Running a server (PF/Hamachi) - Launchpad Edition

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    Please note that these procedures only work with Bukkit Launchpad. Click here to download Bukkit Launchpad.

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    1. Open up Bukkit Launchpad and click the icon that has the blue circle background with the three dots in it.
    2. Setup Hamachi, following the steps as instructed
    3. To run a hamachi server you need to edit your file like this:
      • server-ip - write here the IPv4 address that is at the top of the Hamachi window.
      • server port - leave this as default (25565)
      • You may or have to set online-mode to false
    4. Open up Hamachi. If you have not already created a new network, do so now. This is what other users will use to connect to your network and join your server
    5. When you give out your ip address for other people to join, make sure you use your hamachi one (the one that you typed in
    To be able to play with other people around the world, without wanting to set up a server through Hamachi or a VPN, use port-forwarding. Port-forwarding simply allows you to host the server on your own PC and lets other people connect to your computer.
    1. Click the button that has the orange 'PF' lettering in Launchpad
    2. Press 'Allow' or 'Yes' in UAC (if you have it turned on)
    3. Follow setup procedures as instructed
    4. When finished, open up PFconfig from your start menu or from your desktop.
    5. Select your router model and firmware version
    6. Type in your routers credentials (D-Link default is admin)
    7. Follow forward steps (eg. connecting to router)
    8. In that MASSIVE box of port forward options, scroll down until you see 'Minecraft Server'
    9. Click 'Minecraft Server'
    10. Now, click 'Port Forward' or 'Open Port' or whatever it says, something like those options.
    11. After port forwarding steps completed, in Launchpad select the button at the top that has the sheet of paper icon to edit
    12. Open CMD by going to the start menu and typing in 'cmd' (or go to run and type 'cmd' if your using XP)
    13. in Command Prompt, type 'ipconfig'
    14. go up and find the label 'IPv4 Address'
    15. Copy the IP thats there (e.g. IPv4 Address..............123.456.78.90)
    16. After copying, paste the IPv4 Address into the server-ip slot.
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