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    TPack - Now has cuboid zone protection!
    Version: v3.6

    Now Supports OP or PermissionsBukkit and CraftBukkit 1060!!

    Follow me on Twitter for latest updates!!/Tuna_Mods

    TPack (stands for Tuna's Pack) is a multi-tool add-on package. It contains mods for selecting/filling/deleting cuboids, creating and protecting massive cuboid zones, boomstick mode for rapidly clearing blocks, modifying the server time, giving items by name and quantity instead of data values, and clearing player inventory!

    All TPack commands require OP privileges or PermissionsBukkit to be installed and setup properly! Download PermissionsBukkit:

    TPack takes a lot of time to maintain and support!!
    Feel free to Donate if you wish! As a starving college student it keeps me alive and coding :p


    Cuboid mode up and running! (Now with zone protection!):

    • "/cuboid <on|off>" enables/disables cuboid mode. When player has selection tool equipped can hit block to set points 1 and 2 sequentially. Selection tool is specified in settings.txt file.
      • The two points you select (A and G) select the surrounding cubes in a square formation, like in the picture above.
    • "/cfill <block ID | block name>" fills selected cuboid with specified material (item names/item ID's in items.txt)
      • Examples: "/cfill wood" /cfill obsidian" "/cfill 5" "/cfill 18"
      • The material names correspond to the item codes in your items.txt
        • You can add custom names for items! Say you want "bob" to refer to grass blocks. Simple add "bob:02" to the bottom of your settings.txt file. Now whenever you type "/cfill bob" it will use grass! This also adds it to your give command as well so players can use "/give bob" to give grass.
    • "/cfaces <block ID | block name>" fills the selected cuboids walls, creating a room
    • New Wool Features!
    • Version 2.2 adds the ability to fill with colored wool! Simple use "/cfill wool <color | color ID>" or "/cfaces wool <color | color ID>" where the colors and ID's are:
      • 0 - white
      • 1 - orange
      • 2 - magenta
      • 3 - lightblue
      • 4 - yellow
      • 5 - lightgreen
      • 6 - pink
      • 7 - gray
      • 8 - lightgray
      • 9 - cyan
      • 10 - purple
      • 11 - blue
      • 12 - brown
      • 13 - darkgreen
      • 14 - red
      • 15 -black
        • examples "/cfill wool black" "/cfill wool 15" "/cfill 35 15" "/cfaces wool 15" will all fill the selected area with black wool.
    • "/cclear" clears the selected cuboid (fills it with air)
    • New Features! Zone protection and cuboid saving!
    • "/ccreate <cuboid name>" creates and saves a cuboid from the players selected points
    • "/cdelete <cuboid name | all | owned>"
      • If cuboid name is specified deletes the cuboid
      • If all is specified deletes all cuboid zones
        • requires permission to 'tpack.cuboid.deleteall'
      • If owned is specified deletes all cuboids the player owns. (None of these commands effect the blocks in the zone)
    • "/csave" forces a save of all cuboid zones. This happens automatically every time the server shuts down.
    • "/clist" displays a list of all cuboid zones
    • "/clistowned" displays a list of all cuboid zones that the player owns
    • "/cselect <cuboid name>" selects cuboid with the specified name
    • "/cselect x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2" will select the cuboid with <x1,y1,z1> being point A and <x2,y2,z2> being point G in the picture above.
      • X and Z values are the horizontal values while Y is vertical up and down.
    • "/cprotect <cuboid name> <true | false>" protects the selected cuboid, preventing blocks from being destroyed, set on fire, or placed within the cuboid. Protection must be set to 1 in settings.txt. Must be the owner of the cuboid to change this value.
    • "/isprotected <cuboid name>" displays the protection state of the specified cuboid.
    • "/addallowed <cuboid name> <player name>" grants player the ability to modify blocks within a protected cuboid.
    • "/removeallowed <cuboid name> <player name>" removes players ability to modify blocks within a protected cuboid.
    • "/getallowed <cuboid name>" Displays list of users allowed to modify the specified cuboid.
    • "/cowner <cuboid name>" Displays the owner of the specified cuboid.
    • "/listcuboid" lists the coordinates of the two points of the cuboid in <x,y,z> format
    • "/ctime <dawn | sunrise | morning | day | midday | noon | afternoon | evening | sunset | dusk | night | midnight>" changes world time to specified time.
    • "/boomstick <on | off>" enables/disables boomstick mode. When player has wood stick equipped can destroy blocks very rapidly. Great tool for clearing blocks. Call "/boomstick" for status.
    • "/cgive <block ID | Block Name> <quantity> <optional: player name>" where name is the name of the material in "settings.txt" or the item ID and quantity is the number you want. If quantity is not specified it defaults to 1. If player name is specified will give the specified item and quantity to the player specified (requires permission!)
    • "/clearinv" empties the player's entire inventory.
    • settings.txt file must be placed in "plugins/TPack". Names of the items in the file can be replaced with whatever you wish as long as the number matches the item found on the Minecraft Wiki Data values page (
    • Put "TPack.jar" in the plugins directory under your root directory
    • "settings.txt" must be in "plugins/TPack"
    Permissions Setup:
    • Be sure to add the required lines to your permissions config.yml file. The permissions are:
      • 'tpack.boomstick' - for boomstick
        • /boomstick
      • 'tpack.cuboid' - for enabling/disabling cuboid and other cuboid commands
        • /cuboid , /getallowed, /listcuboid, /isprotected, /cowner
      • 'tpack.cuboid.fill'
        • /cfill, /cfaces
      • 'tpack.cuboid.clear'
        • /cclear
      • 'tpack.cuboid.create'
        • /ccreate
      • 'tpack.cuboid.delete'
        • /cdelete
      • 'tpack.cuboid.deleteall' - This gives permission to delete ALL CUBOIDS.
        • /cdelete all
      • 'tpack.cuboid.listall'
        • /clist
      • 'tpack.cuboid.listowned'
        • /clistowned
      • ''
        • /cselect
      • 'tpack.cuboid.addallowed'
        • /addallowed
      • 'tpack.cuboid.removeallowed'
        • /removeallowed
      • ''
        • /cprotect
      • ''
        • /csave
      • 'tpack.time'
        • /ctime
      • 'tpack.items.give'
        • /cgive <item name | item ID> <quantity>
      • 'tpack.items.giveall'
        • /cgive <item name | item ID> <quantity> <player>
      • 'tpack.items.clear'
        • /clearinv
    • Adding 'tpack.*' will give access to all commands
    • Download permissions here:
    Settings.txt setup/explaination:

    The newest version of TPack replaces the old items.txt with a new file called settings.txt that allows you to customize TPack to your liking. Here are the fields and their meanings:
    • permission-nofity
      • 0 means the player will not be notified if they don't have permission to use a command (good if you don't like getting spammed with "You don't have permission!"
      • 1 means the player will be notified (default)
    • give
      • 0 means all give commands will be disabled. Useful if you prefer other plugins for give commands and don't want TPack to interfere
      • 1 means all give commands will be enabled
    • time
      • 0 means all time commands will be disabled. Useful if you prefer other plugins for time commands and don't want TPack to interfere
      • 1 means all time commands will be enabled
    • selectiontool
      • value corresponds to the Item ID of the item you want to be your selection tool. Default is Item ID: 269 which is a wooden shovel
    • protection
      • 0 means all protection features will be disabled. If you do not want to use protection features then make sure this is set to 0!! It will greatly improve performance
      • 1 means protection features will be enabled
    • ops
      • 0 means TPack will use PermissionsBukkit for checking permission to use a command. This mode REQUIRES PermissionsBukkit to be installed and configured correctly.
      • 1 means TPack will check if the player is an OP for permission. This way does not require PermissionsBukkit. If a player is OP then they will have access to ALL commands!

    When posting about errors:

    If you encounter an error in TPack, feel free to post it here and I will try to help solve the problem. However when you post, be sure to include the following information or I will ignore your request!
    • What command you issued that caused the error
    • What happens in game when the error occurs (what happens to the blocks, what is displayed on your screen, etc..)
    • Terminal output from the server during the time of the error
    • Verify you have the latest version of Java/CraftBukkit server before posting
    Thanks guys! It is simply too hard to keep up with all the posts if I have to ask everyone these qeustions.

    Download TPack

    Update to the latest version if you haven't already!!

    (Click on slow download on the right to download for free)


    Attached to this post (all files in zip file).


    Version 3.6
    • Added support so users can now use MineCrafts internal OP system instead of PermissionsBukkit. See the section on setting up the settings.txt file for more information. If ops is set to 1 in settings.txt a player must be an OP to use any TPack commands. If they are an OP they will have access to ALL commands.
    • Changed /give and /time commands to /cgive and /ctime to avoid conflict
    • Updated settings.txt file to include all new items (pistons, grass, etc...)
    Version 3.5
    • Updated code to work with CraftBukkit 1060
    • Complete overhaul of code structure. Users can now create larger Cuboid zones without crashing the server. (Server will still crash if you do MASSIVE zones, but range has been greatly expanded)
    Version 3.0
    • Updated code to work with CraftBukkit v860. Also added new megaupload and rapidshare mirrors. More features to come.
    Version 2.3

    • Added more options to settings.txt file to disable/enable "give" and "time"
      • If you use other mods for /give and /time commands you can now simply change give or time to 0 in you settings.txt file and it will disable the functionality in TPack.
    • Added the ability to give items to other players
      • "/give stone 5 Tuna" will give player with name Tuna 5 stone. See command description above for more detail. Requires permission to 'tpack.items.giveall'
    Version 2.2
    • Updated "/time" command to use new values instead of old number values
    • Added the ability to fill areas with colored wool using "/cfill" and "/cfaces" see documentation for instructions.
    • Several bug fixes, more optimized code.
    Version 2.1
    • Updated code to support the latest recommended build, #602 [Jenkins].
    • Added several bug fixes in the "/give" and "/cfill" commands.
    Version 2.0
    • Added cuboid zone protection! This handy and easy to use feature allows you to select massive zones and save/protect them! This allows you to setup areas where only certain players can build/break. Great for areas you don't want attacked by griefers.
    • Added new 'settings.txt' file with tons of customization features. You can now specify which tool you want for cuboid selection as well as enable/disable cuboid protection features. Be sure to read the explaination of settings.txt above!
    • Added '/cfaces' to build rooms from cuboid zones.
    • Word of Caution:
      • If you are working on a MASSIVE cuboid zone and you want to use "/cfill /cfaces/ or /cclear" make sure you do it BEFORE protecting the zone. Some times the server becomes unstable if you fill a MASSIVE protected zone.
    Version 1.4
    • Added the ability to select cuboids by coordinates! Great for selecting massive zones. Read documentation for "/cselect"!
    • Added support for item ID numbers in the "/give" command. Players can now use "/give item# quantity" where the item number is the value found on the Minecraft Wiki Data values page (
    • Updated items.txt file to contain all current items (as of v1.3)
    • Updated to support permissions 2.4 (Permissions is REQUIRED for TPack to work currently).
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed critical bug introduced in v1.2 (due to my fast&loose coding :p ) in which all the system variables for cuboid and boomstick were shared with every player. If one player set coordinates in cuboid then all players had them selected, and if one player enabled cuboid/boomstick then all players had it enabled. This only applied to people setup in your permissions file to use the commands. The behavior has been fixed in this version
    Version 1.2
    • Added full support for permissions v2.0. Don't forget to add the permission entries to config.yml! See Installation Instructions above.
    Version 1.1
    • Added full Cuboid functionality, player can now select/delete/fill large cuboids
    • Added better documentation for /time command
    Version 1.0
    • First release, description and download location are above. Please post bugs/questions/comments in the replies and I will be happy to oblige :)

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  2. Can you make so other ppl cant even enter the zone?
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    White Sheep

    I dont have permissions to use /clist and have tpack.* in my config!
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    Best plugin ever. :D
    It will be awesome, when there is a welcome-message in the cuboid zones.
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    Hello, is permissions actually -required- ? ie does TPack work without it, defaulting to ops ?
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    Hey all!

    Sorry for the lateness in replying to you all. As I mentioned before I go to college full time and work part time so it's hard to find time to work her (Donations encourage me :p ) I'm working on a new release of TPack to incorporate some new building/zone features you guys have requested so please be patient. Anyway here are some responses:

    Yeah, that's coming out in a future update

    What is the command, error, terminal output etc... Do you have everything up to date? See the section on posting about errors.

    Thanks :D And yeah, I've already begun implementing this feature.

    Really? There are instructions on the page. Copy .jar , copy TPack folder that contains settings.txt to plugin directory , install/setup permissions (instructions on how to do this are on the permissions page). Sorry but I'm not gonna hold your hand through copying files :p

    Yes. When I say it is required that means it is required. You can use GroupManager with fakepermissions I believe as well.
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    White Sheep

    I get the this error: "You don't have permissions to use that command"
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    Hm try giving yourself explicit permission to tpack.cuboid.listall also could you post your yml file for permissions? If you have tpack.* then the only reason you would get this is if permissions is setup incorrectly.
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    White Sheep

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    Hm so I don't know if it makes a difference but you should have the permissions in single quotes so the line for TPacl would be - 'tpack.*' also I noticed your file is named config.yml. Your config file needs to be named the same name as your world name is So if your world name is foo, your file should be foo.yml
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    White Sheep

    I have renamed the file for this!
    And the new Permissions convert it like this without ''
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    Hm nice bold font :p and I don't know what could be causing your problems. Verify you have java and bukkit server up to date. I would suggest starting a test server with only permissions and TPack, I believe another mod could be interfering because none of my test machines can recreate this error.
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    White Sheep

    Sorry for large font!
    I'm going to make an test server
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    No problem. I did try using your config file and renamed it to my worlds name with the .yml extension. And I'm pretty sure I've got the latest Java when you got to the Java site and hit the big red button that's all you need right? I do have the recommend build. I'm pretty sure I typed in my name right ha ha and didn't change any permissions and it still says "You don't have permission to use this command!". The sad thing is I got this to work ONCE before and then I think I tried to add another mod and it wasn't compatible so I deleted everything and re-downloaded it then it started happening. The only thing it says in the console is "Mrchef issued command cuboid" or something. Sorry for taking so long to reply my router broke and I gave up for awhile :). Scratch ALL that I got it to work :) thanks what I was doing was adding 'tpack.*' to my name in permissions so I just put my name in and it worked. Thanks again for the Config File looking forward to using this plugin :D
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    When you reload the server with tpack it breaks the plugin then you have to restart server.
    you get this error when you try a command.
    An internal error occured while attempting to preform this command.
    Please fix this!

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    hmmh i have problems with installing
    can you help me please?:(
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    Downloading it or working it? Minecraft updated today to "Beta Update 5" and although you may have the latest Bukkit server Tpack is not yet updated. So if you mean like going to Megaupload and downloading your having problems try using a different browser (i.e Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox), but if you mean you can't run it then it's because it's not updated yet.
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    Thanks so much for your help Mr.Chef :D It is always appreciated.

    I will be releasing the new version in a few more days. Unfortunately work + physics midterms have taken all of my spare time so it's been hard to find time to work on this. I'm also taking any last minute ideas that you guys want added to the latest version! So feel free to post them here.
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    No problem it's the least I can do for you.
    A flying command would be nice, or like a /spawn, /home. I can't find a good mod with a general commands that also wouldn't interrupt Tpack. If you know one please post a link, but if not please code it :)

    P.S - Take your time. School comes first.
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    Can you please update to build 733? Too many griefers fucking up my places :eek:
  21. Offline


    Build 733 was just released today so I haven't had anytime to take a look at anything. Is TPack not functioning properly in build 733? Please give all the detail requested in the "Posting about errors" section and I will get this resolved ASAP
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    White Sheep

    TPack is working 100% for me with build 733
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    Exxxxxxcelent :D <3 you White Sheep
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    If you want, I can host your files on my webserver. Rapidshare annoys the living shit out of me.
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    White Sheep

    Wget friendly downloads!
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    Easy in a bottle!
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    Haha ok :D Yeah Rapidshare isn't my favorite either, it was just there when I needed a quick transfer service. I'll switch with the next update. I have the last of my Midterms/papers for the next week or so due tonight, so after 9pm tonight I'll finally be free to program :D
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    when i protect a cuboid is it from bottom to top?
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    Please clarify. When you protect the cuboid the entire cuboid area is protected, regardless of the "top" or "bottom".
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    It still doesn't work for me. It loads all of the saved cuboided areas on the server, but it says permissions not detected, tpack disabled. I still have the permissions in my thingy :|
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    Hm What version of permissions do you have? Try setting up a test server with only TPack and permisisons. It could be something interfering or a bug I'm unaware of. The only reason why you will get this error is if Permissions fails to inizialie, i.e. TPack doesn't see it.

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