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    Can someone make a "plugin" with the SDK Gun´s and utillities and the other things ??
    because they only works at the original minecrafts erver from :S

    i would be very happy when someone give me a answer or a plugin or how i can install it at bukkit ;D

    sry when it gives this thread :S
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    Client Side Mods can not be ported to servers.
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    i have the mod in my game but i need it also in my bukkit server to take the result :S
    thats the problem =/
    so is my question that someone can make the mod to a plugin or a idea how i can use it...
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    The mod cannot be made into a plugin.
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    but can someone make a plugin with these weapons ?? or a mod which works on bukkit server ?
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    As everybody else in this thread has said, no.
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    thats bad
    but give it a mod or plugin with gun´s or smoke grenade or other things ??
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    There is, atm, no way to port any weapon or tool or what ever else mods to bukkit. MAYBE there will be a way, in future...far away future.
    so the answer to your question is again: no.
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    okey thx
    and i have an other problem: craftbook
    it not works on my bukkit server ?? i have some othe rplugins can it be that they block it ? or what can i maked wrong ?
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 6:35 PM ---
    because the signs with door or
    this with MC1200 to spawn a mob all not works ??
    or is that because i have mc 1.3 ??
    or what do i wrong ?? :S
    what can i do that this works ?
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    You dont have worldedit, and for worldedit you need world guard go get those 2
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    Yes it is, and, if you paid attention, you would see that both the server AND the client need the mod.
    There isn't (yet) any program/plugin/server that can distribute mods/textures. Once this IS possible, you could go look for that. Until that time, your answer is (obviously) no
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    it not works i have now world guard the newest version and the world edit
    i had put the .jar files in my plugin files
    must ich change a text file that it works ?
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    but itemcraft are a client mod and this work on bukkit
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    Nope it can be added fools just someone need to makeit if he use itemcraft.
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    All that needs to happen to get integration from mods and bukkit, is bukkit needs to run from the minecraft_server.jar, not it's own .jar file. This will take a lot of work, mostly because they have already made a whole new .jar file. They would pretty much have to redo everything, but to have mods I would definitely give them monetary support. There are other server wrappers like SimpleServer and Vanilla that would work because they use the minecraft_server.jar, but they have practically no plugins like bukkit does :/
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    That's a terrible idea on so many levels. Thankfully never happening.
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    ItemCraft is a client mod system, but I'm not sure if it supports SDK's guns.
    You need to read the stickies on the top of the page, it specifically says that plugins cannot add items, any client mods which are those you find on cannot be made purely into a plugin.
    PS. Afforess, I really like Rise of Mankind on Civ IV, and would love to see it developed further.
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    RAND (Rise of Mankind A New Dawn) will have a final 1.76 release soonish.
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    Awesome! I'll get to it once I crush the damn Austrians in this dawn of the overlors game.
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    Why not just Get the plugins "Guns". Its on Bukkit Dev
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