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    BukkitDev Link <--- Click Here
    To get a list of commands, type /moxie in-game! The config file will also generate with a set of instructions for you until I can document it on here. If you used a beta version of this plugin, you must reset the Config.yml file! ==​
    What Is It?
    Moxie is a skills plugin that aims to do the following:​
    Provide a wide range of skills!​
    Give players many abilities to use with the skills!​
    Create a clear and simple set up for admins!​
    Create something fun for people to use!​
    The Skills
    Moxie includes a large number of skills that can be practiced by players. They include:​
    ** [[Attack (Sword)]]** [moxie.attack]​
    ** [[Strength (Axes)]]** [moxie.strength]​
    ** [[Defence (No weapon|Blocking)]]** [moxie.defence]​
    ** [[Archery (Bow and Arrow)]]** [moxie.archery]​
    ** [[Enchanting (XP Levels)]]** [moxie.enchanting]​
    ** [[Constitution (Health and Taming)]]** [moxie.constitution]​
    ** [[Crafting (Materials)]]** [moxie.crafting]​
    ** [[Mining (Ores)]]** [moxie.mining]​
    ** [[Smelting (Furnace and Anvil)]]** [moxie.smelting]​
    ** [[Fishing (Fish!)]]** []​
    ** [[Cooking (Foods)]]** []​
    ** [[Woodcutting (Axes)]]** [moxie.woodcutting]​
    ** [[Agility (Falling)]]** [moxie.agility]​
    The permissions for each skill are at the end of each point. Each of these skills comes with different abilities, and Moxie also supports multi-skill abilities and skill sharing with leader-boards. To add to all that, everything is configurable from enabling skills to defining what skill levels are needed per ability!​
    Why Use This?
    This plugin is going to remain up to date as long as Bukkit and Minecraft are live. Updates with new features are expected every one to two weeks. It will eventually offer different storage methods (although the current YML method is very fast!) and a wide range of unlockable abilities, including multi-skill abilities, so try Moxie now!​
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    I love this plugin, Its better than McMMO by far!

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