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    Plugin category: ADMN, CHAT, INFO

    Suggested name: Score-BoardZ

    What I want: A scoreboard like on vanilla minecraft via commandblocks. Except 100% customizable. I would like it to record, Player Kills, Deaths, Mob Kills, Money, KDR (Player Kills + Mob Kills / Deaths = KDR). Support for McMMO, Town Finder (Not a plugin but pretty much in a config file i type in the co-ords and name it would tell the player which city/town is the closest). Support for many types of pages.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /scoreboard (Alias; /sb)
    • /scoreboard version ; Displays current version
    • /scoreboard page <Number/Name>
    • /scoreboard list
    • /scoreboard create <Name of Scoreboard>
    • /scoreboard add <Scoreboard Name> <Name for sub item> <variable>
    • (Variable would be like; %deaths%, In replace for %deaths% for # of deaths.
    • /scoreboard hide <Name of scoreboard> <Player>
    • /scoreboard forceshow <Name of scoreboard> <Player Name/Global>
    • Any other commands.
    Ideas for permissions:
    • scoreboard.*
    • scoreboard.version
    • scoreboard.list
    • scoreboard.create
    • scoreboard.add
    • scoreboard.hide
    • scoreboard.hide.(NameOfBoard).me
    • scoreboard.hide.(NameOfBoard).other
    • scoreboard.forceshow
    When I'd like it by: Take your time.
    Thx in advance!!!
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    Oh facepalm.
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    Friday of next week no tomorrow -.-
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    Should put a date next time ^_^ - and still I think by Friday one next week may be a stretch. May take just that long to get a developer who is free on time.
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    Ahh okay. Thx

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