[RPG/MECH] sRPG v0.6 Preview - completely customizable RPG and Combat system [1185]

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    (yet )a(nother) very fully featured RPG plugin​

    This plugin is now moved to devbukkit, i will leave this thread as is, and may also update it, but for now the devbukkit page contains the most recent information. Discussion may continue here or on devbukkit, i will check both.

    Version: v0.6 Preview

    Note: Only use the current version on a live server if you can handle bugs. While the most severe are probably dealt with, there are still lots of smaller ones. Content also is not yet in a finished and complete state. Configuration files and database tables may still change, so you may have to drop those for a new version, losing some data.

    Short Summary:
    This plugin seeks to combine a rich suite of RPG-like mechanics (xp, skills, active abilities, ...) with a complete rebalance of the combat system (changed monster hp, damage, weapon damage, new mechanics,...) and on top of that make the whole package completely configurable for server admins (and when i say completely, i mean it)

    DOWNLOAD v0.6 Preview

    Requirements: SQLite or MySQL

    Additional downloads:

    Version 0.6 Preview
    • initial release of the job system rewrite
    • basically everything changed, refer to the devbukkit page for more information

    Version 0.5 alpha 3
    • giant and ghast added to advanced config, have correct hp now
    • arrow damage fixed
    • ability to override tool damage for use with some other plugin added to advanced config
    • creepers deal damage according to config (value set in config is maximum damage)
    • plugin disables itself if it cannot establish initial database connection
    • groundwork for future additions
    Version 0.5 alpha 2

    • integrated quickfixes by MG127
    • added customizable block xp groups, you are now not limited to "common, uncommon, rare" but can create any number of groups
    • added database update routine for future changes in the database structure
    • major changes in the advanced configuration as part of planned additions, delete yours and let the plugin recreate it, or adjust by hand (defaults are on github for reference)
    • slimes and wolves use correct hp/damage/xp values now depending on size (slimes) and taming status (wolves)
    Version 0.5 alpha 1

    • Initial alpha release
    And finally, some thanks to

    nossr50, for the inspiration to do this, and the source to mcMMO that really helped me getting started, not to mention that his plugin is great
    sk89q, whose source of WorldGuard also was very enlightening, if sometimes slightly over my head
    various other plugin authors that made their stuff available, really a boon for beginners when you can look at how other people did some things
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    @MG127 locating the errors now, just know that without srpg I never lost the save file and it somehow randomly does it with it. Sorry for not being able to be more precise
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    seems the error may be fixed by the double drop hotfix ^^
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    I will definitely be replacing mcMMO with sRPG once active abilities are added. The rework for monsters and balancing out combat in this mod seem so much better. Also, it looks much cleaner and easier to read for the user. mcMMO looks like a mess when you look at your /stats and /skill
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    any links to nightly builds or anything else like that?
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    you mean something like this?
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    you fixed some bugs of zaph34r's plugin, right?

    I meant an static link to a (daily, weekly or whatever) changelog or a srpgdev.jar... anything like that..
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    I want to say, I can't wait to use this mod once Active Abilities are added...

    Would it be possible to add configuration options for people you kill and different monsters slain to drop money using the hooked economy plugin?
    - Flat range (ie; $10 to $30) from certain monsters (Zombie, Skeletons, etc)
    - A percent range (ie; 0% to 3%) from the player killed's economy account

    armor multipliers (not used yet, but later on different types of armors will absorb more or less damage)
    Does this mean that armor does not reduce damage at the moment, or are you saying the armor does the normal reduction that the game sets until you add the feature?
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    armor currently has its vanilla behavior
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    Is there a future possibility of adding a repair skill using an Iron block?
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    Just to clarify that, i am in fact still alive, and the project is too :) And it should soon be under active development again, with 'soon' being hopefully at most a week from now

    thanks for the quickfix, highly appreciated :D
    i did actually plan to implement some sort of database updating routine, but i pushed that back to when the plugin actually is sort of feature complete for its first iteration

    what things clash between this and demigods? did the hotfix fix it?

    At the moment no nightly builds, but i could make them available once development resumes.

    Money drops are something that will probably be integrated soon, depending on the complications the various economy plugins throw at me while trying
    Armor behavior at the moment is just vanilla minecraft, i plan on overhauling that but haven't started yet (and haven't looked into how getting a player's armor value at runtime works, but i guess it should be possible right? :eek:). Basically the different armor tiers will have different damage reduction capabilities (so better armor not only lasts longer, but it also absorbs more damage)
    I'm hesitant regarding a repair skill like in mcMMO, partly because i don't want to lift every single feature from it :D and partly because i'm not sure i like the way it works there. But repairing in some form is something i would like to have in the plugin, especially in combination with the planned crafting skill.

    I will also try to update the description to make some things a bit clearer (like the skill requirements for the milestones MG127 mentioned), i think at some point i will have to move to a wiki or something, because i found it quite difficult to fit a comprehensive documentation into the post.
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    Good to hear :D Welcome back
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    pvpReward is realy nice, but not open source ...

    maybe you have to invest why some nullpointer-exceptions happend, i just put a if (x==null) return; in it to avoid the error but this doesnt fix the reason
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    this plugin look awesome simple but with alot fo features which i want to add to my rpg server could anyone confirm it working with 860 ?

    thank you
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    It would definitely be cool to have money drops in a future release obviously this wouldn't stop me from using this mod.

    I read through all the features and stuff, and I just wanted to make sure armor was at least doing what it normally does in vanilla. Maybe have the future crafting skill be able to create better tiers of armor etc?

    It would be very cool along with your crafting skill to maybe make that the ability to repair armor and weapons. Maybe not enforce an iron block like mcMMO, but perhaps (if this is possible) put the damaged item in a top slot of a furnace and add the needed elements like ingots or diamond the bottom slot (where you normally put coal) to fix them. I don't know if this possible but it would very cool. I know they did add new listener events for furnaces (in bukkit) now so you should be able to have the mod give skill for repairing with a furnace.

    Do you have any idea (timeline) when you will have a release that includes the active abilities?
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    Very nice plugin would use it if i could but currently i am running 950 so it wont be an good idea
    but i would add some spells that you can bind to items Would be awsome
    btw any updates planned?
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    This plugin looks really promising and I look forward to future updates. I've yet to set up MySQL because I have to get my hoster to set it up for me, but is there anyway to track your leveling progress? When I checked most of the command menus were still incomplete.

    Anyway, good luck with the plugin! I hope to see it go far. :)
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    Can I make the plea that this goes to sqlite as soon as possible? I am at the end of my rope trying to set up MySQL on our host machine. In the MOST basic setup, following the tutorials, I get failures. "Can't connect to MySQL server on (10061)" I have taken down ALL security on the machine, which shouldn't matter for a local connection anyways. I followed the tutorial to the letter. I don't think that MySQL LIKES my computer. I've already googled the error, and either the results I get are having the error elsewhere (Mine is in setup... where it shouldn't be ABLE to fail), or the thread shows no solution (as in "Sorry, there is no solution to this.")

    So please, I am begging, can you make this work with sqlite? My players are begging for this plugin, and I can't give it to them AT ALL...

    [Edit] Oh... for anyone having my issue, download the 5.1 server and run it. 5.6 doesn't want to work. AGH! I finally got it running, now just to connect up the plugin to it. owe...
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    I was wondering if other/new block XP could be added such as a new section for blocks like the follow:

    1. special:
    2. ids: [19]
    3. xp: 200
    4. chance: 1.0

      Would this be possible to do?
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    Soo, after almost a week of a summer cold (how the hell does one even catch one of those?) and lots of carrying boxes of stuff around, i am now in my new flat, and so development will basically resume from now (minus the time it takes me to again comprehend what the hell i coded a few weeks ago). Probably not at fullspeed yet, as there's still lots of unpacking and more to do, but i will see that i port it to the newest RB asap, as well as integrate MG127's hotfix, and hopefully fix some other bugs that were found in the meantime. After that it's active ability time, though i can't say how long it will take.

    custom xp per block or more fine-grained xp groups are definitely coming, the current 3 groups were mostly for testing if it works properly (as well as the values, no balancing done yet, as i heard from one server admin his users took only a few days to max every skill with current xp gains and costs :D thats definitely not intended)
    I think the way it will work is similar to the difficulty levels now, so you can define how many xp groups there are and what they are named in one place, then go on to fill in the actual chances/blocks/xp for the group in the category like it is now (just not with only 3 fixed groups)

    i hear you, took me a while until i got a local mySQL server running for testing. SQLite will be done after active abilities (which will be the point where the current alpha version is feature complete)

    EDIT: while the plugin starts with RB953, the xp system seems a bit borked :confused: some features do still work though at least :D
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    I hope you continue the work on this, as soon as the xp system is fixed I will use it on our server (953).
    This seems to be very neat rpg plugin.
    Thanks again =)
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    New version, no big changes for now

    I found no apparent issues with RB1000, but i haven't tried everything yet, so there may be some new bugs
    As was requested, the most recent build is now accessible from the github page (> downloads)

    Drastic redesign of the skill system, as well as buffs/debuffs and active abilities coming soon :)
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    Can this be used on a single world on a multi-world server? I have a creative server, but some of my users would like to play RPG style sometimes.
    Also the master passives for mining and woodcutting are confusing me. If I read the source correctly, as soon as you reach efficiency III it changes such that:
    20% = P{double drop|┬Čtriple drop}
    (For those unfamiliar with Bayesian Inference: 20% is the chance of getting a double drop given that no triple drop has occured)

    If that is true, you may consider adding that to the Efficiency III explanation, since people may be expecting 1% quintuple drops.
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    separate settings for different worlds are not in yet, but will be, as we want to have a similar setup on our server

    you can indeed only have triple or double drops, not both at the same time. Will be noted in the documentation when it is overhauled.
    Its not 20% combined though, its 5% triple drops and 20% (5% apprentice, +10% expert, +5% master) double drops, complementing 75% normal drops
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    would it be possible to not use sql ?
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    not at the moment, and not in the near future. But SQLite will be available as an alternative to MySQL soon (hopefully).

    i just added a few small hotfixes to the current version, amongst other things the slimes now work properly (correct hp), wolves work properly (correct stats and xp for tamed/wild wolves) and some messages that were incorrectly named should be ok now (check/update your localization files, 2 messages were missing and 2 are renamed, parry and evasion messages specifically)
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    Still getting a severe error while trying to run your plugin for testing.
    2011-07-20 19:00:23 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling sRPG v0.5alpha2 (Is it up to date?): null
        at com.behindthemirrors.minecraft.sRPG.Database.Write(Database.java:129)
        at com.behindthemirrors.minecraft.sRPG.Database.createStructure(Database.java:43)
        at com.behindthemirrors.minecraft.sRPG.SRPG.onEnable(SRPG.java:83)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:126)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:878)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:272)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:162)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:146)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:284)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:271)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:148)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:335)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)
    This is with CB 1000 and your newest RB
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    which version of MySQL? do other plugins using it work fine? did the connection to MySQL by any chance fail directly before (as in, error message of the plugin saying it couldn't connect to the database)?
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    Dunno about the sql, hafta look at it after work tonight if I can. All 32 of my other plugins work flawlessly. No other message was thrown beforehand I don't believe, again will dbl check tonight.
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    I like this idea, Seems more thought out then most plugins. Might throw up on my beta server with quite a few plugins in to test it out. My members would like the idea of being able to skill up and i like the idea of the deeper you are the more damage mobs do.
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    In addition to the (unreleased but sort of stable) build available at the github download page, there is now the:

    dev build
    (link also added to first post)

    This is a automated copy of the build on my testserver (which is autobuilt in eclipse), so it's as bleeding edge as it gets. Might require deleting the config files and letting them recreate, as i may add new things into the config while trying out new features.

    i hope that suffices ;)

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