Scheduled downtime: XenForo update.

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jan 13, 2012.

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    We're preparing to update XenForo this weekend to better serve the community (as well as address the issues that users using Firefox 9.0 have been facing). This update will bring new features, better performance, stability and many bug fixes.

    As we do a lot to prepare for an update, if any of our tests fail, we will not go through with the update until we sort out the issue and it may result in us delaying the update until we can be sure that we won't have any problems.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.
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    yay!!!!!! Thanks Bukkit!
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    Hurry, I will be able to create topics now :D
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    /me Wonders what Xenforo is and what it does for Bukkit :p
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    Don Redhorse

    /me wonders if we will get a subforum for Minecraft Updates.... to get rid of all the when is cb next minecraft version out of the normal forums.... and wonders if that would work... as people don't read and learn..
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    Yay, finally. Thanks for XF1.1.1.
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    You're looking at it.
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    It was more intended as a subtile pointer towards the fact that most people here (the casual server owners/admins) dont know what it is. And that an announcement like 'System X will go down for an updated' might leave those people to wonder what the heck that is and how it will effect them.

    Maybe 'The forums will be down for maintenance' works better, and it still leaves room for a more technical explanation in the second sentence.

    Ow well, I might lack the proper nuance to be able to make such comments :(.
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    Ahh, so us is this fix for Firefox 9 for us not being able to create new topics?
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    That will be on of the fixes I'm assuming, yes
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    Thank god it wasnt just me! lol I posted my firefox problem and the mods were like 'looks fine'. Im guessing they use Chrome?
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    Does this affect any other service except the forums?
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    Does anyone have a link to the XenForo changelog?
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    I need help there's no box when I go to make a thread or conversation except for the title, I can't get help if I can't post a thread or start a conversation so I'm posting this reply in hopes of finding out the problem.
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    Prob wont fail.. Just a Update...
    Just back your Stuff up xD
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    No, this is strictly the forum software.
    The closest I could find was this release post, it seems documentation is lacking:
    I've stated in various other places that this is a FireFox 9 issue with this site, that said it will be fixed
    This update will fix this.
    This update will fix this.

    I've deleted a lot of off topic posts, this is not a thread for asking about when Bukkit will update or for requesting help.
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    Your gonna love the update, gonna be updated to 1.1.1?
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    Every server owner is thinking it, I'm just saying it: What the fuck are you guys doing?!

    When the Bukkit Team isn't sticking their hands in each others asses jerking each others shit, they are updating their forums instead of updating, testing and promoting an Recommended Build of Bukkit. Now, I don't have a degree in business or project management but one would think the latter is more important, even a two year old knows this (yet somehow it slipped the entire Bukkit Team). No server owner wants to see you wanking on about updating your forums, they want to see a fucking RB and they want to see it in a timely manner. That is what makes people happy. If only you guys could fap to the thought of keeping Bukkit up to date instead of just your forums.

    And for the record, seeing as the Bukkit Team has nothing left to offer except for stunning examples of how not to run a project, I look forward to the day the Spout Team release a version independent of Bukkit as it seems they have more hope of making "Lets keep it up to date" a priority
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    I'm not thinking that, or anything remotely like that. You'd have to be a total dick to think anything even close to that. I do not appreciate you speaking on behalf of every server owner, you haven't contacted any of us regarding our opinions on this you just jumped straight in and assumed we all were like you.
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    Why should they do you or anyone else any favors? Are you paying them for it? Go figure out how to update your own bukkit build if you can't wait like a fucking sane person.
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    You apparently also don't have a degree in common sense.
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    Alright everyone, lets keep this thread on topic please.
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    For the record, the staff involved in updating the forums is entirely separate from the staff which updates CraftBukkit. Could it be that we are perhaps doing both at the same time?
    Secondly, you are most welcome to use development builds of 1.1 which are available and have been since the 12th.

    I understand your frustration, maintaining a server and having issues and seeing announcements about other things is annoying, as running a server on its own isn't easy. However, your quite a bit off the mark on where to express this frustration. If you want to discuss this more, feel free to send me a PM as this isn't the thread for it.

    And again to everyone in the thread, this is not a support thread... Please do stay on topic.
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    Actually, I spend my entire day banning people like you instead, I find that most productive and more of a priority than giving you something you don't deserve. You see, it doesn't matter if we get an update out today, tomorrow or in a week. If I let you stay in this community, you'll scare everyone away and we can't have that. At the end of the day, when we do get a Recommended Build out that we're proud of and happy with, I still want a community around to appreciate it, so I'm taking a little break from getting that build out to remove people like you from our fantastic community. It's a bit ironic that by complaining about this, you're just making me spend more time away from what you think I should be focusing on.

    Apparently they didn't teach you about organisational structure, multiple teams focusing on different goals and efficiency when you got your apparent degree in business or project management, you should probably demand your money back as it is an integral part of said discipline that you are greatly missing out on.

    Then again, you're banned so you can't even read this. I understand the pressure server admins have to face to run a successful server and respect them for enduring it, but there is nothing that can ever excuse you from showing the amount of disrespect you've shown my team and my staff and this is something I will never stand for.

    As much as I'd like to rush out a Recommended Build, there's a reason they're called recommended. Every server admin out there depends on us to put out a high quality, stable build that they can safely run without fear of their world being corrupted. I understand the need to update your server as soon as possible, but if whatever development build we have has a bug that stops people from breaking blocks, what good would that do? If you feel that a development build should be promoted as recommended, then run that development build on your production server. You always have that option. Me? I'm going to stick with our insanely strict Quality Assurance practises to get something out that I have no problem associating myself with. That way our community has a choice of knowing what builds will run best and choosing to run those, or to run the latest development build and take a chance.

    Have a nice day :)
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    At least use the right thread to rage squeak on...
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    It's nice to know the "Issues" are being worked on by separate teams, as Seph said above. :)

    I've been using Bukkit plug-ins for quite some time now on my server; but yet to ever complete any feedback about even the site itself - Until now.

    I honestly shared some of the same feelings as Prom said - Obviously not as vulgar and disrespectfully blatant; but in the end it's easier to just be patient and understand when the release is released the best will be of the best. :p

    I've definitely found some respect for the BukkitHQ - Keep up the good work & please keep us all informed on the new build process! :)
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    there working harder than you think
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    The new features in 1.1.1 Are awesome! Xenporta will be new, There is a new Warning System built in, Administrators can now Ban/Edit users on Profile or Player Card and more!
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    Two things: I'm the one who's doing the updating and also I do not work on CraftBukkit or Bukkit. I am completely astonished that you seem to believe it takes an entire team of developers to carry out a small incremental upgrade to a cleanly documented website, as compared to the far more difficult task of updating mappings and inserting hooks in software not designed for the purpose.

    Thank you for your misinformed post, and I hope I have managed to address all the legitimate points you've made.
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    thanks bro
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