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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by AdamQpzm, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Certain pieces of information that I found useful are now missing from the rules. I think that this information should be added back, as it lets users know exactly what is allowed, rather than being vague and subjective. For example, in section 5, "Signatures and Avatars" the rules used to say the following:
    • The maximum dimensions for avatars are: 102x102 pixels.
    • The maximum file size for avatars is 40 KB.
    • The maximum TOTAL dimensions for signatures are: 794x154 pixels.
    However, the rules now simply say:
    • Should not advertise anything but your plugins or Minecraft server
    • Should not include profanity
    • Should be small compact and non distracting. It is a signature not a novel.
    • Should not include nudity or other inappropriate images.
    • Do not use your avatar/signature to try and promote a discriminatory world view
    "compact and non distracting" is subjective. What I view as compact and non-distracting might not be the same other people's (including the administration team's) view. 102x102 pixels, or 794x154 pixels is not subjective, and allows everyone to know exactly what is allowed. The current rules also say "It is a signature not a novel", when the rule also applies to avatars. This is a little confusing and might make some people assume that that rule does not apply to avatars.

    Another problem I have with the rules now is that the formatting has gone a bit askew. Is there anyway that this can be fixed at all? Here are some screenshots I have taken to illustrate my point.

    The indentation of the rules starts off here:
    Show Spoiler

    It then moves over here when the bullet points start
    Show Spoiler


    And once again moves further for the main text
    Show Spoiler


    Finally, further down the page, it shifts back to the left for a single bullet point
    Show Spoiler


    I understand the necessity of indentation for bullet points, however the main body of text should have a consistent alignment.
    I think by adding information the rules will be clearer, and they'll look nicer with a consistent alignment style :)
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    Considering you can't upload a larger image than the forums allow, there is no need for avatar dimensions. Either it will fit or it won't.

    Having a set dimension for a signature is also relatively useless since what size it displays as is dependent on the display settings of the viewer. And it means the staff has to go checking pixel size. Saying "small,compact and non-distracting" may be subjective however it allows staff to judge issues on a case by case basis.

    I do not know why the HTML code is indenting like that. I am working on fixing it.
  3. However, there is still a technical maximum size behind the scenes, right? For example, there was a case a while ago where a signature was cut off because it did not fit this size.

    I assume that images would be auto-resized, yes? Knowing this size limit is useful if someone was going to design a signature - if they accidentally made it too big (not realising the max size), then it would be reduced in size. This may make the signature not look as intended, so I do genuinely believe that it's useful information to have at least somewhere, if not in the rules. :)

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    My avatar is a 2050x2050 image.... it loads perfectly. Xenforo resizes things to fit inside the fixed ratio. Newer xenforo allows signature size limits. This one does not. Unless the former staff changed the code for xenforo I am unaware of a way this version of xen could limit signature size.
  5. Fair enough. Maybe they've done that, then, since signatures cut off if they're too long, as in the case linked above.
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    I have checked, there do not appear to be any extensions to add this functionality enabled on the forums. So I am guessing its a custom thing by former staff. Until we can fix it, its easy enough to say "if your signature is cut off, make it smaller".

    And Zeldo found the missing "</ul>" to fix the rule formatting.
  7. Yeah, I just did some testing with text-based signature. It doesn't resize it particularly well, and will cut off if you have too many lines there. There'll be few lines allowed when using things such as quotes/code blocks. So regardless of how it's actually done, the limits the old rules stated do seem to apply :p

    Great, looks much better thanks :)
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Just noting, in the CSS the .signature class has a defined max-height: 154px

    That's why it gets cut. :)
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    Thanks. That would be why I was having issues finding it. Its not the default location for xenforo
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