[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    @Jameshoobs to omit permissions from groups that have the '*' what you can do is this.

    default: false
    - '*'
    - '-command'
    - '-command'

    This creates it so that the admins get all commands, then minus what commands you wish to take away from them.

    So to take away admin chat you would have.

    default: false
    - '*'
    - '-mcmmo.chat.adminchat'

    This will disable admin chat fro the admin. Make sure you use the correct spacing of course.

    Also please take any questions regarding permissions into the correct topic as nossr50 has asked to

    "If you don't know how to edit your permissions file go to the permissions thread!"
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    hmm....you're right....it would be to easy and sorry ^^ i didnt know that the super breaker ability haves a 3x drop chance ^^(im from germany XD) at first i thougt it was only for faster mining or like other digging, wood gathering .... sorry you're right :)
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    I was thinking that maybe that you shouldn't be able to dodge arrows while you are unarmed, because it gives you the ability to deflect arrows and dodge them, which at a high enough level that arrows will pretty much do almost no damage to you. Also was noticing that dodge negates all damage instead of half when being hit with arrows from skeletons.

    Also I am noticing that during falls, I still take damage even though I rolled successfully. It isn't always, but just sometimes I will roll but will still take damage, while other times I will roll and not take damage.
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    For some reason the special abilities are always on now, there is no cooldown and people are able to keep them up 100%. Why is this? Only thing that changed was upgrade to 9.10
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  6. I'm having the same issue as killerbeez on my server, people are reporting bugged skills that do not turn off. Fantastic mod though!
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    I have a few questions about this mod if anybody would be so kind as to help answer them.

    1. When disabling skills in permissions (ie not giving certain groups access to mining, treechopping etc), does this disable their ability to cut down trees completely, or dig up blocks? This is what I am looking for, to impliment custom classes on my servers (miners, masons, lumberjacks, etc).
    2. Can the exp gained be changed in the configs to my own liking? (ie the required amount of exp to level the skills, with a certain amount of randomization thrown in)
    3. Can I disable certain skills or abilities entirely if I do not like the way they work?
    Thanks guys :) I will prob. have more questions after I install this mod and do a little bit of testing.

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    Going to have Multiplay update it 0.9.11 to see if that fixes it.
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    Update to .9.11 this fixes the timer issue which is the one you describe.

    1. No disabling certain abilities does not take away the ability to mine or break blocks. It just denies them the ability to gain xp or use the ability of that skill set.

    2. Yes the EXP gain is configureble
    3. Yes. Just dont give your users permissions of those abilities.

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    1. Disabling skills only disables them from the benefits of the plugin such as 2x drops and abilities. It does not prevent them from cutting trees down or digging up blocks normally.

    2. In a way yes. By increasing the multipliers in your mcmmo rpg config you can increase or decrease the amount of xp needed to level, you cannot customize how much to it is, for example multiplier of 1 will make it so lvl 0 to 1 will need 50 xp, lvl 1 to 2 will need 51 xp. While multiplier of 2 will need 100 xp from lvl 0 to 1 and 102 xp from lvl 1 to 2.

    3. Yes you can disable any skill or abilities that you feel do not mesh will with your server using the permission plugin.

    edit: damn olat for being a ninja.
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    Cool thanks for the uber quick reply. Btw do you know of any mod or plugin that would allow me to specifically deny people the ability to dig, mine, treechop, etc? Thanks :)
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    TBH not off the top of my head.
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    @Raiden273 Most skills are balanced so that you will get maximum benefits around 1000, there is no cap

    @Major I put a notice up, hows that? And I really appreciate your work on the wiki [cake]

    @defofchaos Thanks for the pictures, I will investigate asap :). I'll correct dodge to not nullify damage completely, that was unintended.

    @killerbeez Please upgrade your mcMMO and if the problem persists post any errors in your server console here, look specifically for Timer errors

    @thiefzer0 The XP system is pretty configurable, you can adjust the needed XP to level on a skill per skill basis, you can adjust a pvp modifier to adjust the rates of PVP XP gain and you can also tweak an XP Gain modifier to adjust XP Gain from all non-combat skills, so stuff like 5x longer to level or 5x faster xp gain is configurable or even 5x longer for just acrobatics to level

    Thanks for the feedback guys, quite an amazing number of posts since I last checked the thread!

    [cake]Don't forget to check out the wiki![cake]

    Oh before I forget the "Tutorial Videos" link now takes users to a list of tutorial videos on the mcMMO wiki, handy for showing new players or if you are unfamiliar with mcMMO!

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  14. Thank you very much kind sir, your work is very much appreciated! I too will badger multiplay to update to the latest mcmmo, and report any problems back!
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    Hi, nice mod :)

    Not sure if this has been addressed or not yet, so sorry if it has.
    Somone posted in my protection mod thread about this mod being able to break protected blocks with its instant break ability, and they linked your earlier post about incompatibility. I have a simple suggestion that will make your mod compatible with all other protection mods.

    First, im going to assume you break the block with code somthing like this:
    Block blockToBreak;
    Which you can change to this:
    Player breakingPlayer;
    Block blockToBreak;
    //make new block break event
    BlockBreakEvent event = new blockBreakEvent(blockToBreak, breakingPlayer);
    //call the block break event
         //if it was not cancelled, break the block
    This way, since your calling your own block break event, any other plugins that link to the event will have a chance to cancel it before you break it.

    Just a suggestion :)
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    @bekvon Thank you, I will try this new method out.
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    Oh another question about this mod... is there a way I can disable the right click abilities message spam? I have a few admin only mods such as world edit, residence, etc that use right clicks with various items to enable zone marking, editing etc. Its really annoying to see "you ready your sword/axe" every time I use them >< Thanks again!

    -edit: i found a little bug, not sure if its reported yet. When in pvp protected areas (protected using Residence), I can sit there and auto attack someone protected and get skillups. Also, when the ability (serrated strikes, sword skill) procs it still does damage. Is this known and if so is there a fix? thanks!
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    use /mcability to disable abilities
  19. You should add that as an option (something like swordCounterArrowsLevel=500 or just true/false and hardcode the level) in the config once you find a fix because it sounds awesome !
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    I mean if you wanna be a jedi and reflect blaster bolts. But being able to Do dmg to a tgt 20 yds away with a sword because CA proc'd doesnt seem fair :p
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    So, is there any chance of implementing a (very) basic magic ability or a thief/sneak ability to complete the RPG experience?
    A few hearths heal, a magic arrow, a few seconds invisibility with some decent cool down time.

    My users want magic, but I dont want to make them gods with Runecraft or Spells.
    Plausible for mcMMO? or should I look elsewhere?
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    I would like to know if there is any possibilities to translate the sentences from mcmmo?
    I really need this for my non english speakers clients on my server :)
    Thank you
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    Is there any way to disable all the branding and stuff? I really think it's just tacky to have it spamming mcMMO all over the place. I understand, you want people to appreciate your work, and I'm not trying to hide the fact that I use mcmmo, but it just makes the server feel like a hodgepodge of mods if you have a few on at once that do this, and it makes it less of a cohesive experience. I think this comment will draw some ire, but it's honestly worth asking because it bothers me that much. Other than that, I really enjoy the mod. Keep it up.
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    Saying stuff like that worries me about updating the plugin. Correct me if I am wrong, to update the plugin I just need to download the jar, FTP into my rented server, and overwrite the old jar correct? I do have a backup of the properties, do I need to overwrite that as well?
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    That would be dreamy :)
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    you will have to manually edit the properties. Change cool down lenghts form 120 to 240 to keep it how it is now, or u can just delete the file and let it generate a new one, but if u had edited it at all prior to this, you will have to re-edit it again to get your settings back to how they were.
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    sound epic gonna try it
  28. Arrow deflecting isn't something necesairly sci-fi, it's something from medieval times too, have you seen Legend of the Seeker ? He does that too :)) but hey, magic sword.
    Still, I said arrow deflecting not sending back the arrows, just to protect yourself from them.
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    Arrow deflecting is already in the plugin for unarmed, adding it to swords would allow someone to be able to parry, deflect arrows and also dodge from acrobatics making it pointless to use unarmed as well as being unbalanced.
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    @OrtwinS Its possible, but I wouldn't expect a magic based class anytime soon. And I'm not too sure about a thief class although it could be cool.

    @Cehel Being multilingual would require a lot of work on my part, but I think it should happen with mcMMO. I would need to make a file where you could change all the english parts and write in whatever you want but thats not exactly hard as it is tedious. Right now you could edit the source code to your language with a program like examdiff pro or something to make it easy.

    @Zonkcraft Yeah thats all you need to do to update, however recently I renamed a lot of settings and if you keep your old settings file it will be cluttered with the old setting names and the new settings names, which is why I suggested to delete the file and reconfigure for convenience.
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    You can Already Parry an Arrow with swords. The problem is that you can COUNTER ATTACK an arrow.
    Which means you get hit and then hit the archer back for 1/2 dmg even though hes likes 30 blocks away.

    Unarmed has Deflect Arrows as well
    Acrobatics has Dodge which will also proc on arrows.

    The bug Nossr50 was talking about is that you can Counter Attack or Riposte if you will, an Arrow.
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