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    Saga - RPG, Settlements and Factions:
    Version: v0.7 (beta)

    Saga is a combination of settlement, faction and role-playing mechanics rolled into one.

    • RPG
      • Players gain experience from killing both mobs and players and by harvesting resources.
      • Training attributes provides various bonuses.
      • Passive and active abilities based on attribute scores.
    • Settlements
      • Ability to create settlements and invite players.
      • Chunk based (16x16) claiming system.
      • Protection from outside griefing.
      • Settlements gain experience and levels.
      • Member roles that grant attribute bonuses and permissions.
      • Buildings with various effects:
        • resource production,
        • abilities,
        • spawn command,
        • hostile mob prevention,
        • pvp arena,
        • item buying,
        • homes,
        • attribute training.
    • Factions
      • Players can create factions and invite other players.
      • Faction chat.
      • Fight for control over settlements.
      • Factions gain experience and levels.
      • Wages based on the amount of settlements held.
      • Assign members roles that grant attribute bonuses and permissions.
      • Option for faction vs faction only pvp.
    • Additional features
      • Prevent creepers from damaging blocks.
      • Rechargeable guardian rune that restores the inventory after death.
      • Admin and special chat.
      • X-ray indication (experimental).
      • Statistics.
    Download Saga

    Source Code
    Bukkit dev

    Saga is in beta, so all feedback is appreciated.

    Sagas configuration is very versatile - almost everything can be tweaked. However, during beta I want to test the default configuration. The configuration files are in json format, so edit them if you know what you are doing. I will be providing a comprehencive way of editing the config files at the end of beta testing.

    Version 0.7
    • Made Saga work with 1.4.6
    • Tweaked help messages.
    • Made it possible to combine arenas
    • Added Crumble Arena minigame
    • Rebalanced ability requirements
    • Made watchtower only work above ground
    • Added flash commands to see chunk and storage area bounds
    • Saga now breaks every time mc updates. Great job, whoever though it was a good idea!
    Version 0.6
    • Moved buildings to buildings.json.
    • Removed factions levels. Factions now gain settlement claim points instead of levels.
    • Factions gain ranks by claiming settlements with certain buildings.
    • Removed settlement levels. Settlements now gain claim points instead of levels.
    • Settlements gain new roles by Setting buildings.
    • Building points are now based on claimed land.
    • Made it so factions have access to claimed settlements storage areas.
    • Added an option to change max and min faction and settlement name length.
    • Added chest protection in homes.
    • Balanced abilities and exp.
    • Made so most abilities either require a rank or a role.
    • Removed warmaster ranks and added knight, wizard, marksman instead.
    • Made Stoneskin ability into a shield that regenerates after combat.
    • Renamed Bash to Disarm.
    • Added abilities:
      • Parry
        • Block from front ignores all damage and makes defender temporary invulnerable.
      • Berserk
        • Melee damage increases while in combat.
      • Backstab
        • Bonus damage and armour penetration from behind.
      • Lightning
        • Fires a lightning bolt at target location.
      • Meteors
        • Shoots multiple fireballs from the sky.
    • Fixed blocking always applied bug.
    • Fixed being damaged in creative.
    • Fixed farms not protecting animals from outsiders.
    Version 0.5
    • Reduced enderman and blaze exp.
    • Improved stats, list and help messages by adding a frame.
    • Heavy swing now depends on strength and willpower.
    • Strength, precision and willpower reduce axe, shovel and pickaxe durability decrease.
    • Farmer, blacksmith, woodcutter and miner can now build in settlement buildings.
    • Members can claim for their settlement for a faction.
    • Faction members receive coins for killing players.
    • Removed redundant player levels. Instead of gaining levels, players will now directly gain attribute points.
    • Improved map by adding different colours for biomes and more solid characters.
    • Fixed map command north not being the actual north.
    • Fixed error spam that was caused by NPC plugins.
    • Fixed a bug where force ability was cancelled if there were non enemies nearby.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted from explosions that were created by non-entities.
    Version 0.4
    • Added vault support for economy, chat and permissions.
    • Fixed player data reset on operating systems with case sensitive directories.
    • Removed redundant repair ability.
    • Added a configuration option to disable Saga in certain worlds.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed Saga not working with CB 1.3.1-R2.0
    • Saga is now not compatible with CB 1.3.1-R1.0
    • Fixed some typos
    • Fixed unlimited roles/ranks exploit
    • Fixed different worlds distance bug in /pay
    • Decreased wages and amount of held settlements required
    • A faction requires 4 members to be formed
    • Added some effects and and sounds and arm animations
    • Fixed watchtower not letting to use hostile mob spawn commands
    • Signs now display syntax when entered incorrectly
    • Added custom health
    • Removed warding attribute
    • Rebalanced attributes:
      • Strength increases melee damage
      • Precision increases ranged damage and armour penetration
      • Willpower increases magic damage and enchanted armour penetration
    • Rebalanced abilities:
      • Fireball can be used more often
      • Nerfed bash
      • Other minor tweaks
    • Added Counter(attack) ability:
      • Activated when blocking
      • Stops all damage and hits the attacker
      • Depends on strength
    • Added Ricochet ability:
      • Arrow bounces off blocks and hits a single target
      • Depends on precision
    • Added Stoneskin ability:
      • Absorbs damage for
      • Depends on willpower
    Version 0.1
    • Beta release.
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    Thanks, typo fixed. Easy to overlook.

    Enabled String literal spell checking in Eclipse.
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    Updated to v0.3 [CB 1.3.2-R2.0]. Will not work with [CB 1.3.2-R1.0].

    Please redownload when you update bukkit.

    Notable changes:
    • Removed warding attribute, added custom health (max 50) and rebalanced.
    • Added 3 new abilities: Counter(attack), Ricochet, and Stoneskin.
    • Nerfed wages from claiming settlements.
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    Made some modifications to stats, list and help messages. Greatly improved map:
    Special thanks to Father of Time for figuring out how to get those bonus characters.
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    Great plugin! It has a lot of possibilities but it's growing quickly. I'd like to suggest some features that would be really useful for big servers.
    • Dynmap integration
    • MySQL Database
    • Easy way to translate the plugin
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    Looks like great plugin! Can you please update it to 1.5.1? To update do u change the external jars to craftbukkit 1.5.1?

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