Inactive [RPG/MISC] ClassSign v1.5 - Fill your inventory with custom inventories for classes [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ChrizC, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Nice! Gonna use this for my puzzles! =D
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    Really like the idea of this plug-in, but is there anyway you could also add an option that once a player has used a sign, they can only use that class' signs from then on. So as a mage for example, I can't go and punch all the signs to get all the other items.

    EDIT: Or add Permission nodes to using specific signs. So using your class examples, stuff like
    'classigns.use.chef' or 'classigns.use.archer'.
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    Wanted to say, awesome stuff on this plugin. I love it and it's vital for our server. I was wondering though (Yes of course I have an add request :) please don't hate me) would there be anyway to add a function to reset the signs for a target user while in 1-time use mode? Keep up the good work! Thanks for developing this awesome plugin. :)
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    Hey great plugin man! Someone may have asked this (I think I checked though), but would there be a way to clear the entire inventory instead of the bottom nine slots? I'm using it alongside the War plugin for different combat classes, but it's easy for people to cheat and get the items from all the classes. Thanks again!
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    Both added in 1.3!

    Chris :cool:
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    ohhh sorry for the stupid post then :p in the explanation section, it still says bottom nine slots. thanks again for this great plugin
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    I added it because of your request, haha.

    And check the configuration section, option "emptyWholeInventory" ;)

    Chris :cool:
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    ohhh well in that case, thank you very much :D
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    can you try adding like clear the user one sign use when they're teleport to another world?


    add something like, when they punch the the sign, they will teleport to where I add a warp point so they cannot use the sign again and another sign that will clear they're whole inventory..?
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    Having a problem here!
    When i was customizing the classes i tried to put a class in called Diamondman
    i put it like this:
    Diamondman: item:276,277,278,279,310,311,312,313
    Then i had to re-install it.
    Can you help me with inserting more classes?
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    Can you pastebin your config file for me?

    Chris :cool:
  13. i cant create my own custom class when i try to do it and place the sign the green thing gets at the bottom of the sign but when i punch it it disconnects me and the i cant use it unless i make a new sign plus i dont get the items can you help me with that
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    Can you paste your config file, plus what errors do you get in the console, and what message do you get when it disconnects you?

    Chris :cool:
  15. I did make it work today but anyway thanks for the reply
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    I got a little request
    Can u make signs usable by anyone by default, and not only for ops?
    So everyone can make use of my signs?
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    By default, if Permissions is not found, anyone can "use" the sign.
    If you have Permissions installed, users will have to have the "classign.Use" permission before they can use the signs.

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    In my server classes don't change unless the person is opped
    I do have essentials groupmanager installed, but it seems to completely ignore classign.Use

    also with a fresh server "normal" people can not use signs
    only ops can change classes by using signs

    nevermind got it working
    was so stupid
    the signs were in the spawn protection area, that is why it did not work...
    sorry to have bothered you
    I love this plugin!

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    This is a very good plugin. I thank you.
    I always put chests with stacks upon stacks of stuff in them for people to take, but griefers take the whole lot
    I found this plugin just after updating to CB928 and searching [928] to see who has joined me.
    I like to make theme packs:
    Diamond Themepack:
    64x Diamond Block
    64x Diamond [diamond]
    1x of each diamond tool
    Full diamond armour

    My friends LOVE it.

    Only one tiny thing: Could you make the things like emplyInventory different for each sign? Some i would like to keep my inventory for, but some I would not.

    Overall a great app. Probably feature in my YouTube when I start plugin reviews soon.
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    I have a problem. I want to use this plugin for two different things at the same time.

    - I want to have a sign at spawn that gives new players a starter kit.
    - I also want to use the signs in my arena so players can get weapons and armor easily.

    These two conflict, since I only want each user to be able to use the starter kit sign once, but I want them to be able to use the arena signs however many times they want.

    I'd like to be able to set a sign to skip the "already used me" check. Mayhaps through a new parameter on the 3rd line?

    So the syntax would be something like


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    Hey man is there any way to add a class like the tank or something, when i tryed add it (Tank: items: 283,258,320:10 armor: 302,311,312,305) for my server it said something about The map values not being there? if you could help that would be great.​
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    I have added this in version 1.4. Thanks for the idea!
    Version 1.4 changelog:
    • * Changed namespace.
    • - Removed oneUseSigns mode.
    • + Added possibility of adding specific One-Use signs.
    Now, instead of specifying oneUseSigns to true/false, you simply put [One-Use] on the THIRD line of any sign you want to be one-use only. Otherwise, leave the third line blank (or put anything else on that line - the plugin doesn't care as long as it's not [One-Use])

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    I just recently started with my server and thought I might be able to use this mod, but it doesn't seem to be working for me at all. Everything is set up perfectly, the mod came out right, but it's just not working.
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    can you make it to where they only get to use 1 sign like they shoose one then they cant use anymore of them?
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    FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!
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    Not an important issue, but every time I start the server, I get a warning saying there is a new version and to check the forums. I am running the most recent version. (1.4)
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    the /cs clearuser command conflicts with craftscrips):
    is there a way you could change it to /classsign clearuser ?
    Thank You!:)

    And same thing with person above me as well. no biggie tho:)
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    /classsign is an alias of /cs. You can use either.

    Also, you should not be getting that message anymore.
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    oh thank you!
    sorry i jsut joined, dont know much :p
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    Does anyone know what does this means?
    16:16:05 [GRAVE] Error occurred while enabling ClassSign v1.4 (Is it up to date?): while scanning for the next token; found character     '\t' that cannot start any token
    while scanning for the next token
    found character     '\t' that cannot start any token
     in "<reader>", line 4, column 1:
            armor: 306,307,308,309

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