1700 (5 pm)

    I rarely restart my server so it needs to do it on a schedule or something. I'm not sure how it'd be done. and maybe it does that now, just without a setting.
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    Liam Allan

    yeah, Sorry! It's not a bug. I just have not added the feature to add the new ones. So just delete it :D

    it will auto maticly make new logs when you restart the server by day and hour

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    Yeah i saw that, what i need is for it to make a new log each day without having to restart the server.

    Also have you added showing which world a command was used.

    i do
    /i diamondpick 1
    on world 1

    log says
    xx:xx:xx : wankerpants tried/used the command: /i diamondpick 1 on world 1

    or something like that

    thanks for working so hard on your plugin :)
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    Liam Allan

    Yeah :D I think! if not I'll add it in the morn
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    Just tested commands and it doesn't show the world it was tried/used on yet.

    will wait patiently for you to get it in there.
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    Liam Allan

    ll do it now quick :D

    There it's done!

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    sweet, got a duplication though

    19:50:45 :- Login, wankerpants
    19:51:1 :- Tryed/Used command, wankerpants, '/i stone 12' '/i stone 12' on World: world1
    Also you spelled tried as tryed. and you moved the player doing the action to the middle from the beginning of the line.

    sorry lol, i'm not doing anything atm so i am noticing these things :D

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    Liam Allan

    Ok, I'll do the spell checks but the other thing is right
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    i am rendering the video now :)!
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    Liam Allan

    Thanks! Link when it's done!
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    Liam Allan

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    yay thx :)!
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    Hey any reason why Liam Allan isn't a Dev and in purple?
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