[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    When I turn graveltoclay false, i can continue to transform gravel on clay. How do I desactiv it
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    hi, thx for your plugin and sorry for my very bad english.

    now if we will build a wall of iron block we have a wall of anvil :(
    suggestion :
    add command for make a anvil, ex : /mcanvil ( and hit the iron block of your choice for transform in a anvil , same for lwc ;) )

    for server use multiworld with Nether the excavation drop remove interests of go to nether for take special block (glowstone, neterack...)
    add config table drop file for admin server can choice they item drop list of excavation.

    i hop so you have endertand my realy poor english .. sorry for reader
    so thx alot for you works :)
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    I am having a problem with chimaera wings.
    I added mcmmo.item.chimaerawing to the permissions but it seems like no one else beside the admin can use it.
    Whenever someone else tries to use the item it gives them the message that you do not have enough items to use this or that they got hurt recently.
    It's also weird that the admin can use them with only 5 feathers but the message for normal users doesnt trigger until they have 10 feathers.

    Someone else having this problem with chimaera wings?
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    We have this, and have been doing it using it for weeks, with the requirements set to 0... lol

    Thanks for the tip though ;)
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    Finally back in town and got my server updated, all's working great with mcMMO, thanks for another totally awesome update (or two)!

    Also, on my continuing campaign to force you to keep the in-game help relevant, I suggest moving the information on Repair from the /mcmmo output to the one for /repair, and use the space gained in /mcmmo to list the skills which have active abilities.
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    just seeing if there was any way to disable pvp in each world. i run 5 maps but only want one pvp. i use multiverse and that worked fine. your plugin however overides the no pvp flag for each map.
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    I am not using any NPC mods.

    Also, anyone is able to use /whois on my server, it isn't requiring OP.
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    Found my problem. You cant wear armour and use chimaera wing. Is that a bug or supposed to be like that?
    It might also be that my armour was damaged and that was giving me the weird messages. I'm guessing you can't use chimeara wings unless you have full health or something?
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    Bug in no-pvp zones regarding cleaving?

    He said that you hold down right mouse button while attacking, i have confirmed that this works in hurting people, it has something to do with cleaving. It says "cleaving activated" or something like that, and when attacked, it says "you have been cleaved"

    *edit**: Im using worldguard. as the guy below my post is.

    In my instance, I turned off pvp exp which fixed it, but then people figured out ways to still kill people in those non-pvp areas :)
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    Justin Quach

    Excellent that you keep on updating.

    Here's a great task for you, and it may be challenging, but..
    WorldGuard non-PVP areas. In non-PVP areas, people slash eachother, and mcMMO "thinks" that they are dealing damage, when in reality they aren't.

    Could you pass some type of area check for the plugin? After that, and all the bug fixes, this plugin will be the ultimate plugin.
    And thanks for adding toggle, appreciate you listening to the voices of the people.

    Just another server owner,
    Jay Q.
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    Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was using Permissions as a blacklist or a whitelist, thanks for clearing it up, I'll be sure to add this to our server ASAP, looks amazing!
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    A couple questions...

    First, what's a Chimaera Wing? I can't find any info whatsoever on what it is, does, or how to obtain it.

    And second, according to the mcMMO wiki, I should have a 1 in 20 chance of finding glowstone dust in either dirt or grass once you've leveled excavation to 25, but I've dug through hundreds of dirt / grass blocks and haven't come across a single one.
    Nevermind, I finally came across a couple pieces.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Me again, not sure if anyone has said this. But on my server, the "Abilities" sometimes never shut off, and glitch on forever untill one relogs. It doensn't always happen. I've tested it with all skills, and they never really turn off, this is exploitable, and makes it so I cannot use them.

    For the matter of things,

    Server Plugins:

    Essentials(Only for the default commands/tp/warp/home)
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    thanks for the new updates
    but i have a new issue people are using the setmyspawn command and the blue words come up saying it was done correctly but after death they dont spawn at the new location
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    Thanks for this... Please keep it current. I love it.
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    I'd like to also to address that, I'm using Towny and WorldGuard, I haven't tested this on a ...WorldGuard zone, but I have ona townyzone, Users of my server.. ( I... Forgot what I was writing, forgot to hit enter, and then forgot to finish writing.. wow) Users of my servers are using it to break weak blocks. Just wondering, if it is possible to check if a zone is flagged against something?
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    This was happening on my server last night. It appeared that if I added the ability.skill entries into my permissions, they would run indefinitely. If I removed permissions, users were able to use them with the appropriate timer. It seemed very odd to me.

    The only plug-ins we have in common are iChat and Essentials.
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    Working on skills not wearing off atm, should be fixed in 0.9.3
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    this plugin is very nice. However, since my last update on this plugin i get a bug when using another block to dig or mine, or woodcutting, the block gets a health bar and can't be stacked anymore. For example if i use dirt to dig, the dirt block gets a health bar and it uses 1 inventory slot (like if it was a tool).

    The bug occured after i updated McMMO from version 0.8.19 to 0.9.2. No errors on the log.

    here is the list of plugin i got :
    McMMO 0.9.2
    Permissions 2.5.4
    AutoRepair 1.75
    BorderGuardLite 2.1
    Flow control 0.0.2
    Citizens 1.06
    General 2.2.1
    Interest 1.5
    Picasso 2.5
    Porte Coulissante 1.1.0
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    found a minor error with the axe(im using a wooden one.) after i use my tree felling ability and its still on cool down i can ready/lower my axe but not activate the skill so i cant get infinite skill but its just a small bug lol thought id tell you about it

    but yes it still works i can just "ready/lower my axe" on cool down
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    Did some testings.. on a side note of already mentioned bugs..

    There should be a 'leave party' command. and /party' for info, to be changed into something like..

    /party info
    /party leave
    /party invite

    I think it would simplify or organize things, not exactly that.

    Something, I need to mention. I'm running a multiworld server. (Three worlds, 2 normals, 1 nether.) For the last few days, I've noticed that, with a zombie pig_spawner, not sure if creaturebox makes the spawner act differently, that, nether monsters give you experience when spawned via spawner (Maybe that should be covered too?)

    Mining netherstone, soul sand, and lightstone yield no EXPERIENCE anywhere. This makes going to the nether less enjoyable to be so, losing it's encouragment values. While Netherrack easy to break, even one experience would be greatly enjoyed from it.

    An option to allow and configure the Chimera wing to teleport to home as well.. if possible. (Well that is complicated, considering that would require looking at other plugins, but more so, I'm refering to essentials) Or possibly implementing another item that deals with such.

    Well gave my thoughts, and feedbacks. I'll try to look out for any more errors, but this is deadtime, and sleep time for me. ( 10 AM, up all night.)
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    In case this helps: Had abilities not wearing off on my server this morning after I removed permission for the Unarmed ability; i.e. adding '-mcmmo.ability.unarmed' to my permission set, along with 'mcmmo.ability.*'
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    Version 0.9.3
    • Bug stopping abilities from never wearing off may have been fixed
    • Changed color of "X Ability has worn off" to RED from GRAY
    • Super Breaker, Giga Drill Breaker, and Tree Feller now damage the tool significantly during use
    • Netherrack and Glowstone now give Mining XP
    • Netherrack and Glowstone are now effected by Super Breaker
    • Abilities will no longer be readied when you right click signs or beds
    • Chimaera Wings won't activate on blocks you can interact with and signs
    • Abilities now adjust their effects depending on tool quality
    • Superbreaker won't break things that tool couldn't normally break
    • Giga Drill Breaker will only give triple xp and triple drops for diamond tools, with a reduced effect for lesser tools
    • Skull Splitter now has a limit of opponents nearby it will strike based on your tool quality
    • Serrated Strikes now has a limit of opponents nearby it will strike based on your tool quality
    • Modified /mcmmo description to be a little bit more relevant.
    EDIT: Hmm, right clicking signs on blocks still tries to activate abilities. Looks like I'll need a more clever way to prevent this crap. I'll address this in 0.9.4.

    Alright, I'm 95% certain I've identified the issue with abilities lasting forever in this update. However, as I cannot reproduce this bug I am not certain its fixed. Please test it for me and report back! Check your console for any errors related to a Timer as well, as this is the thing that monitors and controls cooldowns.

    Tree Feller, Super Breaker, and Giga Drill Breaker now do significant durability damage to encourage players to use higher quality tools with these abilities, they still work fine with lesser quality tools but will break the tools quite easily depending on the quality.

    Abilities now have effects dependent on the tool quality, for example. If you have diamond axe and use skull spliiter you will be able to hit the maximum number of targets, but if you use a lower quality weapon it will hit less.

    The /mcmmo description is a bit more relevant, I realize in game help needs to be stepped up a notch and will look into writing pages for /mcmmo!
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    Great work, mate. Any word on abilities requiring a certain level before use?
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    well i checked the first post and the full change log all i see is the iitem is added nothing on what it is or how it is used ?
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    Great Update like always!

    I have my players writing up some Detailed Guides on abilities and skills and how to adjust them to tweak for PVP. Just saw the 9.3 update. I plan on updating ASAP. How would you like me to send you these write ups? I will be making a more detailed over all info / Consensus guide before giving it to you. Post on here? Email? Lemme know.
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    @Olat posting on here or PMing me is cool
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    @nossr50 updated LIKE A BOSS! as usual! thank you very much!
  30. Where is the info on what "Chimaera Wing" are? The only thing I see it "Chimaera Wing Item Added"
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