Inactive [SEC] BigBrother 1.11.0 - Catch griffers red-handed [1060]

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    Important Crap

    I'm done, but BB isn't.
    I've got 10 developers on the contributors' list who supposedly want to help, but I haven't heard a word from them since the day I added them. BigBrother's so full of bugs now that I don't know where to start, and I simply don't have the time or patience to work on it anymore. If you want something that works, pick up LogBlock. I'm fucking done. I updated it to "run" on 1060, but that's as far as I'm taking this. If you still want to help, email me at [email protected] and give me a rundown of your experience in coding plugins so I know you'll do something.​
    UPDATE: 3 developers have been added to the repo, but I'm waiting for them to get familiarized and start committing before I declare this crisis over. I appreciate the support and help that has been thrown this way. If you'd still like to help, but don't know how to code, there are many other ways to contribute. See the Contributors section for more info.​

    Version: 1.11.0
    Original Author: tkelly910

    • Development Team
      • N3X15
      • Mafio
      • FalconGaming
    • Quality Assurance (QA) Team (Testing, ONLY ON LATEST RB*!)
      • N3X15
      • Mineral
      • All of the poor bastards on the minecraft server + other dev servers
      • *NOTE: Unless EvilSeph or other bukkit devs indicate an RB is imminent, e.g. within the next week.
    • Bug Triage (Sorting through bugs, marking duplicates, closing, prioritizing)
      • N3X15
    • Documentation (Wiki, FAQ, other stuff people will read)
      • N3X15

    BigBrother is a powerful plugin that enables you to investigate roll back griefing via a large and all-knowing database. You have a choice between using immensely powerful commands to search an area for changes, or you can whack a block with a stick or place a log to see changes within a single block.

    • /bb log - Gives you the BigBrother Multipurpose Tool, or a simple log. Hit something with it to see changes in that spot, and place it if the block you're check is non-solid, like water, lava or air.
    • /bb done - Removes the log from your inventory, and gives you back any items it replaced.
    • Want to check an entire area? Use /bb here to list who changed what!
    • Need to roll back EvilGuy and DoucheBug's edits? Use /bb rollback EvilGuy DoucheBug!
      • Have to roll back edits up to 5 minutes ago? Simple! /bb rollback t:5m
      • Need to only roll back within a certain radius? /bb rollback r:<radius-in-blocks>
      • Roll back specific actions with /bb rollback a:10,BLOCK_PLACE
    • If you screw up, /bb undo
    • (NEW) /bb history "Suspicious Guy" to see that player's recent history! (add pg:# to go to page #)
    • Mow your lawn with /bb mowlawn!
    See the full list of commands and Permissions nodes here.


    [​IMG](Yes, stationary_* and regular blocks got reversed, this is fixed.)​

    Need Help?

    • What version of CraftBukkit and BigBrother? If you don't know, type /version and /bb version.
    • What database engine are you using? Look at the value for database.type in BigBrother.yml. I use MySQL on my server and test on H2.
    • Do you get any errors? If so, please link to a pastebin with your server.log
    • What steps do I have to take to reproduce this behavior?
    • What other plugins are you using?
    Known Issues
    • Everything listed here
    • ItemCraft is not supported due to it sending unexpected NULLs via Block.getType(). Can be fixed by adding a new enum value for unknown blocks.
    • Bugs everywhere, stopped counting.
    Coming Soon
    • /bb history - Gets the history of a player
    • Fixed /bb update
    • Updated API
    • Externally accessible API
    • Custom Action IDs (for WorldEdit support, etc.)
    More Information

    IRC: Support/Chatter/Developer Jive @ #bigbrother (Moved so my build notification bot has an easier time notifying multiple channels)

    BigBrother 1.11.0 Changelog
    • Centralize and update bystander checks.
    • Fix parsing errors in DeltaChest
    • Clarify /bb log
    • Fix sign lines being too far down
    • Add command censoring (for people worried about xAuth and the like)
    • Fix pagination capping
    • Fix an error in DeltaChest reading
    • Add ?autoReconnect=true to the MySQL DSN
    • Remove all H2 support
    • Removed /bb stick from /bb help since it is now obsolete
    • Fixed it so commands that work won't say commands not recognized after they already work
    • Fixed the issue of when you had the /bb log if you broke something it would not record the break even if you were watched
    • Now if the user tries to find the history of an invalid user it won't throw null errors.
    • Yell at the users if they don't follow the setup procedure
    • Should fix most of the errors dealing with the log and watch/unwatch problems
    • Update README
    1.10.0+ (open)

    BigBrother 1.10.1 Changelog
    • Fix a rollback SQL syntax error
    • Fix explosion logging
    • Clarify database trimming message in log
    • Fix /bb history
    • Continue rolling back incorrectly-logged BlockBurns, if the data field is unparsable, default to 0.
    • Fix Heartbeat logging
    • Fix SuperPerms support.
    BigBrother 1.10.0 Changelog

    New Features:
    • Brand new plugin API! (Wiki)
    • Database change. There is now a converter, but you might still lose data!
    • Compact chest changes: (+Added)(=Replaced)(-Removed)
    • Heartbeat Action: Logs users online and the current time, both to keep your database connection open, and for monitoring of your server's uptime!
    • Piston Actions!
    • Bukkit Superperms support!
    • RB 1000 support!
    • /bb history!
    • Formatting fix for rollbacks
    • A buttload of NPE fixes

    • [BB-81] Rollback doesn't work because of empty data-values
    • [BB-78/BB-69] onPickupItem/onDropItem NPEs
    • Memory leak fix (Thanks to Wootalyzer!)
    BigBrother 1.9.1:

    • Use BlockSpreadEvent for tracking fires (later told by EvilSeph that there's no current way to track fire in Bukkit)
    • Display a "Permission Denied" to users trying to use commands with insufficient priviliges instead of silently failing.
    • Add /bb mowlawn.
    • Fix stupid mixup between String.format usage on C# and Java in DeltaChest
    • Automatically update plugin.yml via Maven (internal crap)
    BigBrother 1.9

    • Support for 928+
    • NEW: Lava/Water/Fire flow logging (AND ACTUALLY TESTED, FOR ONCE!)
    • NEW: a: directive for rollbacks, for specifying comma-delimited action IDs to track
    • Lots and lots of bugfixes.
    • Marginally better H2 support
    • More automated tests
    • Standardized QA tests (ongoing)
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    Matt Gill


    So you said you were testing Big Brother on Build 953. How did it turn out?
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    I have found bigbrother to cause serious lag to my server. It used to work fine, however now, whenever i do the '/bb here' function it will lag the server for up to a minute. Should I flush the database or something?

    Well obviously ok, otherwise he woulda said something. Smoke tests passes... as in, it works so far...

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    i have a new table in mysql db called "ownership" with blockcoordinates and assigned user_nr from bb_users think. is that table "ownership" from bigbrother and whats the function of it?
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    Looks to me like it isn't communicating with your SQL server. User error, not a plugin error.
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    Well my server runs for about 6 hours without this happenening then it happens! :(
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    Your SQL server has probably crashed
  10. I love this plugin. However, sometimes it doesn't hold the history of a block edit after so much time.

    I haven't narrowed down how long it saves the history for, but could you tell me how to keep the history longer?
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    Take a look at your configuration file. By default it deletes records older than 7 days
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    Geoff Winans

    On the contrary, this does appear to be a plugin issue.

    I've also had this issue since Build 503+ of BigBrother.

    Something was changed with how connections are handled and they now fail very commonly. I've had to move to the H2 storage engine to get around it for now.

    I'm guessing it has something to do with a mix of connection pooling in the JDBC driver and many configurations have short wait_timeout and interactive_timeouts. An exception that's being thrown is not being handled well here. These errors should not exist - if this connection exception is captured, it should re-attempt to close all connections and then open a new one.

    Persistent DB connections are shit and should never be used.

    //humble opinion of a DBA
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    i hav a problem
    1 step - /bb log
    2 - next i click block and consol tell me piroo broke a sign wall
    3 - i write /bb rollback piroo
    4- /bb confim
    AND WHAT I SEE !!!

    OMG what is a plugin ?? !!! why i can't fix this bloc ??!!

    EDIT /

    HAHAHA if i say /bb here piroo 50
    console tell me - piroo... No modifications in this area

    if i click in block consol tell me
    ""2 - next i click block and consol tell me piroo broke a sign wall""

    It;s a very broken plugin !
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    I keep getting this error: SQL send failed Keeping data for later send.

    It keeps spammin in the console once i updated to the latest version from BigBrother.

    How can i fix this or where can i download an older version of BB ?
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    i dont now
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    Strange error on Bukkit #953
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    when bb with chests
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    Jake Radcliff

    Does BigBrother work with MAMP on a Mac?​
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    how come rolling back chests contents is so janky?

    I have been testing it and like, if I rollback a chest with 1 sand in it, it puts 15 sand in it! and random things like that.
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    chests are unbelievably buggy dude. i agree
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    Geoff Winans

    Is this being updated soon? Since 950, rollbacks have no functioned. It still logs and bb's stick feature works, but /bb rollback = "nothing to roll back"
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    how do I rollback TNT damage? it says it was caused by 'Enviroment' but when I try to rollback enviroment damage, nothing.
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    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! This dosent Work!!!!!!
    when i do
    $ mysql -u root -p
    it works and i get a new line with -> on it.
    but when i put in:
    mysql> CREATE DATABASE minecraft;
    it says:
    ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in you corresponds to your MySQL server version for ql -u root -p mysql> CREATE DATABASE minecraft' at line 1

    What the f*** this dosen't work
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    Old records for players action dissapears after some time, I guess. How can I delay removing records or off removing generally?
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    By Default in my config file BigBrother.yml there is a section called Cleanser that looks like this:
            age: 7d
    that 7d is the number of days it will keep in the database, if you want more change it to a higher number, just be aware that the more transactions you keep the bigger the database will get.
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    Currently rocking an 810mb database with 7.2 million records.
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    Nice :) how long is your retention and how many users do you have?

    I just installed this last night and so I'm curious to know how big my database will get. You're using mysql too I'm assuming?
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    Many thanks! :rolleyes:
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    MySQL, thats about... 4-5 Months of 10-20 players on average.
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    Thanks so much for this plugin! Got MySQL working using WampServer and all, but BB is finally on! A griefer totally destroyed this guys home, and I thought I'd have to rollback every block 1x1. Then I did name and radius. Amazing, truly amazing. Great job on the plugin! There's a bug with the signs but I'll post it in the BugTracker.
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    Geoff Winans

    That's a user error and a retarded attitude to take.

    It works fine. You, on the other hand, fail.
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