Inactive [SEC/ADMN/EDIT] SWatchdog v1.14 - Log and rollback griefs[1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Sanzennin, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Can you undo world edit griefs?
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    Hey, theres a bug with rollbacking. I rollbacked a griefer. With command /wundo p:nick 1000 1000 0 0 0 0 0, and thats what happened. . Sometimes players creation get glitched like this without rollbacking.
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    How can i rollback radius 100 height 100 (all blocks) 2 weeks ago?
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    I love your profile picture. =) XD
    But also, you really need to do a lot with this plugin. For example, you really need to make it so that you do not have to type in so much just to rollback and check blocks. Make it like a stick or log thing like BigBrother or HawkEye. But please, whatever you do, do not make it so you have to make a MySQL. That is the hole reason I came to your plugin. It is just to complicated to set up a MySQL. I love that you can just pop it into your plugins folder and BOOM. Your done.
    Great plugin. I use it for my server, and I say its a good plugin for anyone out there who is looking for a plugin for griefer checking.
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    If it happened yesterday, you need to give the date, if it happened last month, you need to give the month too. Also, if you are using p:playerName, make sure you use p:playerNameExact, so p:Sanzennin instead of p:Sanze for example.

    Depends. If someone removed a house you built, then you can use /wredo to bring it back. Some blocks might face the wrong direction though, for some reason. Seems bukkit changed that functionality just recently.

    When they randomly glitch, its not swatchdog. But as for that picture, the bug is... the wood type? Well, since you gave it 0 0 0 0 0, it took the earliestmost records. If the color of the house was changed later, you should use the date closer to the grief.

    its 3/4/2012 today, so (Assuming you're op) /wundo 100 100 0 0 16 3 (That will rollback anything in 100 radius, 100 up (use -100 to specify the area downwards) after the clock 0:00 on 16th day of the 3rd month.)

    yeah, I know, I'm working on it. Just need to come up with a few more amazing ideas. Besides, checking a block is just /sws l, thats not too much in my opinion, 5 symbols. :)
    Rollbacking needs some care, I agree.
    And yeah, I dislike having to set up the MySQL database or a half a million configs too, so if I ever give the option to use MySQL, its just that, an option. So you can still just toss the swatchdog.jar into the plugins folder and be happy about it.

    And sorry for a bit of a late reply for some, generally I notice it quicker if you make a ticket at swatchdog devpage.
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    Thanks for replying. Finally someone who actually cares what we thing. =)
    As for the block history with /sniff l, I agree that is not much at all. While the rollbacks, which I agree on, need some care. Thanks for a great plugin.
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    Hi, so how to rollback just explosions or fire damage ? The p:Exploded doesnt work.
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    Because Exploded could be a playername. (A crappy name, but still.) Write it exactly as it appears in the logs:
    instead of Exploded
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    There are a few issues with muti-worlds... It only wants to rollback in some worlds, some of the time. It still /sniff's everything fine. It just has problems rolling back. It will try to do it.. and rollback 0 edits. I don't have any logs for you, sorry.
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    Hmm... thats odd, since, I'm rollbacking just fine with different/custom worlds. One thing causing trouble could be... If those worlds were created while server was running, there could be an integrity problem. Try enabling integrity check/autorepair in the config, restart server. Then try?
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    I'm not sure how the rollbacks work (first time working with rollbacks).
    I got my friend to build a 5x10 wooden house. I then filled it with lava.
    I used /sniff rad and got when I placed the lava.
    Then I did /wundo p:Wolf1026 [Idk how you got this number] [Idk how you got this number] [Hour] [Minute]
    I'm not sure how you find the 2 numbers in the middle, and I want to figure it out before I release the server this Saturday.
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    Oh, those are in the rollback guide and ingame help too. Basically, its /wundo (p:playerNameExact) (b:Blocktype) <radius> <height> <<time>> where () is optional.

    So for example, standing inside the wooden house, somewhat in the middle, you'd use /wundo p:Wolf1026 5 10 0 0 (for rollbacking things that happened today.) I assumed the height of the house was 10. Doesn't really matter if you exaggerate the height if you got nothing but air above the house. Ya rarely need to be too precise with the radius too. Just throw something somewhat close to the desired area. (Unless you're working in a _very_ tight city. :confused: )

    Also, if you want to use /wclean to clean up the lava, pay attention to what you are logging, and what you are not logging in the config.txt. Some of the configs are disabled by default to keep the servers running light, but if you really need them, you can enable them. Configs such as entities changing blocks (thats sheeps eating grass for the most of the time), chest access, water and lava spreading and block physics are disabled by default, as they are useless for the most servers or just plain eat up more resources than what they are worth. Ofcourse, someone else might give value for these differently, thus them being options you can enable.
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    um you left all the stuff you placed and broke in the swatchdog folder -_-
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    Oh, thanks.
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    Wanted to say thanks for supporting Tekkit : )
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    When i type /wundo i get intel error so now i cant undo grief..
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    Try restart your server. It usually happens when you reload your server
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    Fixed it also. When someone set's fire to something I cant tell who it is it gives me no names:(
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    Remember that when you set something a fire, you are actually placing a fire block. So look at the "placed" records for the area instead.
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    San, don't you also have a feature which let's the user sniff using both logs at the same time?
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    I'm having a problem, I can't use the stick to check for broken/placed blocks? I have the perm.
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    Do you mean broken and placed logs? Or old and new logs? Well, /supersniff look checks all logs imaginable. (/sniff look checks recent broken, placed and chestlogs.) Just replace /sniff with /supersniff for whatever command you want to use for log checking, to look the new and old entries.

    have you enabled the tools in config? Its something like "UseTools=true" (Its "UseTools=false by default.)

    You can also change config ingame with commands such as
    /wutil showconfig (<page>)
    /wutil setconfig [key] [value]
    /wutil saveconfig

    so to say it simple, run
    /wutil setconfig UseTools true
    /wutil saveconfig
    Its that easy! =D
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    Yes I have done that but it still does not seem to work :(
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    Are you sure you didn't type
    /wutil setconfig usetools true
    instead of /wutil setconfig UseTools true for example?
    Does the console give any errors?

    If you use /wutil showconfig, does it say UseTools=true? (Note, if you used /wutil setconfig usetools true, that could have created an extra config entry, but you can ignore it. Or go to config.txt and remove it.)
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    Yes I did it exactly like that and for the /wutil showconfig, it does say UseTools=True. And no there are no errors in console.
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    Odd. I'd blame my code next, but since it seems to work for the others... (Including my own debug server without a permission plugin and our public server with a permission plugin)

    What permission manager are you using?

    Also, note that it doesn't state "The history of given block:" it just gives the results. (Seems I forgot to add that message for it.)
    How about you place a block, then rightclick? (Right click is for placed logs, leftclick is for destroyed.)
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    OH, I didn't know that but it does work thanks!
    PS: Great plugin!
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    Hello! I like your plugin but....
    When someone joins the server is lagging 7 secs....
    And when i do /swss l/broken/placed etc.
    Then the server crash...
    Please help :)!?
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    Oh, make sure that splitsMode=time to change the way the logs are split. That should help. Also, how much logs have you accumulated? Maybe you should clean the logs a bit, if your server can't handle the amount. Its easy, if you set autoCleanDays=7 for example. That would delete all the week old logs.

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